Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: new details about the combat system, synergistic abilities and much more

Square Enix builds the release of new details about the long -awaited sequel of the role game Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and revealed several more interesting facts about the combat system, locations, characters and other interesting moments in the game.

In addition to confirming the new dynamic level of complexity, which will use the leveling of levels in battle, another important addition to the form of synergistic abilities, which are described as “Powerful attacks in which two characters are united to turn the course of the battle“.

The use of abilities in battle will replenish your synergy scale, and then various combinations will be able to carry out unique attacks in tandem. More attacks will become available to you as your group rises, which is ”numerical expression on how close your team“.

In addition, two characters can also unite to reveal synergy skills that can be used without ATB consumption and which can have a wide range of effects: from damage to allies strengthening. Synergic skills can also be used to block incoming attacks.

Meanwhile, as previously confirmed, the editors of the XIII will be a completely game character in Rebirth, unlike Remake, and will chop enemies using claws for their main attacks, while players will also be able to hold the button to start the attack. with a wider range that will allow you to increase ATB faster. One of the magical abilities of Red XIII will be a beam of star dust, “call.Obq exploding ball of light, which scores all enemies that are hit“.

Meanwhile, he will also have access to the revenge regime, which will strengthen his abilities and physical attacks, and will also allow him to use Siphon Fang, an attack that does not consume ATB and pumps out the health of enemies, while causing damage. To activate the revenge mode, players will have to fill out the scale, blocking the attacks.

Aeris, who obviously was completely playable in the previous game, will also receive some key changes in how it will act in battle. For example, using the ability of Ward Shift, it will be able to discard the characters anywhere in the combat arena and instantly teleport to them, giving it a much greater mobility.

New details were also revealed about one of the calls that will be available in the game, namely about Kujat, a huge pig -like monster with giant horns, which is also able to use attacks with lightning, fire and ice.

Square Enix also shared some brief details about locations that fans of the original Final Fantasy 7 remember too well, for example, the village of Kalm or once noisy, but now abandoned mythrilic mines. In these (and other) locations, players will also meet Broden, who owns a hotel in Calm and hid a grudge against a tire; Ronda, mayor and sheriff of Ander Junon, who will come to the aid of Claud and the Company; Priscilla, a young girl who trains dolphins in Ander Junon; Billy, young worker in the ranch and grandson of the owner of the Coco Ranch; and Chloe, younger sister Billy, who sells objects and materials for needlework in the Ranch store.

Traveling around the huge world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players will also be able to use information about it by spending data points together with Chadli to develop new matter. You can also track down forsels, unknown artifacts that emit unique and mysterious energy signals and can distort the space-time, or go to chocolate boutiques to the ranch, where you can use various settings for your driving animals of the chocolate.

The disputes around the step -by -step combat system in Honkai: Star Rail are flareing up

Honkai: Star Rail is a new game from Hoyooverse, which was released this week and has already collected more than 20 million downloads. This game differs from Genshin Impact in that its combat system is step -by -step, not dynamic, as in Genshin Impact.

However, despite the differences in the gameplay, Honkai: Star Rail still attracts the attention of players with its unique animation style; the same as in Genshin Impact. But, unlike the fantastic worlds Genshin Impact, the game world Honkai: Star Rail – is located in space.

In Reddte Honkaistarrail, players are discussing the step -by -step game process Honkai: Star Rail. One user noticed that some players who are not familiar with this type of game may be disappointed. He also noted that there is a large audience of players who like step -by -step games, in particular, Japanese RPG, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

However, as in the case of any game, there are those who prefer a more dynamic gaming process, but Honkai: Star Rail still attracts a large number of players who discuss and share their opinions in Reddite. In general, the game continues to show success, and we can expect that it will attract new players in the future.

"News" for the sake "news", And information content is zero. As the saying goes: "Don’t like it – don’t play". I personally like the step -by -step battle in the game, and if you compare the game with the bunch of feces that shove in Play Market, then this is a great game for both RS and mobile devices at the moment.
Here you can even recall the situation with Marvel`s: Midnight Sun, where only those who do not like the combat system using cards and these people do not see anything. But if they figured out the battle system, they realized that a very good game is hiding behind this system.

So, speaking even easier – a matter of taste.

Well, a virtual universe personally came to me, but I don’t think that it will expand too much in the future, the first major update will appear to understand the development path, if there are pieces of the plot and characters again, then this is not too rainbow prospect. At the moment, I am in the 3rd adventure, and on the background of the same Gertha station, it already looks more faded.
So with such a small number of abilities, it is worth diversifying the interaction to them, that is what I am.

Personally, I will be happy again to pieces of the plot. I perceive each piece as something like a new season of the series of the series and an incentive to return to the game. New story, new characters, new adventures, new everyday activity. So the anime world should look like. Why do you think this approach is not very rainbow, I don’t understand. I am as an anime lover, this is exactly the approach with pieces of the plot in the development of the game and waiting.

Cool post, guys look, I am now a journalist too.

Spring is coming, most of UK has already entered this time of year. But some regions continue to remain in the cold conditions of winter. However, some people are not satisfied in the spring T.To. Unlike winter, flowering begins and allergies are aggravated in people. Of course, there is another part of the population who is glad to mark the New Year.

We will continue to watch the development of the seasons.

If you play a step -by -step game very quickly – it becomes dynamic.

I am honest from active battles for a while, so this Honkai has become a kind of sip of fresh air.

