New gameplay and details Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and a large update 2.0

It was obvious that the creators of the Phantom Liberty additions for Cyberpunk 2077 will not be satisfied with one gameplay presentation during the Opening Night Live at the Gamescom 2023 exhibition. They returned to show us a new 10-minute roller with gameplay with many new opportunities that they have prepared for us.

The new gameplay was shown IGN on the official stream of Gamescom and includes an interview with Gabriel Amatanjelo, responsible for a new adventure in Night City. There is nothing in the interview that we would no longer know, but it allows you to once again look at the madness and violence that we will encounter in Dogtown.

If you wanted more, then know that CD Projekt Red has a direct broadcast, where several team members revealed some more details. You can see the stream record below

  • Update 2.0 will be released a little earlier than Phantom Liberty, that is, until September 26.
  • During the broadcast, one of the introductory fragments of the addition was shown – a meeting with Netraniner Soika, who connected with Vi. The meeting will open an additional tree of pumping – RELIC, which enhances various skills and implants. Glasses for pumping a new branch can only be obtained by studying the dogtaun.
  • Amatanjelo spoke a little about the processed tree of perks and abilities, as well as about the possibilities – if desired, the character can "turn into a terminator", Giving him an additional health supply, as well as enhanced hand -to -hand combat techniques.
  • There will be no cyberpsychosis mechanics.
  • During the broadcast, they showed a recycled police system – with a car chase. The level of police interest is displayed using stars (from one to five) near the mini-card. The richer the area, the faster the police will respond to opposite actions. "Max-Tak" intervenes at the maximum level of persecution and will be able to hack the hero’s car.
  • The police will independently chase criminals and in the open world. Ministers of the law can be repulsed or try to hide from it.
  • There will be more random events without the intervention of the player in Night City himself: gangs throughout the city will be able to arrange dynamic shootings between the police or other factions.
  • Details about the role of Idris Elba were not revealed, but they noted that it would be extremely important for the development of the plot. On the other hand, communication with Johnny Sil Suel Sulte will become an important part of Phantom Liberty and relations will gradually develop.
  • Driving you can not only participate in shootouts, but also break someone else’s transport.

Phantom Liberty will be released on September 26, 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.