Perfect Dark and State of Decay 3 will receive full -fledged gameplay demonstrations over the next 18 months

At the beginning of this week, Microsoft presented the Xbox Games Games on a number of games that were announced several years ago, but since then have gone in full radio monitor. Famous games such as Fable and Avowed reappeared after a long absence, demonstrating, respectively, video materials and gameplay.

But, of course, you do not need to look at the list of announced games from Microsoft for a long time to understand that at the moment it is just a drop in the sea. Under the Xbox Game Studios banner, the development has a number of games that were announced several years ago, but which was never heard from the moment of their announcement – so when we can expect similar gameplay demonstrations for them?

Although it is difficult to say how much time it will take before we get specific details about all games of this group, at least several of them seem to be preparing to represent gameplay in the next year and a half. In a recent conversation with the Giant Bomb Boss Xbox Game Studios, Matt Buti touched this topic and explained that he "With careful confidence" He believes that games such as State of Decay 3 and Perfect Dark will be ready for deep immersion in the gameplay over the next 18 months.

"When I look ahead for 2024, everything that we are going to release, I have already seen in the assemblies, for example, recently, or played in them", – Boti said. "I already talked about this before, in Fable there are so many things that when I meet [the head of Turn 10 Studios] Alan [Hartman], I say: "Why don’t you show it, this?", and [he answers]: "No no". Because in this game there are many cool things that I am delighted with".

When I look at the next 18 months from the point of view of what we can show, deliver and present a gameplay, I’m careful. Because the teams work hard, and they understand that now this is a kind of bar: "Let’s show this, show the gameplay and make a deeper immersion when we have a chance".

Of course, where these two games can appear (and other similar ones) is another question. Common sense suggests that Microsoft will want to save them for Xbox Games Showcase next year, but taking into account events such as The Game Awards and Gamescom, as well as the flows of the first persons, such as Developer_Direct, there are many other suitable sites for similar shows.