Ah, yes. I consider a key feature of the game a worked out plot. When your choice is really worth something. This. Makes to think every time before clicking the dialog skipping button . Also GG is pretty talkative.

The vehicle has a delicious. Genshin is also in space

well then "The disputes around the step -by -step combat system Final Fantasy flare up"
Funny, actually. Honkai has existed for a long time, in fact even more popular than Genshin, who later appeared from the same developers (if we talk about the homeland). There are anime, and games for mobile phones, and PC games.
Don’t like it, play Gennin. Everyone will find their Gachi for themselves.
I personally tired Genshin with his open world, where you can get hemorrhoids, while you are boring the whole card and you will open everything. And he went to Honkai, cleaned Little Loku (they even show you how many chests are left), put the Persians on the farm, and went to do business. beauty. Even in battle, you can leave calmly, thanks to step -by -step.

Wow, now you would play games like to go to work (with a goal of faster to dump from there – "I went in, I cleaned Little Loku (they even show you how many chests are left), put the Persians on the farm, and went to do business" (c)), and not enjoy the very process of the game (study of large locations, the search and unraveling of mysteries, the passage of main and side quests, etc.D. and t.P.). No, everyone is of course. But it is still ridiculous to read this when the main advantages of Genshin are exhibited as the biggest minuses.

And there is no need to dying people here – it was Genshin who raised Mihoyo to a god -like level. Was Honkai Impact 3RD at least once in some nomination on The Game Awards? And her trailers were shown at E3 or similar large exhibitions from the same Sony? Maybe there were all sorts of exhibitions in Paris and collaborations around the world (like installing a teleport somewhere there at some famous resort)? How many figures are released in the same Japan? That’s the same. In your Honkai, just the Chinese and lifting gijes played, they play. And the rest of the world plays – and will play – in Genin. Simply because people with an action-oriented games and games in the open world come in much more. And this is neither good nor bad – this is the opinion of the majority. And neither this step -by -step Star Rail, nor the future of the same corridor Zeneess Zone Zero, Genshin’s success will not be able to repeat. Be popular with your more modest audience and bring some kind of profit? Quite. But to the heights of Genshin, as it was both to the moon, it will remain.

Well, it’s funny to read, don’t read. What problems? Each person has his own tastes, including games. For someone these are advantages, run on huge cards in the gacha game, collecting loot and chests. And for someone this is a tedious occupation. As in Zeld, where all Genshin’s chips were taken.
Genshin’s popularity is due to the release of the game on the world market. The Honcai series is always limited by the domestic market.
That’s just if you take "work", then Genshin is perfect for this. Just a lot of actions must be done on a daily basis, so as not to profess rewards. In Honkai, this is not. And if it was not clear from my words about the convenience of grind, what can be put on an autobah and step back on business, I will emphasize this again. Facilitates the tedious grind! After which you pumped on an autoboy and went to pass the local abyss and virtual reality (ala rogalik) for pleasure.
At the moment, Genshin is more popular around the world, but for some reason the musical performance has already become much better, on the occasion of the release of the honky. It was enough to see the comments of the Genshinists.
Well, a trite discord Canal Honkaya has already taken a mark of 1 million users in just 5 days, since the release. Or tell you all to play purely because of the success of Genshin? Although these are completely different games, by mechanics.
In general, laugh further. Here is my point of view, which can be agreed with, but you can not. Anyway, everyone doesn’t give a shit, both the author and the defendant)

Information news is zero. There are no disputes from the information header in the text. No controversial opinions of players were given. Why is this news?

However, I am wildly delighted with the step -by -step system Honkai: Star Rail. I see no reason to argue about this. You either like such a fight, or not. But the fact that the step -by -step fighting is implemented here with high quality is a fact!

This game differs from Genshin Impact in that its combat system is step -by -step, not dynamic, as in Genshin Impact.

And why is it compared with Genshin if this game is a continuation of the Honkai Impact 3D – even some characters are the same. However, the world of Honkai: Star Rail is a parallel universe and therefore some characters behave completely different. But still there are guests traveling between worlds, which connect both games in a single universe. But how side is Genshin’s side? Why exactly you compare with him?

Mechanics Voiceover released the voice acting The Callisto Protocol

So the long -awaited moment of the release of one of our key projects this year has come! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this day has come, English voice acting for The Callisto Protocol is already available to everyone! The project turned out to be quite complicated and there were many pitfalls in it, but we will tell you a little later about all this, maybe we can even do something like something like "Localizer diary". What do you think is worth it? It is interesting for you to find out various points when developing localization? In the meantime, let’s just rejoice at the release that took place thanks to you and your support, dear subscribers. We really hope that you will be satisfied with our work, and wait for your comments.

If with the output of the voice acting they also hack it, then it will be buzzing

Or maybe the developers themselves will remove Denuvo, given the fact that on December 2 the game will be a year already, as it has been released

Many have already forgotten that such a game was generally, but then they would remember and wait.

In Steam, you can now pick up a discount

With a budget of 155 Lyamov and greedy dlsi, it is unlikely. And why did not they break her? The only answer Krafton brought a penny to the crackers 🙂

Well done, but I’m waiting for voice acting for Dead Space.

Dead Space make Games Voise they have a problem there with those part, they seem to solve.

Almost a year has passed since the release, and its gentlemen hackers were disobeyed.

As if besides the impress, someone else.

Well, there used to be a lot, all sorts of crackers.

There was no day before.

Offline Activation for a penny is sold

So Denuva bought everyone, there is no one to break.

