BioWare confirmed the support of Star Wars: The Old Republic new developers

BioWare confirmed the dismissal in the development team of Star Wars: The Old Republic, as the game is preparing to switch to a new developer. Earlier this month, it was reported that the EA is approaching an agreement on the transfer of the current development and operation of the Bioware Mmorpg to the BroadSword Online Games Mmorpg to the Bioware Mmorpg.

The Agreement provides for the transfer of SWTOR to the current Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot Broadsword Online, which is controlled by the former co-founder of Mythic Entertainment and Bioware Vice President Rob Denton, who previously worked on SWTOR in the early days of its existence.

It was also reported that 70-80 people were part of the main team of The Old Republic developers, more than half of which were supposed to go to Broadsword.

In the new blog message, Gary McCay General Manager, Gary McKay, confirmed that an unsolved amount of dismissal will affect those who will not move from the studio in Broadsword.

“Large changes do not happen without problems,” said McCay. “Among them is the fact that most of the current team will be invited to accompany the game when switching to Boadsword, although, unfortunately, not all roles will go. This is the most difficult part of this transition, and these decisions were not easy. Of course, we do our best to support the affected team members who have the opportunity to find new roles in EA. In addition, we understand that the team members who are asking to move to the new studio will also adapt to changes, and we will work with Broadsword to make the transition as comfortable as possible. However, in the long run we are sure that this is the best solution for the game and its community. We will miss BioWare to be part of the SWTOR history in the future. But we also know that she will be in very good hands “.

BioWare insists that all current plans for SWTOR are in force, and new functions will be announced later.

“For example, we have just released our largest update of history in recent months and a new plot point with the update of the game 7.3: Old Wounds, which returns us to the Planet of the OSS, which we have not visited from the moment of our expansion Kotet in 2016, ”said Keat Canneg, executive producer SWTOR. “In the coming months, we will also release the update of the game 7.3.1, in which our next “Galactic season” will be. And follow the news about updating the game 7.4, where players will see the continuation of the story after the events of Old Wounds. And even more on the horizon “.

Baldur’s Gate 3 developers say goodbye with early access to a cute video with fans

Very soon, a full -fledged release of the Baldur’s Gate 3 step -by -step role -playing play will be held. The new project from Larian Studios spent almost three years in early access, and the developers decided to say goodbye to this status in a particular way. On the official pages of Larian appeared a small but cute video with a review of the fan creativity of Baldur’s Gate 3.

This video developers wanted to thank their fans who not only played for three years, but also became active participants in the Baldur’s Gate 3 community.

Thanks to our community. Your fan arts, creations and reviews supported us throughout the development, and without you we would not have coped.

During the early access, the project collected a huge number of fan arts and other works, but it was simply impossible to fit them into one video. Larian collected the latest publications from users in honor of farewell to early access. After starting the full version of the game, developers hope to see even more amazing creations from users.

Baldur’s Gate 3 output from early access to PC will take place on August 3. On the PS5 console, the start of the game will take place in a month – September 6.

Well, we hope for an optimized release without bugs from the first day 🤞

It is immediately clear that the developers are closely interacting with fans, handsome people, what to say.

Everything will be tomorrow

Time goes fast

Well, let’s see what’s the bear under the hood

And what time is the release of Moscow time tomorrow?

The guys who write about optimization, GTX 1650, before the patch of Palladin, just all lag, frizes, frizes, frizes. After the patch I go as if in general a new game, the rollers are smooth, FPS well, it is clear about 40, but more or less this is adequate than what happened (~ 20)

Xs, the patch only put, now I will try. Yesterday I opened the release for the first time, played 16 hours from scratch, PHPHPHPH. There were two crashes of the game, but in general, he didn’t catch bugs, playing high-voltra on auto-determination. Ryzen 3 2200G + 16ram + 1060 6GB

Well, on my ancient i5 9600k with 1660ti, everything is ok.

Well, on a good way.

No one knows when they bring it to torrents?

If you’re lucky, then in the first days after the game is released and poured on torrents

On torrent almost immediately.

But it is better to wait for repack. It is 2 hours, at least after

Thanks for 3 years of free beta testers 😁😄

But, I can say that I am a part of the community that helped to bring the game to mind and I do not regret it.

On free slaves and make a profit. thank you for being.

Well, I don’t know, I enjoyed when I played, but for you a campaign all life slavery. I regret it because it is probably hard to live in a world in which you are looking for one disappointment, is it so ?

I can only envy such an altruistic approach and vision of things. After all, I am greedy and I appreciate my time too much to squander it for games beta versions and just like that, for free to help someone when others are frankly saving.

I looked at the gameplay and the question arose of what exactly people expect from this step by step in 2023 a view from above, it looks very boring.
I don’t understand where there is so much hype, oh yes. you can sleep with the bear, zoophilia as it is.

Beautiful world, the camera is free, you can get behind your back, there are cool quests, many interesting characters, a good plot and most importantly a huge amount of choice, and yes the norms people will not even remember about the bear and they will romance beautiful girls in the game.

Generation Michael Baya *ugh *

it’s just not yours, don’t get here to us

All the pluses are blocked by the fact that it is step -by -step, it would be cool to see in a full -fledged RPG with a third -person view and then, a huge amount and quality are different things, if the choice is only to give conventional apples to the quest, or not give it out, or not give Either kill him, or fuck it, or not to fuck, this is only an illusion of choice, do not take advantage of advertising and PR from 17,000 endings, did not mean the ending of the main storyline, but all variations in the game with different characters, so this is already from the part Illusion of choice and I think, the game is all built on it.

Play the game and you will understand that you were wrong. This could already be understood by early access, which is no longer very linear.

Day. Finally the time has come to devote the coming days to this great game. The degree of study and the depth of wagering Balda surpass everything that we knew earlier. In this bright plastic world, my dear, we will be able to realize our gigantic opportunities, reliably hidden from the eyes of the ungrateful world. After all, each of us had moments that left a deep imprint with a minus sign in memory. Those about which we would seek to forget rather.

At Friday, I often recall such situations with a psychologist, there is nothing to be ashamed of, friends. For example, a clash with drunken bikers near Steikhaus "Burenka Limited" in the far of 2017. Gosha, my classmate, holds onto a broken face, his well-groomed beard in the blood, a bruise under his eye, our girls Olya Katz and Rahil Medvedev help him stand on his feet, from my fashionable coat he carries with an imminent urina 40-year-old marshmallow, next to someone nearby howls – probably, too. And this firing laughter due to the door of the stakehouse. "Soye World Cup *** ki. How I charged that semi -player! Let the *** ki come off their glasses and try the taste of real life. I saw shm*ru with pink patles, I would give her all 40. Brrr, there is clearly not enough liter. Well, faces, in our time there were no such horror stories, probably lesages. Yeah, lesbs with pi *** kami, strapons of their gee gee".

