Dying Light 2 zombie explorer received a new update with New Year’s eve, new weapons and many others

Polish developers from Techland studio prepared for fans Dying Light 2: Stay Human a pleasant surprise for winter holidays. In honor of the impending Christmas and the New Year, the popular zombie explosion begins to celebrate holidays in its own style. For the game there was a free update with a mass of innovations and an event "Winter tales 2023" (Winter Tales 2023). Below you can see the release trailer of the event, where its key features are indicated.

The destroyed city of Valinor was covered with snow, transforming its streets and favorite locations. The survivors dressed up the Christmas tree, and the players themselves are waiting for many new discoveries and opportunities.

Baku returned with new generows and awards for the upcoming event. Do not forget to write a letter to Santa, because it is probably located near the city, and gifts are falling from the sky. However, be careful, because they can be guarded by mischievous infected people who are invading the city again.

In this update Dying Light 2 players await the following innovations:

New varieties of enemies

A new wave of enemies will appear with updates on the streets of the city.

  • Beware of bitter -bearing gas cylinders on your back. You can find three new options:
  • Do not come too close to toxic – it will release a deadly cloud around you.
  • Stop enemies in the right place – the freezing bitter will not let them move.
  • Watch how the incinerating Kusaka scatters fiery puddles around him – but do not come too close, otherwise you will be swallowed by a fiery ball into which he will turn!
  • The virals also become more evil – some of them will spit in your direction so as not to let you. You can also meet them with a gas cylinder.
  • Do not be surprised at the new Goon version – their scream will alert Banshee waiting in dark corners to attack you.

New weapons – Polearms

This new type of weapon has a large radius of action, which allows you to conduct strategic battles and use it in different styles of the game. Take them from the cold dead hands of the enemies who wore them before, or visit weapons merchants. Do not forget to visit Shen Sego (agent of chapter 2) and the outpost of the pilgrims! And, of course, the new type of weapon is supplied with its unique finisher.

Night weapons

The developers presented a new type of weapon specially designed to increase efficiency during night battles. Night weapons are found only in great rarings – from unique to exotic. But what distinguishes this weapon is its special affixes (working at night) and a cold, fluorescent appearance. Some of these types of weapons are designed to combat certain types of infected ones, so choose which of them you will take with you at night. However, do not forget that, no matter how powerful they are, they also exhaust your immunity faster, so their use is classical mechanics "Risk and reward". Participate in night meetings and fight with volatiles, backpacks and some others to get them. Be sure to visit the outposts of Harper and Pilgrim.

You can get acquainted with all the changes in the game in a special note from the developers.