Of course, the game is so -so, but there will be no hacking the campaign, the girl has long been breaking anything and not a hearing, she died something, or scored and dumped into a sunset, collecting the desired amount of money, xs but Dunya won, there are no hacks and not foreseen In the near future, and there are more and more games with Dunya, and there is already absolutely no one to break, the last was the girl and she erupted where but even for a very long time

Come on all the heels of interesting games per year with Denuma, a bunch of games without

This Call is just not needed by anyone

Amazing dubbing, thanks to the team for the work done

Well, now you can go through.

It remains to buy an account for three kopecks.

The moment when the trailer for the game creates a better impression than it really is (I’m talking about the plot).

Well, there is always so, you look at the trailer – the dump of assholes, you play – burning bins)

Almost a year has passed, and the possessor pussy at hack 🙁

There was no donat of 500 green

Transfer 500 bucks in a crypt and will be a hack to you

Boys and girls finally guys. Save them!

Well, now you can already Full version go with voice acting, let’s see what is in 2x

And there is a voice acting for an addition?

The conversation, it seems, was. Must be.

yes, voice acting goes immediately to the main company and addition.

Oh, this turn, finally you can play the game to the end still =))) with a English voice it will be somehow more pleasant) I still wait for a very Dead Space. you also have to go through it already.

It will be possible to take OFKU on the weekend and go again.

The current ran into it today, now you can put the voice acting)

No, only FSR.

This is a game from AMD, there is rarely dlss in them

No, only FSR, which looks bad

And the DLS was also voiced ?

Note the game aaaa class.

Well, not aaaa, but aaa certain. 4 times passed. I went very much. Expected Santa Spaces in fact. But the game turned out to be a little about another and played differently.

And you are a pervert.

Well, I like immersion in that atmosphere. She is awesome there. No worse than the same grandfather. And the game itself is not particularly big, what is good. Recently, I have been reselling games that are mainly for 10 – 20 hours. And these huge ones with the open world are already all. I want to puke from them.

This does not detract from the fact that the game Calisto.

Well, here someone like. For example, I was so much less picked up by Cyberpank 2077. I went once at the end of Arasaka. Well, I tried to go through. And something like that.. Ghostly freedom went half and something is not for me intrigue. Maybe just a little bit. All because the world of the game, for me personally, is a plastic some. I do not believe in what is happening. I really liked the witcher 3. Again, 3 times passed it. 3rd time straight with breaks already. The first time straight.

But I don’t know I don’t know

Thanks, of course, for the voice acting, but personally I will turn over at a slight level of complexity, with minimal settings naturally (so that my 3070 does not burn out) only for the sake of voice acting, after which I will safely demolish and will probably forget this way forever "masterpiece" Glen Skofild.

Well, I play at 3070 on maximum shoes. And on the most difficult. It seems not so taken out. Well, maybe after Souls likes, of course.)

And the meaning is minimal? In 3440×1440, even 3080 almost always issued above 60 FPS on almost maximums without local "rays" and fsr. If you have 3080r, then you can calmly play high

So it is necessary to watch the fps drops in the minimum frames in the battles from 90-100 to 30 even on medium.

I went to the professor and grandfather Space on an unreal. In this throat on hardcore, 10 times to dodge from side to side from every homeless person is tired.

Has never happened for all the passage. Similar drops were only on the release due to the compilation of the shaders on the go, which they already decided in the first patch

More would have broken her)))

Empress will not break it, so you can forget about hacking)) all the more now she does not break at all at all..

Guys tell me who is notable, it is worth waiting for the version of the voice acting for Epic.

And then, I don’t want to somehow buy it in Steam.

Promise to release in the coming week or two

OK thanks. Will wait.

I went through it 2 times I will go on just at the sale I bought a plot dls

How to install does not work tell me to steim

The moment when the voice acting is better than the game itself.

the game is quite good, now I am playing just

I’m not saying that the game is bad, it is some kind of monotonous.Promised one received a completely different.In my opinion, Glenn Scoldfield in Dead Space was good.

I did not know about her, and when the release was remembered that once the Sinimatik Trelever was shown on E3 and remembered

Then count the 11th day a year ago I took OFKU and went a couple of times

now the third time I play with a voice acting excellent game

Yes, and OFKA on Fanpey is 20 rubles)))

What is the point in voice acting if you don’t play it in it.

Yes, who needs this cal

On the sewed ps4, you can put it interesting?

if stitched, then you can.

When the game will finally break?!

150 rubles and she is

When you translate the Empress 500 bucks into a cryptochell group

It’s easier to take for 1700 rubles now. Well, or for 1200, if without DLC

Now, if you do not play it looks cool, but I play I almost blurted out how much a crooked game is, very crooked management. look beautiful and no more

And when they hack this slag, that with voice acting.

Good news about the voice acting, many games are the voice acting of which I would like to hear in the usual (English), international, as English and Arabic for hearing!

P.WITH. Still with games with protection "Denuvo" There would be more specialists !, regarding for example, Mortal Kombat 1 (2023)-I do not propagate piracy by the words, but I understand that there are people with a small income, and countries with a small standard of living, which, accordingly, pushes PC users and various software and games, choose extreme measures to use so as not burden yourself with excessive costs, and most often not from greed, but from flawed value, sanctions regime and other circumstances.