Are these people? No, these are real animals – vile goblins. And brutally dealing with the painted goblins in the BG3, I will imagine these particular bikers-bikers. I will have a noble elven origin, mighty magic and beautiful mistresses. No one dares to stand in my way, whether it is a dragon or ilitid. Thus, "Stupid killing of time", According to my psychologist, gives us compensation and comfort, the feeling that we can be great, without becoming the owners of Mazerati, the golden parachutes of Gazprom, friends with luxurious forms. Here, the suddenly jumped dirt from the gateway for tender sincere lurges with Olya and Gosha will not be knelt down. Here we are real. So forward to success, brothers!

colorful, of course, but. There is real life – there are real abilities and skills that can be developed in yourself) pump as you want and realize the way you want to satisfy all those remaining prints) to realize yourself in life is much more interesting – you have to try only

And games. In them, people simply hide from fear and the non -recognition that they have the strength to do themselves on the monitor, and in real life

People, you would be better to walk in a rocking chair? Instead of a psychologist.

The same bikers-gay. And again an injury for life.

Yes, you would instead of games in a rocking chair and a hand -to -handmill, so that you can stand up for yourself against a drunken cattle, because compensation in the virtual machine will not correct the situation, on the contrary, it will make it even weaker in the real world. But after training you can get a fuel for relaxation and in games.

In addition, training helps maintain health and well -being, and when you play a lot and move a little physically, then well -being worsens and the tone falls. And then the health problems may arise and worse.

Everything is good in moderation, it is worthwhile to develop.

I don’t know how you are, but the news about larvae and bad ending has repelled all the desire to play normally.

I like the PPC as I like to beat in games, but the plot is also interesting. Therefore, I am very disappointed.

Personally, I do not like it when they do in games so that they give a system of progression, but tie it to a bad ending.

In the game, and so there are only miserable 12 levels, the game is already made 5e, which is a very simplified version of the DND, duck also an additional bump branch will do so that you can only get a bad ending.

For me it killed all the interest in the game.

Where did you get the info about bad ending? The last post of Larianov says, "Do you use this corrupting force to save the kingdom or destroy it"

Yes, you seemed to be not going to play, but right now it was a desire 🙂

They give you a choice, do as you want

Hmmm is not just a genre called Rolev. you can not choose a bad ending.

I don’t know how all this gamisyatin and the sexual configuration wildly spoils the atmosphere for me. Rave. Why all this is needed. Unless only for propaganda. From the very beginning I did not like everything in the early access. It caught my eye that the female floor is the first to have a female floor, and when you choose a person, a black man is placed automatically. Now also a schizo -heaver zoophilia has been stuffed, I probably won’t play. The plot is probably impregnated with the agenda and other perversions. Vile. This is not the same Buldur.

In a role -playing game, the player is given the opportunity to create any character for himself, and then also play him😱 How they only dared?

And to see that scene with the bear, you need to choose from many characters, including beautiful women, namely Druid. Then he will like it and at a certain moment to ask him to turn into a bear. So, if you see this scene, questions will be only to you, and not to the developers.

Lol, plus. For some reason, some forget that it all depends on the choice. The game does not have to go to a black man with ladies’ causals, fuck bears and all oncoming animals. But for quite some time I have been observing such comments that the game does not give another choice.

Em. And how to understand it . Do not like female characters, give you men’s characters ?Or you have something wrong with the female sex ?And if at the beginning you were offered the hero’s male, they jumped from happiness, and wrote the game Top ?How all this looks ridiculous . Stop the ground, I’ll go away at the next stop ..I don’t know what exactly is in Buldur 3, and how the dialogs look there, but I have more complaints about Dragon Age, although it depends on your choice, and you have to choose dialogues very carefully)) and so the game is just chic !

If you take DAO, then yes, you need to take care of the dialogues, one wrong click (well, or the right one, this is how to look) and now you are in a tent with Zevens. With BG3 in this regard, it is a little easier, it is necessary to miss the desired option several times in a row several times in a row. In the scene with the same bear, it seems about 3 times give an opportunity to change their minds. It turns out that you need to start the scene either to choose the answers intentionally, or not read the text and poke at random at all (moreover, have a big [not] luck to get into the right answers). The same thing with any relationship, even if you flirt and agree to everything – there is an option at the very last moment to change your mind, this can be seen even according to the first act.

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It seems that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has serious problems with the optimization of the processor and video memory on the PC

EA took the embargo for reviews for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. According to reports, the game currently has serious problems with the optimization of the processor and video memory on the PC.

GameStar shared the following video gameplay from the press version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for PC. For their review, Gamestar used AMD Ryzen 9 5900X with 32 GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. And even with 1440p Ryzen 9 5900x, even 50 frames per second cannot support. The video clearly shows that the NVIDIA RTX4090 is not used for the full. For the most part, the NVIDIA video card is loaded by approximately 35-60%.

Fortunately, Gamestar included MSI AFTERBURNER in the video. As we see, the press copy of the game for a PC can mainly use 4 streams of CP. Apparently, the game does not depend on one core/stream of CPU, as it was with Gotham Knights or The Callisto Protocol.

PCMRACE also reports that the game has huge video memory requirements. NVIDIA RTX 3080TI cannot run the game in 4K resolution, mainly due to video memory restrictions. In fact, we can see in the Gamestar video how the game uses up to 18 GB of video memory in a resolution of 1440p.

Some reviewers report that the game has problems with performance on all platforms, including PS5 and Xbox Series X.

4090 you can give me 60 fps.

Yes Bliin I am non -doem -umehuuu

And what did you expect from the wretched game engine Unreal Engine 4? There are many problems from this engine.

The engine is multifunctional, but so bastard that not everyone knows how to work correctly with it and they are cramping on it, such a horseradish

What the freaks are doing, it goes along an empty corridor at 1:30 and in 2k at 4090 30 FPS, when there should be 300 FPS in this place. Moreover, in the same Dead Island 2 graphone is better on the same engine

The huge world company Mundfish, even in the merged build for the development of Atomic Heart, managed to bring good optimization even on buckets, and the usual unknown indie was not able to optimize even on top 4090, while both games on the same engine, most likely 4090 could not pull the superrealistic animation of Cal running and said – well, nafig

Compared dick with a finger. Mandvish has vast experience! They 1 BP-to-game before 🤣

Wine 50 FPS – 5900X, not 4090, which works 30-60%, that is, with a normal prona, it will give out ~ 100 FPS in 4K on ultras, in a steamy hart with an 18 -year -old graphone)

And you think first, learn since when 5900 has become an abnormal processor.

It is outdated, in processor -dependent projects it already lags behind 60% of the current solutions)

Never the case was and here again)))

Yes they are there that everyone conspired or something?
That is not a release, then the gluconates are solid.

Just on a PC car of completely different combinations of components. Therefore, always optimization on the release of the vast majority of games is not the best)))

I agree that I was one of us 2 times on the release version, not a single glitch and departure, and most of it did not even start or flew out when compiling shaaders.

I had the same with Cyberpan. But my equipment was not top then then. But I did not have 90 percent of all problems that the other users were grabbed on the release. And sincerely wondered what everyone around was chatting about, the game is beautiful)))

Cryptosim is to blame for everything. Nobody takes vidyuhi. It remains to seize optimization so that everyone takes 4080 and above. And did not sit on 3060 ti.

They just laid out and hope for DLSS. Like all income will now. So there will be games with such optimization.