As an example: I welcome everyone! I am a PC user, originally from Kazakhstan, the minimum wage in our areas of cities is 70k tenge. , Accordingly, the cost of MK1 (in Steam 32 500 tenge)-with such a cost, you will have to burden yourself in products, payment for housing, communal services, etc.D.-Even with regards to cheap games, the same situation with such zp, each penny on the account, especially in this period of inflation. -The conclusion, from the above example, it follows that most of the low -income users of the PC from different countries, secretly and outside the overall, can resort to the use of third -party download sources (free use) of products without a license, justifying such actions by the lack of risks for society, regarding their mental or physical health, including the material condition of copyright holders/campaigns/organizations/corporations, etc.D.,-As for the last quality, in this case partially, but not colossally damaged in material terms for the copyright holders of the Audience will only increase.

Good news about the voice acting, many games are the voice acting of which I would like to hear in the usual (English), international, as English and Arabic for hearing!

P.WITH. Still with games with protection "Denuvo" There would be more specialists !, regarding for example, Mortal Kombat 1 (2023)-I do not propagate piracy by the words, but I understand that there are people with a small income, and countries with a small standard of living, which, accordingly, pushes PC users and various software and games, choose extreme measures to use so as not burden yourself with excessive costs, and most often not from greed, but from flawed value, sanctions regime and other circumstances.

As an example: I welcome everyone! I am a PC user, originally from Kazakhstan, the minimum wage in our areas of cities is 70k tenge. , Accordingly, the cost of MK1 (in Steam 32 500 tenge)-with such a cost, you will have to burden yourself in products, payment for housing, communal services, etc.D.-Even with regards to cheap games, the same situation with such zp, each penny on the account, especially in this period of inflation. -The conclusion, from the above example, it follows that most of the low -income users of the PC from different countries, secretly and outside the overall, can resort to the use of third -party download sources (free use) of products without a license, justifying such actions by the lack of risks for society, regarding their mental or physical health, including the material condition of copyright holders/campaigns/organizations/corporations, etc.D.,-As for the last quality, in this case partially, but not colossally damaged in material terms for the copyright holders of the Audience will only increase.

Digital Foundry tested the Control mod from the Remedy developer and were satisfied with the result

Visually Control from Remedy is an impressive game, and it seems that it has just become even better. Recently, a new mod was released for the game, which makes several improvements, and we can even say that this is almost an update, because it was created by Filippo Tarpini, an employee of the Remedy itself. The mod created by the developer brings new opportunities for PC-gamers, such as full support for HDR, improve the accuracy of the Ray Tracing technology and adding a new version of DLSS.

The work of the developer was so high quality that the Digital Foundry channel dedicated to the technical side of the games decided to illuminate this mod. Name the work "Hidden update", Channel staff were pleasantly surprised by the improvements made.

Tired of the deplorable state of the PC-IGR? Here is a real stimulant. Control from Remedy has always been a fantastic PC game – but behind the scene, the developer from Remedy Filippo Tarpini works on a mod that makes the game even better: full support for HDR, improved accuracy of rays trace, as well as adding a new version of DLSS – and support for DLAA in high resolution. It’s just amazing.

Check out all the new opportunities:

  • NATIVE HDR (improves color/strip accuracy, provides higher contrast and brighter glare).
  • DLSS updated to version 3.1.1 and improved implementation
  • Added DLAA support (DLSS in native resolution).
  • Added new texture configuration "Max" To improve slow texture transmission (at least 8 GB+ Vram, 10 GB+ is recommended).
  • A new settings have been added to use 3X with rays tracing and voluminous images, which improves quality and reduces noise
  • Full support of Ultrawide: Unlock any resolution and ratio of the parties, including 32: 9+.
  • Fixed the problems of the user interface with the ratio of the parties, excellent from 16: 9.
  • Added FOV settings.
  • Added an entrance video skull setting.
  • Some FOV and Lod fixes for UW.
  • Improved windows control + without borders + full -screen mode
  • The incorrect launch of the game on the GPU not from NVIDIA and AMD (for example, Intel ARC) is fixed.
  • Restored by cinema using DLSS and made it more pronounced.
  • Improved SDR image quality (small tonal display corrections and an increased buffer).
  • Correction of small errors, glitches and functions.

Those who wish can download mod through our PlayGround, where downloading through a torrent at high speed is available.

The creator of Dragon Age defended the cut content of Baldur’s Gate 3: “A whole mountain of content was cut in BG2”

Baldur’s Gate veteran and Dragon Age creator David Gader spoke about his experience with carved content after the developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian touched this topic in a recent message.

Yesterday on her blog, the Baldur’s Gate 3 Studio answered community questions related to the availability "Cut content" In the third act of the game. According to the developers, some scenes and voice remarks that were cut out of the game did not actually work as it was conceived, and were not simply removed. Some of this will be fixed, but most of the rest was cut out, "Because it seemed to us that it didn’t work. It is not surprising to hear that so many things were cut out of the BG3. In the BG2, in the process of development, a whole mountain of content was also carved, some in the early stages, and some after a lot of work was done on it. In almost every game. In every game DA. Damn it, even in Stray Gods there were significant abbreviations.

Gader drew attention to this aspect, who not only helped create Dragon Age while working in BioWare, but was also the author of Baldur’s Gate. On his twice last night, Header said that "Not surprised by the news that so much material has been cut out of BG3", And not least because in Baldur’s Gate 2 "During the development, a whole mountain of content was also cut out".

Gader also gives some advice to players who think about "cut" From your favorite games content, indicating that "Late" The clippings most likely simply did not fit the game, whether it is technically or conceptually, and that most cuts occur so early that ideas have never been implemented in the game. The most interesting thing is that he claims that "Most of this cannot be resurrected. It’s easier to start all over again".

Whether it will be fair for Baldur’s Gate 3 is still unknown – the desire of Larian to reconsider the epilogues of the characters suggests that perhaps there is a content in the game that can be extracted from the cutting room, but perhaps some time will pass before before We will find out how it will look.

I don’t know what was cut out there, a lot or a little. But I know one thing, the game gave me 200 hours of real pleasure, I bought a game on the fact that I will get the best RPG over the past 10 years and most likely also over the future 5 years, I got it, and maybe I would like a player as a player Even more content, but the desire only confirms the fact of how Larias could do just titanic work

I don’t understand how you took out management in this game, I only refused to play because of this

Poking several times with a mouse to jump onto the ledge is a bourgeois tedious as for me

Well, this is Larian – a poor indie studio, which does not know how to realize Time Time with an active pause. Even in more budget Pathfinder or PoE2 it was + you can switch to tactics at any time.

After 12 years in L2, it does not cause control of the mouse at all at least any minimum discomfort.

Yes there are patchphinders. The poor development studio Drakensang, which, in addition to arcade car symbols, did not let out in essence blessed the time and released the first analogue of Dragon Age

Come up in the last two diviniti a step -by -step fighter, and in BG3, she. Suddenly, too step-by-step, and the last passfiner through the Rial-Time is unrealistic to play if you do not play "console" difficulties, a bunch of opponents simply torn by magic and control.

Well, indeed, it usually happens. This can be due to the development timing, but it can also because the moments are not very successful. In Fallout 2, for example, there were a lot of cut out, which fans restored (and you understood that in general it was right, that they cut out).

The funny thing is that all the haters need only an occasion to rekindle the fire of hatred for the game, while not noticing that the game was great, t.e farts all also blazing at this herd.

I played foul 2 with restored locations. Personally, I did not like them, some of the local locations and the mechanics of the game could be seen what was made by amateurs. It looked like it is somehow foreign.

Yeah, the same emotions. Some were, in principle, interesting, but it was necessary to bring hard to mind, and not in this form.

The funny thing is that the fans eat and protect any g) VNO, even if, they are wrong, the romantic Linia with Karllah cannot be finished, due to the absence of a personal quest, it was unequivocally cut out by the right decision.

It is one thing when something cuts out that the game does not work or is replaced by something more suitable, and another thing is when it is cut out from the game:

1. The villainous storyline Absolute

2. The main idea of ​​the game in the form of corraphen and the desire for the power of humanity

3. Literally half of the city in which all partners had quests and, because of this, part of his partners stops working, like Tazha Karlach who has no good ending

4. A bunch of spells and phyts who are in the hunger

5. The entire storyline of a partner of Mintars

6. Ending with slides damn

These are incomparable things. From the game, too important parts were cut out and it falls apart because of this

Here in the game there is such a villain as Keterik Torm and he is ultra based. And you can agree with him. And this is a piece from the plot Absolute. But since it was cut out, even having agreed with him, they are absolutely mediocre and you still have to kill him.

Like a larynx, you can add. But then it is simply taken and drained in Katsen.

Not to mention the fact that the game has two endings and they are solved by the final Dail.

If anyone is not in the know, then there was no emperor before, and the larva in her head tried to scorch the character. And if he used it too actively, he could get a bad ending or even a game over. All this was removed.

A bunch of appropriate was cut out of the game and therefore it falls apart before our eyes. Now this game is a ugly cadavre cast -up from pieces of what was.

If anyone is not in the know, then there was no emperor before, and the larva in her head tried to scorch the character. And if he used it too actively, he could get a bad ending or even a game over.

This is why in the first and, possibly, the second acts when you use the larvae in the dialogue, the narrator says that the Persian has lost part of himself, which can no longer be returned, and in the 3rd act a bolt is laid on this, a lace on the brain at least to turn blue?

Yes. Moreover, the same download by the river was written under this plot turn.

She should have played if you choose to succumb to the larva and there showed how you went down the field down the river with the perfect pair you created, and then it showed that this is all the illusion and your character into Skvidward is turning in the real world. Like in the film upgrade, that’s the same thing.

It was in the file of the Asses and the character of which you created was called Daisy in files, but then all this was cut out

It seems that David Gader simply forgot how the players of Haytili, for example, the unsatisfactory endings of Neverwinter Nights 2. And how he himself complained, in particular, on BioWare – they say, no one respects the work of the screenwriters, the bosses do not need a good script, they only thought how to reduce it. And now the abbreviation suddenly became a good thing for him. Comparison with previous parts of Baldur’s Gate is generally inappropriate. Firstly, the game community at that time was not so extensive and spoiled "Golden game standards" – Romances with partners and expanded epilogues looked more like a fresh revelation than a mandatory component. The players did not have time to quickly open the files, and representatives of the studios did not make promises – therefore there were fewer unpleasant surprises. Secondly, I didn’t have to wait long: 1998 – Baldur’s Gate, 2000 – Baldur’s Gate 2, 2001 – Baal throne, so the players almost immediately after the release of the first game knew that there would be some continuation or addon. Who is younger – they played in both parts already much later than their exit, so they perceive the dilogy more or less integral. But the Larias do not work quickly, DLC does not fundamentally release, and that – and most importantly, when – add to Enhanced Edition – and the demon knows. Personally, I am no longer interested in a pair of updates to be repeatedly played, the plot of which I know, so I would like to play from the very beginning in a full-fledged version. Another thing is if the studio had already announced plans to continue or expansion – then, at least, the open endings of the partners would make sense, there would be hope to complete their history. But so far we have only hints.