In everything, people who bought the first part are to blame (which was also on the release with freezes)

They write that 18 gig for 1440p is needed, 4080 has already been sent out 🤦. Although at Vidos and 4090 he makes Sasaimbu, such as an emphasis in the top process. 😂

If this is done to take new vidihuhi, then they will see it over, because even the 4000s of the generation looks already outdated. From such optimization, more likely, everyone will wait at once, the 5,000s, since there is no point in taking the 4000s.

I would wait for 6

You read the article? The video card is not loaded there at all, everything rests with the percentage

This is now the norm, and it will be until the time for the stupid PIPP will buy pre -orders! As soon as they stop doing this, then the incisions will scratch their turnips well, trying to release an excellent product, and not as it is now))))

I’m afraid this will never be, because, as practice shows, players, for the most part, do not know how to wait. They will better play in a terribly unptimged game with a huge number of bugs, lags, friezes, which will wait for a couple of three patches. I am generally silent about pre -orders, because everything is completely sad there.

Duc, if they don’t buy, they will master and release the chehm AAA for the agenda, and try all the money earned in creating a popular online casino on a mobile phone, but wait. Jubisoft along such a way goes as a clear example and do not even pure in a semi -bankrot state to play popularity back through a criticizing agenda. Forget about the market economy, all this time, the large players went to your money and your desires

Gods, what are the earfold animations and graphone. It hurts to look at it, not to play. How Gamdev rolled up recently, just horror (

And this run and jump. In some first Assassin of the NN-Tsatiye, the character moves more naturally and smoothly. There is no feeling at all that the character uses power, he just tumbled like a supermario. I even wanted to become some YouTuber for the evening to arrange a variety of this division.

Yes!I completely agree with you!It seems that the cards are powerful, but as such advancement in the graph is never visible!

Apparently, this eats 18 gigs of video memory (this is non -grass grass if sho 🤣)

Aha ha, she exactly eats up.

I thought I had one from animation my eyes fall out)

Uhhah, who would doubt😄 it’s time to forget about optimization at the start🤣

If it is not at the start, then it will not be and then, just after a couple of years, new proits and video cards will come out, and people have a very short memory, and they will forget how the game worked 2-3 years ago. Although her FPS will not change by a gram, without an upgrade of iron. To radically change the FPS, you need to seriously redo the game engine, after the release, no one will do this

The era of the crooked games began

Unfortunately, this has become the norm for new AAA projects = (

No, we will not buy 40 series of video cards for FullHD

Maybe this is such a conspiracy to ditch the game sector on PC? 😄 18GB video memory! Jacket Jensen is already rubbing his greedy hands.

There is no way to ditch it because PC Gamers will always be ready to buy a publicized game with the most terrible optimization and will simply wait for patches

This is all Sony takes revenge. Pays to developers so that they do not optimize games for PC))

He has been diluted for 15 years. Multiplayer jerking off, donate Freedia Govnom.

you think it will be better to work on the consoles?

It works fine on consoles. 1440p 60 frames up to 30 does not drop (judging by preliminary messages from reviewers).
In any case, on PC and on the consoles, all flaws still lay down patches.

Anril Ezhin Sny

Yeah of course .. Hands of developing this is the matter

Hands of the development of the engine *

Stupid you, a huge number of games on this engine have excellent optimization.

I will not list, google if you have a computer not on GT440

There are no normally optimized game for 4 unrealistic dvigl, they all at least fruit, as a maximum lag. Only Epicians know how to optimize this, no one else

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. But there is nothing to lag there, there are a villager and corridor Loki. So the argument is your controversial and is not attached by the facts for the game for the game that go out prove my axiom

I propose at the level of legislation to consolidate the obligation of the developers of AAA Games to consult with technical specialists Mandfish and prohibit the release of games without their approval))

Mundfish handsome people optimized, but it seems to me that they were lucky, t.They wanted to give the version of the game for the consoles of the past generation to a third -party developer, but no one took it, and they themselves did, but all the same fellows

So the point is that many games are poorly optimized, because about God suddenly they need to be optimized! Hands!)

Work to do, spend money! And the offices at the outsource or the developer’s studios themselves give everything to the engines), they say, why time to spend it itself)

This is a very good idea.

And most importantly what price is! Even the Turkish donated was respected.

but you can at least once crap on the launch? Zadolbali already

For me, Atomic Heart did not crap at the start

Yes, easy: Dead Space Remake. Atomic. Resident Evil 4 Remake. Dead Island 2

Typical Unreal Engine 4, which has an eternal productivity problem.

Unreal Engine 4 and 5 – the worst game engine in the gaming industry.

You know, if you score for optimization, any engine can be called bad. Ultimately, after a dozen patches, the games are becoming quite well optimized for themselves, which means that the matter is clearly not in the original performance, but in the banal incorrectly arranging the priorities of the developer/publisher.

No UE game works properly well that almost everything in the world turns out? One game was released as an exception, it is like a karmak who was able to optimize the thoughts for the complex architecture of Atari Jaguar and give out graphouni and more and more nobody. Even the metro-vocabulary piston with a view from the side of Frizil on the PC constantly so-how there was no compilation of shaders

That, so much free time that they outplayed more than a hundred games on UE4 to make such a bold statement?

And no, because there are other fools buying a raw product for the full price.

Give me guess, Atomic Heart?
If something does not work for you or it works wrong, it does not mean at all that everyone has the same. I did not play everything >100 games on this version of the engine, but I can confidently say that at least in Little Nightmares, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Little Nightmares II, IT Takes Two and PSYCHONAUS 2 no problems. I have no now, although I play PC with iron not the first freshness.

As I wrote above, this only speaks of incorrectly arranged priorities of the developer/publisher. Although, if you look at this from the other side, if the buyer is ready to pay for a raw project, then the developer/publisher does everything right.

In psychonauts 2 there were frizes due to the compilation of the shaiders. Each new effect caused them and this problem was more than one month. Flood Frisit Order, with priests from one site to another, even now and this game is an example of the worst realization unrealistic engine when even a chamber game without an open world worked so badly at the start and even now it is bad for people just a short memory for this. I spoke sharply, I meant projects on a 4 unreal engine, chamber games work on it still normally and then not everything

I repeat once again, if something does not work for you or it doesn’t work as it should, this does not mean at all that everyone has the same.

"Never the case was and here again" (With)

Recently, this happens more and more often … Last of US, now it is

Ahahahah – here is a hand))

Buying – my condescending condolences 🙂

Nobody canceled the refund (return). I had that. I bought a game on Steam, and the game works terribly on my PC. And he made a refund. I do not see problems. You can condole only those people who do not know that there is such a function such as a refund.

Another "early access" For the full price.

The first also did not shine with optimizon, and right now Frisit is the game, Ea never knew how to optimize, Sims Xiaya also lags

You hand over your firewood to the homeless, I have it for 970, which is 1080, which was in 1440 (45-55) frames perfectly walked. Remove your hands from the ass.

Wretched, the first part of flying is generally perfect))

970 versus 4090, people well and who is a homeless person here, disgraced)

She was not so hot in the 1st!