The game for me will still remain one of the best and truly fascinating in recent years. But it is not even bad that something was cut out there in it – in the end, we do not know how good the carved content was good. And the fact that in the end they failed to convincingly finish and tie the remaining together, as a result of which some ideas and plot lines really look meaningless.

– The upper city may have been cut out due to technical problems. In chapter 3, and so many complain about the drawdown of the FPS, and what will happen if the city is doubled? As I understand it, the main storyline and part of the quests were still shifted to the lower city, so now there is simply no sense to add the upper city – there will be no plot -forming content there. Except what to do in the form of an addon, stuffing the city with secondary tasks. But the developers, even in the lower city, were unable to polish and optimize the sequence of quests. Half of the passage looked like this: the hero went somewhere, did something and realized that he began or fulfilled the quest, which had to be taken on the other end of the city. And everyone pulls the hero in different directions: sooner, otherwise the vampires will come / Minsk will kill / Will folder. Got it.

– On Karllah, to be honest, it did not care, so her ending satisfies me. For that matter, it is no worse than the ending of the same Astarion, which either finally turns into a moral freak or is forced to avoid the sun again. Potentially this touched for continuation – and yes, I would like to finally see this vaunted hell. But at the same time, the game has so many potentially accessible opportunities "fix" And "cure" partners, which are indirectly informed in records and conversations, which is simply not clear why this could not be used. And the creators are not difficult, and players are happy with Happy Endu.

– The main idea of ​​the game seems to be saved, it is hard to cut it. There are three obvious topics: the topic of choice between power and humanity, where each of the elections gives certain freedom, but also requires its own price; The topic of manipulations; The topic of despair and hopes. Each of the topics is voiced and repeated repeatedly.

– But what had to be cut out of "villain" passage to look so unprofitable – I don’t understand. A bunch of inaccessible tasks, killed plot NPCs and departed companions, and everything that is given in return is several new videos and a dull Mintar, devoid of his quest, but even a pile of replicas from behind the bug. In other games, the entry into some guild of thieves and then gave more new content. According to the plot, it is generally clear why it is impossible to agree with a larynx and a trap: they are the chosen dark three, their gods will not allow them to stand on the bright side, and if they safely unite with the hero on the dark – the face of Jergala was presented? Then the whole story about the conspiracy of the evil gods, and so slurred, would finally lose meaning. But the meaning in the lines about the atonement in the dialogue with the trading, if it is still impossible, I also do not see. As well as the point of maintaining the cult of the Absolute, if it is impossible to recruit its supporters, gain a full -fledged evil team and get a completely different line of quests on the side of evil. Sorry, sorry.

– The gortash himself is to blame for his plum: there was nothing to climb across the Old Man in the bee and pull the hands, which was not asked for which. But it’s a shame for him, yes. It seems that he didn’t even cut anything out, he was simply unsuccessful, although he could have made a good companion for his "best friend" Dark Urge. For some reason, he was almost duplicated by the compassional story of Astarion: his parents sold the devil in childhood, lived in slavery, fled, but the moral compass after the devilish education was completely broken, so he leaned for support and support to the Dark God. But since he is not as cute as a vampire crumb, no one wants to save him and correct him. And so a man is an interesting, pragmatic and cynical politician and crazy scientist at the same time. It is necessary – it gets ill and dough in trust, it is necessary – it will invent something useful from the brains and glands. It’s a pity that its story was presented mainly through notes and even through the house of hope, and there is little direct interaction with it. Some of his manifesto have amered: they say, all the troubles were because of human strife and selfishness, it would be nice for people to unite their consciousnesses under someone else’s control. At Isaac Azimov in "Base" Exactly the same idea was presented as a good for the future of humanity. And here – a gortsh of the villain, kill him))

– For Rafail is also a shame. He breeds violent activity: makes a career a lady from a fiery fist with amnesia, praises a young one, but the player cannot grab his hand right in the process. He is a bright character, I would like more content with him and hellish locations. Maybe the developers were afraid to seem secondary after the demonic city in "Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous"? If they cut off the possibility of trading with him, then at least they could remove useless and inappropriate coins of souls from the game. And make the behavior of the devil himself more consistent. And then in the beginning he offers to remove larvae, then forgets about it and offers an orphic hammer. But for the sake of the hammer, the deal can be interesting to the player except if he really wants to earn Lae’zel’s approval and really does not want to kill Raphael. In all other cases, the player has other opportunities to get a good finale. Then why are these pathos about the fact that the hero is supposedly nowhere to go? The devil is not so stupid.

– With the properties of the crown of Karsus in the game, nothing is really clear. According to Raphael, she ruined people and gods. Lucifer himself did not dare to use her. But Rafail for some reason is sure of his abilities. Coward, baldbes and experienced, kidnapping the crown, and they completely use it as an interface for Kthulhu – but only with the acquisition of power did not ask for something. In passing for Gale Mistra for trying to appropriate the crown gives him a head. But in the cut after the afterwords there is a moment where Gail acquires divine forces. Would have been decided already.

– The most annoying thing for me is the absence of the consequences of almost any solution, which in the process is described as important. Eat larvae, do not eat larvae, open the volume of the necromancy of the thai, do not open – no difference, except for additional abilities. And this is in the game, where there is a lot of states about choosing and reckoning for it, and where getting rid of the larva was the original goal. Well, there must be at least some restraining factor. The premature formation of ilitide would just make sense.