It’s better to calmly wait for discounts and complete optimization than to buy now and is still furious that there are bugs, glitches and brakes, etc.D.

Yes, yes, I am such a fan that has been the first part on YouTube and bought the game already at a big discount))))

The same thing, I went on YouTube

It is clear, as usual for testers does not take out top iron. And we will cope somehow ourselves

Never the case was and here again.

Never the case, and here again😂

There is still a lot of time before hacking, I hope to optimize the game during this time.

After 2 years they accurately optimize.

No, what are you, you just need to update PC
So in many games similar. All these new games require much more than it would be necessary.

The most important thing is how it will work with the crap and turned on, the rays are not needed.

40 frames for 4090 in 2k are nonsense of course, someone after that will talk about the development of 4K gaming, this will require 6090.

Dlss is unlikely to be, EA was skilled with AMD for this game.

I thought after "One of us" Nothing is terrible to happen))

Respowns that were deograd after the release of the first part?

Never the case was and here again.

That they were completely lagged, more and more games are made from Balda, optimization did not enter the deal.

Everything, as usual, wait, we will see how the boy will make from the log, and then download the torrent)).

Yes, the players will buy it anyway, swimming

Something seems to me that here, as usual, Puzen is to blame. More precisely, not the pussy itself, but the outfits that they did not want to optimize under the prots of the Reds.

Under a carbon copy with Hogvards Legashi, Gothem Knight and other numerous games on UE4.

Shaders (judging by the fact that each new special effect does not give friezes) are compiled in advance. But you can see a frequent trash of locations, the wildest load, with subsidence of the FPS for seconds 4-5. And it’s not even a bad decoral.

If the percent and vidyuha are underloaded, then the obvious problem is in the bandwidth of RAM, more precisely, with what horse volumes through it are tried to drive out in the form of non -optimized gaming asses.

Vanguyu that on DDR5 and blue priests of 12-13 generations with a strongly increased performance of a single-circuit, the situation will be noticeably better. But most gamers will have a slave, because there are still very few such systems.

Never the case was and here again.

18 GB of video memory. 3080. Uhahaha, Nekhtzhen drove him up!

The electronics still did not polish the remake of the dead cosmos to the end, the constant frizes when going around. And if someone says that everything flies fine with him, he or pi..T, or plays on the kinescope. Even Digital Foundry told about this in the video. And after the last patch, two months passed and it looks like EA scored a bolt to the game. I hope with their approach, the players will begin to score a bolt to buy their games.

EA laid the players the next pile of well -known smelly material on a shovel and asked to use. Never the case of

Mm, Baron Nimwang Taiwansky with his Tabor Nvidia rubs his pens.

In general, apparently, the word optimization in the offices of modern developments is akin to a four -story mother

Really the game will move TLOU by optimizon.

Why then to let her out once you did not finish her..You are pancake

Hmmm. The RTX 4070 TI video card, the Ryazan is 5,3600 (there was not enough money to replace the Money, like motherboards) and 16 Gigs of RAM. The game stands on HDD (yes). The launch is made on the HP X27QC 2K monitor, permission is a full -screen mode 2560*1440. All settings are twisted on Epic, reiterating is included. Ordinary gameplay – the game works well well. Doesn’t buggle in battles. Sometimes, during a sprint there may be subsidence. The most stringent drawdowns are in KAT scenes. Although they work. License of Steam. Verdict – playable. Much more playable than Hogwarts Legashi. There was generally tin.

I want GTA 6 to also come out with wretched optimization))))))))))))))

This is what happens when shitty nuclei, but there are a lot of them. It can be seen that the game tries to load all 12 nuclei and it turns out well it is up to 8 cores. And the rest is 4 how lucky. Because of which the total load is 30-50 percent of the processor in the end. And she amused how the authors carefully allocated precisely the processors and video cards from the Advanced Micro Devices, and competitors were recorded as alternative options. The game would not interfere with the crutch so that it gives priority not to the quality of the nuclei, but their number. The second option is more difficult to optimize the game so that it shows 60 frames on such weak nuclei, regardless of the number of nuclei. 4090 planted on a diet due to the processor gives how much it turns out.

Yes, by the way regarding memory. If you delve into the internet and read the text, you can see that the game starts in 4K at 3080ti for steam just do not laugh with 5950x. But at the same time, the number of personnel falls up to 20 or below. That in other ways, it is not surprising to the most most likely that part of the system memory for video memory is used, which I write from time to time. In order to prevent the collapse of the system. Still, there were 32 gigs there.

P.S. EA in terms of PC is still better known on the PC and not only games on the basis of its own FROSTBITE and to a lesser extent on other public engines.

P.S.2 Generally bypassing 5000 and 7000 episodes, you need to choose for the test and for the purchase depending on the type of application. In this case, it was necessary to take the crude with the 3D index at the end. Still, this is a game and they took a processor for non-game applications. The latter is known that they cannot in games from the word completely. Here are the latest results. i5-12600 I received 5900X in 2K games while it has only 6 nuclei and not 12. They would take 5800x3D with 8 nuclei but a horse dose of cache for games, he would have given i5-12600.

Dying Light 2 zombie explorer received a new update with New Year’s eve, new weapons and many others

Polish developers from Techland studio prepared for fans Dying Light 2: Stay Human a pleasant surprise for winter holidays. In honor of the impending Christmas and the New Year, the popular zombie explosion begins to celebrate holidays in its own style. For the game there was a free update with a mass of innovations and an event "Winter tales 2023" (Winter Tales 2023). Below you can see the release trailer of the event, where its key features are indicated.

The destroyed city of Valinor was covered with snow, transforming its streets and favorite locations. The survivors dressed up the Christmas tree, and the players themselves are waiting for many new discoveries and opportunities.

Baku returned with new generows and awards for the upcoming event. Do not forget to write a letter to Santa, because it is probably located near the city, and gifts are falling from the sky. However, be careful, because they can be guarded by mischievous infected people who are invading the city again.

In this update Dying Light 2 players await the following innovations:

New varieties of enemies

A new wave of enemies will appear with updates on the streets of the city.

  • Beware of bitter -bearing gas cylinders on your back. You can find three new options:
  • Do not come too close to toxic – it will release a deadly cloud around you.
  • Stop enemies in the right place – the freezing bitter will not let them move.
  • Watch how the incinerating Kusaka scatters fiery puddles around him – but do not come too close, otherwise you will be swallowed by a fiery ball into which he will turn!
  • The virals also become more evil – some of them will spit in your direction so as not to let you. You can also meet them with a gas cylinder.
  • Do not be surprised at the new Goon version – their scream will alert Banshee waiting in dark corners to attack you.

New weapons – Polearms

This new type of weapon has a large radius of action, which allows you to conduct strategic battles and use it in different styles of the game. Take them from the cold dead hands of the enemies who wore them before, or visit weapons merchants. Do not forget to visit Shen Sego (agent of chapter 2) and the outpost of the pilgrims! And, of course, the new type of weapon is supplied with its unique finisher.

Night weapons

The developers presented a new type of weapon specially designed to increase efficiency during night battles. Night weapons are found only in great rarings – from unique to exotic. But what distinguishes this weapon is its special affixes (working at night) and a cold, fluorescent appearance. Some of these types of weapons are designed to combat certain types of infected ones, so choose which of them you will take with you at night. However, do not forget that, no matter how powerful they are, they also exhaust your immunity faster, so their use is classical mechanics "Risk and reward". Participate in night meetings and fight with volatiles, backpacks and some others to get them. Be sure to visit the outposts of Harper and Pilgrim.

You can get acquainted with all the changes in the game in a special note from the developers.

According to rumors, in the reboot of Saints Row it was planned to return Johnny Gat and other classic characters

Initially, it was assumed that the reboot of Saints Row will be dedicated to Johnny Gatu and other classic characters of the franchise.

The Saints Row series is one of the most beloved franchises with the open world, but in recent years it has been going through not the best times. Saints Row 4 came out in 2013., A month before Grand Theft Auto V, and completely changed the idea of ​​games with the open world for many years to come. Volition decided to move on to other projects, and the Saints Row series was frozen for more than a decade. The developers decided to restart the series as soon as they realized that in the last game they went to hell, space and entered a series of superpowers.

Unfortunately, the reboot was not perceived very well. Saints Row was criticized by both fans and from critics for an unconvincing plot, annoying characters and obsolete gameplay. Many noted that the departure from the original Saints was a mistake, since characters like Johnny Gat were incredibly loved and had a noticeable effect on the series. Unfortunately, Saints Row did not take root, and in the summer of this year Volition ceased to exist.

The fate of the Saints Row series remains a mystery, but it seems that everything could have turned out differently. YouTubert Mrsaintsgodzilla21 shot a video that states that "A decent part" Rebooting development was aimed at creating a new story with Johnny Gat, Dex, Shandy, Pier and others. Volition has established a rule "20/80", According to which the game by 20% will be similar to Saints Row: The Third and 80% – to Saints Row 2, which will allow you to arrange real chaos at some points, balance it with a mundane gangster gameplay, which is loved by fans of the second game. Unfortunately, as a result of the actions of higher persons in the Volition and the teams of the publisher Deep Silver, presumably, there were problems with the development that could tear out what would really please fans.

Further, the video says that when Volition was recently acquired by Gearbox, it eliminated many of these internal problems and set up a studio for success in the future. Perhaps in the future Saints Row will live under the leadership of another developer, but, unfortunately, not Volition. It is also difficult to say whether these cult characters will return to the game.

Modder, who participated in the reinforced content for Kotor 2, protects Aspyr, which canceled DLC

One of the programmers who participated in voluntary work on the Restored Content mod for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords, says Aspyr Media "I did not do anything bad", When I canceled DLC for Switch.

Recently, Aspyr Media reported that the long -awaited DLC for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords, Restored Content, will now not be released on Nintendo Switch. The team did not explain the reasons, and did not offer a refund, instead, offering a free key for one of the seven other games "Star Wars".

When the fans reacted to the news, Modder Zbyl2, who helped release the Restored Content mod on the PC, wrote a comment on the Sabredite Kotor, saying:

Aspyr did nothing wrong. It is a pity that it ended as it ended. I have nothing but good to say about Aspyr and our cooperation over the past eight years.

Modder also made it clear that cancellation has nothing to do with the fact that "Higher leadership does not want to pay tribute to the Modder team".

I made a mod. The foregoing is 100% not true, and I am sorry that you have received so many likes, because this rumor will now compose. Aspyr was pleased to work, and they offered to pay tribute to the whole team long before I asked about it.

This did not quite reassure the discontent of some players who believe that they should offer them "at least partial compensation", "Given that [Aspyr] sold the game on the basis of, as it turned out, a false promise".

Last year it was reported that Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake "got into serious troubles" And "postponed for an indefinite period" After Aspyr fired the art director and design director of the game and told the employees that the long-awaited remake "on a pause". This dramatic decision was made after Aspyr, who worked on the game for three years, showed the vertical cut of Lucasfilm and the publisher of Sony, who considered that demo "not where they wanted".

According to users, the plot of Red Dead Redemption 2 still has no analogues

Red Dead Redemption 2 has many achievements. Thanks to the incredibly worked out open world, almost 60 million sales and the best visual effects among all games today, this release is often considered special among its fans.

The ability of the game to load players into the atmosphere of the Wild West as Arthur Morgan is perhaps the strongest side of the game, and one of the topdit topics emphasizes its superiority. Recently, the new player graduated from Red Dead Redemption 2 and asked to talk about similar games.

Devoted fans of the game hastened to answer, claiming that no game could fill the void left by this brilliant story. The author noted that during the passage of the game the plot and characters were most hooked, leaving an indelible impression.

Although some fans recommended such games as Ghost of Tsushima and God of War, most believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 is in a completely different league. The most popular comment in this topic read:

Red Dead Redemption 2 is considered a rather slow game. And although at first the slow pace of the game can discourage those who are ready to play according to its rules, they often experience delight, sincere thrill and surprise from this incredible journey.

The main character, Arthur Morgan, is revealed throughout the plot in many aspects. Its character is complicated, which indicates the skillful writing abilities of Rockstar.

Red Dead Redemption 2 can also boast of a strong acting: Danga van der Linde, John Marston and Mika Bell. In the game, these characters fall in difficult situations that check their devotion, courage and determination while Arthur Morgan is trying to keep the collapsing gang.

Another strong side of the plot is that players can often lose themselves in a huge open world. Exploring vast landscapes, meaningless sorties can turn into unforgettable adventures, as players are faced with NPC, which offer sideways and open up new stories.

Despite all these advantages, the game could not become "The game of the year" In 2018, and many fans still cannot get rid of this memoirs, calling it the largest missing The Game Awards.

The best game for the entire existing history of video games. Plot, graphics, gample, animation, characters, interaction with the environment – everything is at an incredible level. Cons, of course, is, for example, a restriction of freedom of movement in missions, but these are trifles.

Well, for me there is still a minus – it is too realistic that it becomes bored after a while. You understand that wow you will not see in this game. There is no miracle of pathos production either. Games about reality are not very surprised to surprise. I could only overpower it once, just at the time of the release on the curling iron 4. Then hz how much I tried, well. You’ll jump on a horse, jump, jump and jump. You admire species, general aesthetics, but in the end it bothers.

And I have the opposite effect – realism was seized, I wanted to live among this nature

So far, the Rockstars have all the games are excellent, the rest of the offices do not reach, except that the witcher and cyberpunk, but in the last bugs there are a lot

Great? I don’t know how how, but I didn’t really like Bully

I really like Bully, after Vice City the most passable game from the fatigue

Well I do not know.. Taste and color. I tried to this game 3 times. It is really very beautiful, the atmosphere has been worked out by 5 points. But at the stooo she is slow and stuffy that I can’t. 30 hours played and I can no longer force myself. Although I tried

+++ Similarly, he put a bunch of times and deleted it, it seems like a stick like that – but 2 weeks have passed and now a year+ I haven’t come back there and I already forgot everything 🤣

I agree, tried 2 times, but I could not go through it, some kind of prolonged and stuffy. The plot by the way did not hook at all.