– Some events do not grow into full -fledged quests, like a story with a contract of saying (although it can even be taken and tell it), other quests imply some development, but they don’t lead to anything, and some are obviously corrected and poorly cleaned – as in a quest with Karga, where the presence of her three girlfriends in the city was originally mentioned, which never appeared. Not critical, but makes the narrative less smooth and solid. Below are the comments suggest that the quests are not trimmed, but simply amusing. Well, it’s no better.

– In fact, much of what is described as carved content is not painful and it is necessary: ​​well, there are no extra dialogs, abilities or Minsk in the first act-and no need. Old heroes that arose after so many years, generally look wild as elements of the fanservice. But for the final slides crossing the fingers – they seemed to be promised to return. I don’t understand how you can observe the forums for years for the positive reaction of players to detailed finals of games, to eternal questions: "And what happened to this secondary character? Why not told?" – And in the end, even make the results of the results, but still throw it out. Of course, you can turn on imagination and logic and think it over. But in this case, the game itself can be thought out. But I just want to listen to someone else’s story and get your portion of satisfaction from even the smallest results.

Sven Vink reacted to the statements of other developers about Baldur’s Gate 3: “Standards are constantly changing”

Baldur’s Gate 3 caused a discussion about whether it should be considered a new standard for the Role Games genre. The discussion began after that the head of Strange Scaffold, said that the upcoming Larian game should not be considered as "Future standard" For all role -playing games.

Many professional developers, including such well -known studios as Obsidian and Blizzard, indicated that Larian has unique advantages such as vast experience and resources that most teams in the industry lack.

The founder and general director of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke) recently shared his thoughts about this. He cited the example of the Assassin’s Creed game, noting that when it came out, it was widespread that other studios were doomed because they did not have resources such as Ubisoft. However, according to Vinka, this panic was unreasonable, since there are still many teams that create a variety of games of various directions and genres.

Vinka emphasized that the standards in the industry are constantly changing, and there is no specific standard that should cause concern in people. He expressed surprise about the excitement around Baldur’s Gate 3, saying that the team simply sought to create its game, and it is strange that it became the subject of discussion even before someone saw her.

Vinka noted that in the RPG genre there are already many different standards, civing an example of games such as Disco Elysium. He believes that developers can still offer many new ideas, and small studios can realize innovative concepts without needing an extensive team similar to the one that worked on Baldur’s Gate 3.

Although Baldur’s Gate 3 is a special type game on which Larian has been working for more than two decades, Vinka does not believe that it sets new standards for the role of role -playing games. He urged other developers to focus on creating their own games and finding his unique audience, since there are still many unknown opportunities in the industry.

City Car Driving 2.0 – Developer Diaries #15 – Economics

In the diaries of developers 15, we talk about mechanics that is not included in early access. Partially, the mechanics are implemented, but at the moment we are giving priority to the physics of transport and traffic rules. Soon, we will provide a roadmap in which we will tell in detail which game mechanics are included in early access.

In CCD 2.0. there will be a full -fledged system of economics. And with its introduction, you will develop in the world of the game and fully feel your own progress. Thanks to the possibility of making money, you will see visual changes throughout the game.

From the point of view of creating gameplay – the economy is one of the most difficult elements. We tried to realize it so that it did not cause special difficulties for anyone, and at the same time gives a clear sense of progress and development within the world of the game.

In short, describe the economy CCD 2.0., then this: earnings of the intra -game currency for the work of a taxi driver and carrier, obtaining awards for completing tasks.

You can spend money received on the development of your own transport, its repair and replacement of consumables.

In addition, the economy is involved in interaction with various resources – you can purchase and sell them.

After such a brief answer, we suggest telling more details: how to interact with money in the game.

In the screenshots there is a prototype UI. All screenshots are made straight from UE5 and do not reflect the final quality of the product. The screenshots show mechanics that have already been shown in the format. These are mechanics included in the economy system.

From the start of the game, the whole transport park is not available to you, as it was in the original CCD.
But you will have the opportunity. For example, you can upgrade the starting car as you like, of course, within the framework of the possibilities laid down.

Also, in CCD 2.0. Money is spent on everything that is most important when driving a car: refueling, repair, car wash.

As you earn money, it will be possible to abandon the development of the old car and look towards the acquisition of a new. But at the same time, you are free not to give up your favorite car and modernize it as you like within the framework of the capabilities of the game.

One of the last mechanic we have implemented is the purchase of a car. The screenshot is made at our training ground, where we test all game mechanics before arranging them in the city.

Separately, we note that you can get cars and the possibilities of their modernization in the other way. In CCD 2.0. Thus, we clearly show your progression as a player, add development opportunities inside the game.

In addition to spending money for cars, you can also fully trade with various enterprises: to independently purchase resources of the same type and bring them to those who need.

In cargo transportation, this is an important element that allows you to track the change in the game world. If you act as a hired employee, then limit yourself only to a salary.

If you act as an independent entrepreneur, at your own expense you acquire resources and bring them to various enterprises – you will receive a different reward.

Thus, between you as a player and the world of the game, a unique relationship is formed, based on the economy of the game. This gives an individual experience for each player.

The connection of your transport, supporting systems and various resources, forms the basic need for management. You must build your own progression tactics.

However, if you are not interested in forming the optimal route and choosing the goods that bring the most benefit, you will still not be left without money. When working as a taxi driver, for example, the award is formed from your driver rating.