There are too many snot in the plot, I also tried to go through it, more or less, but since the support of the game was scarce to do nothing except PVP, well, the Schmotnik simulator, because the textures of clothing were worked out there at the highest level!

And we must approach the other hand to travel the ibandites to kill, tame horses, hunting a train, horses, wagon, tram, boat, and mudge

What other plot? Dumb ideas of the dang always end the same, Arthur gets into some kind of pzdz. And how the donkey fulfills everything that is ordered to him again and again.

there would be at least a degree of freedom, the danch would "He played in the box" After the first mission.

b. yes it is Rick and "Walking" Who is in the subject, he will understand;)

Arthur in the plot is stupidly dog ​​to run))

Nope, Arthur is the most natural whore, almost the entire main plot:
NPS: I need to do something.
Arthur: Well, I understand, I am busy, I have a lot of time, and that’s all
NPS: I will pay
Arthur: what to do and where to run

The plot in the game is excellent and rather original, unlike the main thing in the same witcher, but its presentation, the illogical action of the characters, cherishing the KRCH made worse than in the witcher. In a witcher, every character is small and its own story/drama, they are alive and evoke emotions. In the RDR, the characters are better than all the other freed-debit from their previous games. Only a couple of characters stands out and they are sorry. But the Rockstars on the right track, I hope in 6 GTA we get a lively and deep story, with causing non -rejection, characters.

Yes, the plot in the game from the typical series on non -FLLLLIS, it seems like the idea is good and looks good, but it is very clumsy, and you can not dream about freedom of choice if they don’t have enough brains for a high -quality linear plot, what can we say about variability.

But nothing that he is engaged in making money for the camp so that there was something to eat to him and his friends, plus weapons and so on
I understand that it sounds stretched, but in fact it is reasonably
I will reveal the secret, Nico in GTA 4 also does, he also turns out "whore"?

Compare RDR2 and Tsusimu, well. RDR is more tragic, more designed and, most importantly, more humane.

On the contrary, more inhuman, because the role is played out for the killer and the robber who kills civilians and profits on this. A game about the discharge of society that do not want to earn money for themselves and profit from others. And do not write that Morgan is good, he lives with the killers helps and indulges them. But the game is good.

Here is the whole conflict in this. You think Arthur does not know what he is? Everything is much deeper, and I just get tired of painting all the subtleties. Better look at the vidos of someone with the analysis of the personality, since in the game of the Padla to figure it out

Tsusima has an empty world and a plot for a checkmark. I liked only the combat system, well, the whole samurai theme is well done.

This review is an ideal example of the fact that people sometimes do not understand what the game and for whom they play.

With all the greatness of the game, this is true, but the game is so monotonous, the plot is sluggish, boring, I returned to the game more than 6 times, downloading and deleting, I love the wild West, but damn it, even with all the beauty of the game and elaboration, I cannot It is extremely difficult to play in it, even the 55*+gamepad does not solve the problem))

Eh, maybe someday.

Life. I also fight over her 5 attempts. While I deleted it again) the game is super top, vin, but it goes straight tight.

If you choose between RDR 2 and TLOU 1. I will choose the second

With all the convenience of gamepads, he could not play it on it) mouse and clavat – it is more convenient to shoot.

xs, on the contrary, sluggishness did not scare me off, although usually I pulls me from such a thing
True, I myself passed it sluggishly, 2-3 months, probably, it took her
And, probably, the plot clung to me so much that I couldn’t drop)

Well, you are shit, this is not treated, so everything is fine

Three times passed and she found all these three times than surprising!!

Alas, there are no more such games, and this is sad.

I’ll go to the 4th circle, definitely.

Play Death Stranding

Yes, perhaps one of the best stories among games!

For me, in terms of the plot and emotions, in the first place is the same KP77, but RDR2 is, in principle, it is not worse and this separation is very conditional) two greatest games, and there really are no analogues of the RDR2 – the KP is still another genre and setting, it is hard to compare.

KP77 is the one where, instead of normal dialogs, only Matyugi inserted to please the shkolota? and the 1st version of the answer A 2nd does not affect anything, it?

And what is KP77 good? I started playing recently, has already passed half about and part of the addition. Well, yes, the game is good in places. And in some places a complete fakap. Immersion in the world is always only partial. Because the world surrounding the world is incredible. Looks static and alien. But the quests themselves in the game are suitable. Some were hooked straight.

This game, in principle, has no analogues, and will never have them. Unless the third part

Witcher 3 has no analogues!

If only by boring

Blood and wine are better than the original, a very interesting adventure, better the plot

Well, a witcher’s hat 3. How can it be compared with the Great RDR 2

great ahah))) do not disgrace .

One of the best games in the history of Gamdev, definitely.

One of the worst games in the history of Gamdev, definitely.

Well, debatable. I started it 3-4 times, tedious and stuffy too.

I agree, I still can’t go through, I have the 3rd year on a PC, a garbage can 5 or 6% of the plot passed. Yes, there is no desire to play in it.

😁 I understand you perfectly)

Bro, played 40 hours in 3 years, passed 30%. And abandoned. Now I started to go away since I forgot half during this time. I think I will never delete it with a PC.

Really the game is cool. So many different little things have been worked out.

After RDR2, I could not play other games for about 3 months, they seemed meaningless, I was already scared, but then it passed.

The same feeling was)))

barely passed, the game is excellent, after passing he breathed a sigh of relief, of course

So this is the base for 5 years known.
The plot is made excellent with good development, where there is point A and point B without any cliphensger clipped by the ears. The decomposition of the “ideas” of the dance and the gang itself is perfectly shown.
The characters are all spelled out well and have their own place and do what they should, no more than less. Arthur in general, in my person’s opinion, came out the best character in games with an awesome arch and Redemption here is perfect from the name (and his voice is just a top). The villain (who is not alone by the end) receives what he deserves and there is no ” revenge is bad ” ”.
Add a top open world here, the elaboration of such details on which 99% of developers score, authentic music, good ganpley and all kinds of activity – that’s the answer why the game shot. Let some inconspications repeat that nobody needs the singles, because 58 million copies sold about the opposite say.
You can sympathize with this game for a long time, they gave out a top game that has not been released for five years (ahem -km, TGA 2018 with a reward of the GOW, Khm Khm) and you should not be surprised here that there are so many people await the sixth part of the car.

In general, a shame on how such a game did not get the first place

The best plot? T.e .how the gang suffers from iotism for 5 chapters did not bother him? There, already at the very beginning, it was clear that it was a ghhoux case, back in Valentine.

Devil in detail. The simplest story can be presented so that goosebumps will go along the skin.

did not go as there is no one to regret there. Half of the crazy, the second half that dutifully fulfills their stupid orders

But this is not about RDR2 certainly. The plot there schoolchildren wrote. Otherwise, the game is very cool, but every mission to listen to the dang (Toretto) about the “Last Basy” was already bored. Such a cool chapter of the gang that I did not even notice the rat under my nose. Although there were all hints. Well, so banal plot, where do goosebumps come from? At least some point? I don’t remember anything at all, which in the plot would cause a “wow” effect.

This is definitely one of the best that I played. It was possible to go through it only this year, due to the fact that the computer did not allow earlier. And I am the first two weeks, I just took screenshots from all beauties, and physics, realism, etc. is made at the highest level. And, of course, the plot is not without flaws (it’s more boring to play for John), but how the main character is revealed, I take off my hat here! I was 100%penetrated by the main character, and the secondary characters are also well revealed, but the main character is a direct example of how to reveal the heroes (it concerns not only video games). Albeit not immediately, but gradually you get used to it, and react exactly as the main character himself.
And despite the slow narrative, I was rarely bored, there was always something to do and test certain mechanics that I really did not fully understand. Of course, there are also disadvantages, but they are more gameplayed: I would have made more cells to save, I would not withdraw money for every loss, the legendary skin and other little things would not disappear. But they fade, against the background of what the game provides. It’s like a great book that draws you into your world, and somewhere you can learn from the protagonist or other characters of some wisdom. For example, less trust people)

I don’t know what’s with the plot, but after this I already wanted to play: D

Yes, normal game. But I would throw out a percent of 30% of the missions, because the game is unreasonably stretched.

At first it may be interesting, but after the second half of the plot, dushnilovo begins. I did not see any outstanding plot there. The standard story about the wild West and the gang of stupid robbers, who, like gypsies, wander from one location to another.

Well, oh, after a fully completed plot?

The plot of analogues has no analogues, but by voting for Openvorld took second place. But for me, in my heart, she is always on the first

I agree better than RDR2 plot not to find.

The whole story is built according to the type of the series, and the plot itself is banal, which is not clear there

much stronger the plot of Cyberpan and Tloou 1 and 2

I remember a beautiful picture and a dull fighting. But they at least remember. I remember all cool activity in the world well, but here "great" I don’t remember the plot from the word at all.

Captain Shepard passes hello.

What is this "Users" Such, not really those very witnesses of Rockstar who all that they would not release are licking: D
RDR2 is not a bad game for some time, but because of the plot it would not be allocated, it is a linear and in some places even predictable.

not in places, but completely predictable. Even if I did not play the first part, everything becomes known in advance

Yes, there the whole point of the plot is to find money and leave. Just a brilliant plot.

It is very convenient to talk about the predictable plot today, when they talked about it already along and across.

The very plot about which 80% of players in the world are not even aware?

Let’s be honest, not so many people played this game, not to mention the complete passage.

Say that the game has almost the best plot when this game could not overpower the most players – well, it’s funny.

Dwarf Fortress laughs somewhere in the distance

It feels like "Users" We never watched the series, the plot in RDR2 is 100% typical plot of the series with all the inherent cliches – nothing beyond the order or original.

Good game, I would say excellent, makes you think about many things, but its most important minus for me, as an amateur, to vacuum the whole card, and leave the plot for later, that the half cards are stupidly closed to the epilogue and it is not entirely clear why it is not entirely clear why there was such a large one to the west if it is not involved in the plot.

RDR 2 forever masterpiece of industry

The game in which I go to pass the plot I get distracted by something else in the game and getting lost for the watch, and the plot is standing and waiting. The game turned out to be strong. I was pleased to play her.

I tried to master 2 times, dropped because of a slow gameplay and a boring plot, it was not at all interesting what would happen to any character, the game is good but an amateur, as an example of a good plot, I can cite the metro station exodus

The game itself as a whole – yes. But the plot is already sorry, banal and boring ..

Red Dead Revolver and Westerado: Double Barreled as much better, although where it is easier

Due to the stators in September Davis, I had to abandon. I don’t know why named there is Starit on a powerful system. I hope this masterpiece will get through

Milestone in the game industry, akin to a witcher 3.

I believe that another insane omission of The Game Awards is The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. I still can’t believe that such a masterpiece has gone up the game of the year to play 2 times worse than Zelda (

Well, you have listed fucking

Nintendo of the battle broke out.

as for me RDR 2 The most atmospheric game. The plot itself can be simple, but the process itself is important here, you are imbued with all the heroes. There are a bunch of people in the camp and they opened literally everyone. This is probably the only game in which I liked to just wander back and forth and engage in crap: get drunk in a saloon, arrange a fight with someone, I want to return to the camp, chat there with everyone. I liked that in this game you play not for some superhero or a person who will change the world, but for an ordinary bandit who sometimes performs the best deeds, but again in the camp you can find out what is actually not so for him I like all this, he just never lived differently and does not know how to. I really liked the story of Arthur Morgan and Date gang. And the world of the game is alive, you really believe in it.

But, in fairness, I note that the game is difficult to master at a time.

He took place at the exit and simply perplexed over the stupidity of the scriptwriters and those who praise this "work". A bandit, a raid. Throughout the game he runs to run away from the Indians, black "street butterflies", alcoholics, drug addicts and maniacs. He also trusts the muddy leader in such situations that it was already funny! This is not the story of a mortally ill and a repentant bandit, this is a story of a sucker. And how much there I had to jump there, as I remember already starting to feel sick. And like a shooter game full trash. But millions of flies are not mistaken as always))

UPD remembered miserable missions, where literally a step to the side and Game Over.Yeah, Shitdever.

What times were, people are still stupid at that stage, so the faithful dog ran in search of something there. Loch history)

Well, you play it as a conditional assassins Creed, where you rush from point to point to execute the quest. I understand that I understand only the “uuuu bandits are stupid, gg stupid and gullible, the plot is stupid”, at least read about what the plot was in some kind of review and what is its meaning, before talking about the stupid of the scriptwriters. I understand that someone may not like it, but only such a de dumb person can call the scriptwriters stupid.

And about wretched missions, you really think that by passing the mission you will be given to go about your business on another part of the card?

there 10+ screenwriters gave birth to this. as if not very.

For example, you can leave in the middle of the quest and go to do another at all and suddenly the game will not close and will not break, you will return and finish it and finish. And here is a typical console, step left and right and all.

The plot in this game is written for infantiles, and for any normal person is a complete nonsense with which he is forced to put up.

Millions of flies are also mistaken, but also does not say this that the right and minority that has its own separate opinion from the majority 🙂

Take any dull jerkid from Jubisoft. Because this is not a game, but a rotten hunter simulator.

I have been playing games since 1997 to this day. The megarave began with heaves, then Drimkast (religious jestans like Duma, Kweik 3 Arena and Henriel Thornation found on it, and, in principle, there were a lot of masterpiece games on it, and the dilogy Shenma was very hooked from the plot projects), PC since 2004- Go (Andergraund 2, Half-Life 2, Duma 3 then drove me crazy), then 2007 Forever in my heart, the UPARD Up to XFX 8800GT (Bioshok, Kraisis, Assassin, well, the absolute discovery is the mass effect, oh how then I wanted to continue, I thought it would be bad if something happens to me, but I will not know how everything ended with Shepard). Then there were a lot of good and bad (all sorts of ancharteda, Last of AS, GOV, etc.e). Well, in 2018, RDR2 came out and it was, something incredible, but not from the very beginning.