Thus, you will receive a decent reward, depending on your skills, both on cargo transportation and when working as a taxi driver.

After completing various tasks, you will also receive an appropriate reward. It can be money, or, depending on the context, is a new auto -part for the car.

We do not limit the players in the acquisition of transport and modifying each of them for our own needs.

You may have an unlimited number of cars of the same brand, however, each of them will be optimized for different purposes. All cars are provided with parking spaces that you can also purchase.

In diaries about the architecture of the game, we briefly affected such an object as a garage. Your garage, and it is part -time house, is not only a car parking, but also a place where you can replace the parts of the car, wash transport and change the time. This place is very important for general immersion in the game, where you will feel like a part of the whole world.

Therefore, the final stroke in the economy system is the opportunity to purchase a new home for yourself as a character and for your transport.

  • Will there be an expansion of dangerous situations? If so, what?

The expansion of dangerous situations is planned, but in what form – until we report. We do not want to disappoint if this does not enter early access.

No, it will not be in early access. The same as with electric carriers.

  • Will there be a different type of gasoline (92, 95, 98)?

Yes, it was one of the earliest features that we introduced into the game.

  • Will prices for different gas stations differ? Will prices change at gas stations depending on the time?

If the game designer does not forget to configure the parameters 🙂

Read more about the upcoming game, before its exit, you can always familiarize yourself in development diaries, regularly output once every two weeks.

Charming 2B from Nier: Automata is now available in the form of a sex doll

The manufacturer of erotic products Game Lady continues its expansion to the game industry, conquering the hearts of gamers around the world thanks to its obscene works. This time, the company officially introduced the embodiment of a 2B sexy 2B: Automata in the form of a doll for "Those" Veteen.

Following Lara Croft from the popular Tomb Raider game series, the company promises to accurately reproduce the original image of 2b. Sex doll with the appearance of the main character Nier: Automata received a branded suit with a short skirt, eye bandage and even a sword. Full height 2B is 171 centimeters, and the weight without clothing is approximately 37 kg.

Potential buyers of sex dolls have many options for customization 2B. When placing an order, you can choose the type of skeleton, color of nails, skin, various legs options and even different options for other intimate areas. Game Lady estimated its new product at 2800 for one copy 2B, but promises to deliver anywhere in the world.

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Digital Foundry technical experts were satisfied with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Simultaneously with reviews, the technical analysis of Digital Foundry The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the new masterpiece for Nintendo Switch, which also seems to squeeze the maximum of a slightly outdated hardware of the console.

One of the features that attracts the greatest attention is the resolution that shows a certain evolution in the operation of the machine.

When connecting the console in the docking station to the TV, the native resolution is 900p, but thanks to the use of the spatial AMD FSR1 AMD FSR1, it reaches 1080p, thanks to automatic apskayling. However, it should be noted that the resolution is not fixed, but takes a tendency to reduce when moving the camera to about 720p, and then increases again after stopping the frame.

In portable mode, the maximum resolution is 720p, and the game also looks very good, especially on the Nintendo Switch OLED screen. The frequency of personnel, which was quite critical during the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, now looks much more stable at a level of 30 frames per second, especially after the last update released before launching.

Prior to this, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom had a tendency to demonstrate uncertainty at some stages of the game, especially in the most graphically rich moments, but it seems that they were largely fixed thanks to the updates. Nevertheless, the performance is still not 100 percent stable, and it seems that there are certain situations where the frame rate can fall.

"I think it will rightly say that Nintendo has collected an impressively clean and full game that looks better than I expected", – John Lynneman from Digital Foundry said, – "In fact, except for problems with productivity to the patch, the impressions of Tears of the Kingdom were extremely positive. I have not met any mistakes or unexpected behavior, despite the complexity of the simulation, and everything looked carefully worked out".

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom comes out tomorrow all over the world for Switch. But two more weeks before the launch, it leaked to the network and became available for emulation on the PC, after which Nintendo took steps to block emulators.

Humble Games, according to reports, became another studio affected by dismissal in the gaming industry

New information has appeared that Humble Games Indie-Poster could be another studio affected by dismissal in the industry.

The message appeared in the game section of the magazine Sports Illustrated, which refers to the message of the Humble employee in Linkedin and "anonymous tip".

Leading Releases Manager Estelle Skeels reported that she "just fired" from your position, and what it is "sad day in Humble Games for many people".

This suggests that Humble Games dismisses not only Estelle, but also other employees, although it is worth noting that the publishing house has not officially confirmed anything and did not announce this.

According to SI, another post on LinkedIn, which refers to "Today’s dismissals at Humble Games", It was also published by one of the employees of Humble Games.

Again, it is worth remembering that the official statement from Humble Games has not followed. If the information about the dismissal is true, then Humble Games, unfortunately, was the last in the long row of studios that announced dismissal and staff reduction in recent months.

Among other studios affected by this wave – Amazon Games, the developer of Neverwinter – Cryptic Studios, Destiny 2 – Bungie, creator Dreams – Media Molecule and others.

Some studios were also closed, including the developer of Saints Row, Volition, Puny Human-developer and Australian Indie Studio Samurai Punk.

The name Humble Games can be familiar to you by the publication of Indie IGR such as Unpacking, Signalis, Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical and many others.

The studio is the branch of the larger company Humble Bundle, which regularly offers games at reduced prices and gives part of the revenue from them for charity. Humble also controls the Humble Store store, which sells the keys for both large AAA releases and for indie games.