I went through the game for six months, the first 70 hours was good, mainly studied Openvorld, hunting, shootings with lawyers, etc.P., Then the plot began to take place and the game had a very slow pace of the story and I safely abandoned the game, somewhere at half. And after a couple of months, I decided to finish off and what was my surprise when I realized that it was not worth doing, the plot began to gain incredible turns, I began to get very strongly with the game, the Danch gang and especially Arthur Morgan became like relatives, the game turned into a certain A peaceful cozy place where it was just pleasant to return, where you couldn’t just sit in a camp at the fire, play domino, drag water, etc.D. You are so imbued with history that when in the mission, where you just need to slip from point A B, and the may I plays against the background? Stand Unshaken, begins to be removed from emotions, memories, understanding that this is a turning point in the plot and this is clear to you without any words of explanation and at that very moment the realization comes that the game has not yet ended, but this is the best of which I have ever played. Then, after some time, there will be another such mission, well, there the game is already just tearing you and smears along the wall. RDR 2 is the best for me that was in the game industry, Dan Hauser and all Rockstar endless respect, no matter how much they released the GTA of Triloja there. May I, Unshaken, That’s The Way Its, See The Fire in Your Eyes – my lifelong cryptonite, they will hear them and Pzdts. No film, series or game did not cause so many emotions. Already 6 years have passed, but nothing has changed, RDR 2 is the best. You can disagree, this is your opinion, but for me this game has become something personal.

Perfect Dark and State of Decay 3 will receive full -fledged gameplay demonstrations over the next 18 months

At the beginning of this week, Microsoft presented the Xbox Games Games on a number of games that were announced several years ago, but since then have gone in full radio monitor. Famous games such as Fable and Avowed reappeared after a long absence, demonstrating, respectively, video materials and gameplay.

But, of course, you do not need to look at the list of announced games from Microsoft for a long time to understand that at the moment it is just a drop in the sea. Under the Xbox Game Studios banner, the development has a number of games that were announced several years ago, but which was never heard from the moment of their announcement – so when we can expect similar gameplay demonstrations for them?

Although it is difficult to say how much time it will take before we get specific details about all games of this group, at least several of them seem to be preparing to represent gameplay in the next year and a half. In a recent conversation with the Giant Bomb Boss Xbox Game Studios, Matt Buti touched this topic and explained that he "With careful confidence" He believes that games such as State of Decay 3 and Perfect Dark will be ready for deep immersion in the gameplay over the next 18 months.

"When I look ahead for 2024, everything that we are going to release, I have already seen in the assemblies, for example, recently, or played in them", – Boti said. "I already talked about this before, in Fable there are so many things that when I meet [the head of Turn 10 Studios] Alan [Hartman], I say: "Why don’t you show it, this?", and [he answers]: "No no". Because in this game there are many cool things that I am delighted with".

When I look at the next 18 months from the point of view of what we can show, deliver and present a gameplay, I’m careful. Because the teams work hard, and they understand that now this is a kind of bar: "Let’s show this, show the gameplay and make a deeper immersion when we have a chance".

Of course, where these two games can appear (and other similar ones) is another question. Common sense suggests that Microsoft will want to save them for Xbox Games Showcase next year, but taking into account events such as The Game Awards and Gamescom, as well as the flows of the first persons, such as Developer_Direct, there are many other suitable sites for similar shows.

The City Planning Strategy Chinese Empire will receive a free prologue this summer

A few years ago, the Playway publisher presented the urban planning strategy of Chinese Empire from the developers of Yeyun, in which you will fight with the Emperor of China himself and expand and improve your empire. Today companies have announced that the game will receive a free prologue on a PC in Steam in the summer of this year.

The prologue will introduce you to the world of Chinese Empire, explain the most important game mechanics, teach you how to manage resources and goods and optimally build cities.

After many years of the war, peacetime has come. Unfortunately, the great emperor dies, and you, young, inexperienced Juandi, are governing the country. The judicial adviser to your father can still teach you something. He will help you build your first prosperous city.

Each citizen plays an important role for the entire empire. Appointing employees for strictly defined tasks, it allows you to maintain order, efficiency and control over the entire ecosystem. Workers can grow crops, extract resources, produce goods, breed animals, kill, trade, etc. D.

Each building should be associated with the rest of the settlement by roads in order to function. It is on the roads that residents march to go to work or transport goods. A well -designed road network will increase the effectiveness of the entire empire.

Resources are mined in different ways. We can get some from the crop, others from production, and others from trade. The processing of raw materials also plays a key role, because now from certain ingredients we can produce completely new goods, such as bread, paper or silk.

The game has a full annual cycle. Every season has a unique color palette and climate. Seasons also affect the gameplay as modulators, for example. Slowing down residents in winter or increasing the growth of the crop during the rain.

The continent card allows you to more conveniently manage trade routes. You can import goods from remote regions in exchange for produced goods.

Every year the player chooses one of three elongated cards. The bonuses contained in the maps have been operating for another year. They affect the game differently: they increase or lower the efficiency of workers, buildings, add weather bonuses or random events from the region, etc.D.

New gameplay and details Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and a large update 2.0

It was obvious that the creators of the Phantom Liberty additions for Cyberpunk 2077 will not be satisfied with one gameplay presentation during the Opening Night Live at the Gamescom 2023 exhibition. They returned to show us a new 10-minute roller with gameplay with many new opportunities that they have prepared for us.

The new gameplay was shown IGN on the official stream of Gamescom and includes an interview with Gabriel Amatanjelo, responsible for a new adventure in Night City. There is nothing in the interview that we would no longer know, but it allows you to once again look at the madness and violence that we will encounter in Dogtown.

If you wanted more, then know that CD Projekt Red has a direct broadcast, where several team members revealed some more details. You can see the stream record below

  • Update 2.0 will be released a little earlier than Phantom Liberty, that is, until September 26.
  • During the broadcast, one of the introductory fragments of the addition was shown – a meeting with Netraniner Soika, who connected with Vi. The meeting will open an additional tree of pumping – RELIC, which enhances various skills and implants. Glasses for pumping a new branch can only be obtained by studying the dogtaun.
  • Amatanjelo spoke a little about the processed tree of perks and abilities, as well as about the possibilities – if desired, the character can "turn into a terminator", Giving him an additional health supply, as well as enhanced hand -to -hand combat techniques.
  • There will be no cyberpsychosis mechanics.
  • During the broadcast, they showed a recycled police system – with a car chase. The level of police interest is displayed using stars (from one to five) near the mini-card. The richer the area, the faster the police will respond to opposite actions. "Max-Tak" intervenes at the maximum level of persecution and will be able to hack the hero’s car.
  • The police will independently chase criminals and in the open world. Ministers of the law can be repulsed or try to hide from it.
  • There will be more random events without the intervention of the player in Night City himself: gangs throughout the city will be able to arrange dynamic shootings between the police or other factions.
  • Details about the role of Idris Elba were not revealed, but they noted that it would be extremely important for the development of the plot. On the other hand, communication with Johnny Sil Suel Sulte will become an important part of Phantom Liberty and relations will gradually develop.
  • Driving you can not only participate in shootouts, but also break someone else’s transport.

Phantom Liberty will be released on September 26, 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.