Baldur’s Gate 3 developers say goodbye with early access to a cute video with fans

Very soon, a full -fledged release of the Baldur’s Gate 3 step -by -step role -playing play will be held. The new project from Larian Studios spent almost three years in early access, and the developers decided to say goodbye to this status in a particular way. On the official pages of Larian appeared a small but cute video with a review of the fan creativity of Baldur’s Gate 3.

This video developers wanted to thank their fans who not only played for three years, but also became active participants in the Baldur’s Gate 3 community.

Thanks to our community. Your fan arts, creations and reviews supported us throughout the development, and without you we would not have coped.

During the early access, the project collected a huge number of fan arts and other works, but it was simply impossible to fit them into one video. Larian collected the latest publications from users in honor of farewell to early access. After starting the full version of the game, developers hope to see even more amazing creations from users.

Baldur’s Gate 3 output from early access to PC will take place on August 3. On the PS5 console, the start of the game will take place in a month – September 6.

Well, we hope for an optimized release without bugs from the first day 🤞

It is immediately clear that the developers are closely interacting with fans, handsome people, what to say.

Everything will be tomorrow

Time goes fast

Well, let’s see what’s the bear under the hood

And what time is the release of Moscow time tomorrow?

The guys who write about optimization, GTX 1650, before the patch of Palladin, just all lag, frizes, frizes, frizes. After the patch I go as if in general a new game, the rollers are smooth, FPS well, it is clear about 40, but more or less this is adequate than what happened (~ 20)

Xs, the patch only put, now I will try. Yesterday I opened the release for the first time, played 16 hours from scratch, PHPHPHPH. There were two crashes of the game, but in general, he didn’t catch bugs, playing high-voltra on auto-determination. Ryzen 3 2200G + 16ram + 1060 6GB

Well, on my ancient i5 9600k with 1660ti, everything is ok.

Well, on a good way.

No one knows when they bring it to torrents?

If you’re lucky, then in the first days after the game is released and poured on torrents

On torrent almost immediately.

But it is better to wait for repack. It is 2 hours, at least after

Thanks for 3 years of free beta testers 😁😄

But, I can say that I am a part of the community that helped to bring the game to mind and I do not regret it.

On free slaves and make a profit. thank you for being.

Well, I don’t know, I enjoyed when I played, but for you a campaign all life slavery. I regret it because it is probably hard to live in a world in which you are looking for one disappointment, is it so ?

I can only envy such an altruistic approach and vision of things. After all, I am greedy and I appreciate my time too much to squander it for games beta versions and just like that, for free to help someone when others are frankly saving.

I looked at the gameplay and the question arose of what exactly people expect from this step by step in 2023 a view from above, it looks very boring.
I don’t understand where there is so much hype, oh yes. you can sleep with the bear, zoophilia as it is.

Beautiful world, the camera is free, you can get behind your back, there are cool quests, many interesting characters, a good plot and most importantly a huge amount of choice, and yes the norms people will not even remember about the bear and they will romance beautiful girls in the game.

Generation Michael Baya *ugh *

it’s just not yours, don’t get here to us

All the pluses are blocked by the fact that it is step -by -step, it would be cool to see in a full -fledged RPG with a third -person view and then, a huge amount and quality are different things, if the choice is only to give conventional apples to the quest, or not give it out, or not give Either kill him, or fuck it, or not to fuck, this is only an illusion of choice, do not take advantage of advertising and PR from 17,000 endings, did not mean the ending of the main storyline, but all variations in the game with different characters, so this is already from the part Illusion of choice and I think, the game is all built on it.

Play the game and you will understand that you were wrong. This could already be understood by early access, which is no longer very linear.

Day. Finally the time has come to devote the coming days to this great game. The degree of study and the depth of wagering Balda surpass everything that we knew earlier. In this bright plastic world, my dear, we will be able to realize our gigantic opportunities, reliably hidden from the eyes of the ungrateful world. After all, each of us had moments that left a deep imprint with a minus sign in memory. Those about which we would seek to forget rather.

At Friday, I often recall such situations with a psychologist, there is nothing to be ashamed of, friends. For example, a clash with drunken bikers near Steikhaus "Burenka Limited" in the far of 2017. Gosha, my classmate, holds onto a broken face, his well-groomed beard in the blood, a bruise under his eye, our girls Olya Katz and Rahil Medvedev help him stand on his feet, from my fashionable coat he carries with an imminent urina 40-year-old marshmallow, next to someone nearby howls – probably, too. And this firing laughter due to the door of the stakehouse. "Soye World Cup *** ki. How I charged that semi -player! Let the *** ki come off their glasses and try the taste of real life. I saw shm*ru with pink patles, I would give her all 40. Brrr, there is clearly not enough liter. Well, faces, in our time there were no such horror stories, probably lesages. Yeah, lesbs with pi *** kami, strapons of their gee gee".

Are these people? No, these are real animals – vile goblins. And brutally dealing with the painted goblins in the BG3, I will imagine these particular bikers-bikers. I will have a noble elven origin, mighty magic and beautiful mistresses. No one dares to stand in my way, whether it is a dragon or ilitid. Thus, "Stupid killing of time", According to my psychologist, gives us compensation and comfort, the feeling that we can be great, without becoming the owners of Mazerati, the golden parachutes of Gazprom, friends with luxurious forms. Here, the suddenly jumped dirt from the gateway for tender sincere lurges with Olya and Gosha will not be knelt down. Here we are real. So forward to success, brothers!

colorful, of course, but. There is real life – there are real abilities and skills that can be developed in yourself) pump as you want and realize the way you want to satisfy all those remaining prints) to realize yourself in life is much more interesting – you have to try only

And games. In them, people simply hide from fear and the non -recognition that they have the strength to do themselves on the monitor, and in real life

People, you would be better to walk in a rocking chair? Instead of a psychologist.

The same bikers-gay. And again an injury for life.

Yes, you would instead of games in a rocking chair and a hand -to -handmill, so that you can stand up for yourself against a drunken cattle, because compensation in the virtual machine will not correct the situation, on the contrary, it will make it even weaker in the real world. But after training you can get a fuel for relaxation and in games.

In addition, training helps maintain health and well -being, and when you play a lot and move a little physically, then well -being worsens and the tone falls. And then the health problems may arise and worse.

Everything is good in moderation, it is worthwhile to develop.

I don’t know how you are, but the news about larvae and bad ending has repelled all the desire to play normally.

I like the PPC as I like to beat in games, but the plot is also interesting. Therefore, I am very disappointed.

Personally, I do not like it when they do in games so that they give a system of progression, but tie it to a bad ending.

In the game, and so there are only miserable 12 levels, the game is already made 5e, which is a very simplified version of the DND, duck also an additional bump branch will do so that you can only get a bad ending.

For me it killed all the interest in the game.

Where did you get the info about bad ending? The last post of Larianov says, "Do you use this corrupting force to save the kingdom or destroy it"

Yes, you seemed to be not going to play, but right now it was a desire 🙂

They give you a choice, do as you want

Hmmm is not just a genre called Rolev. you can not choose a bad ending.

I don’t know how all this gamisyatin and the sexual configuration wildly spoils the atmosphere for me. Rave. Why all this is needed. Unless only for propaganda. From the very beginning I did not like everything in the early access. It caught my eye that the female floor is the first to have a female floor, and when you choose a person, a black man is placed automatically. Now also a schizo -heaver zoophilia has been stuffed, I probably won’t play. The plot is probably impregnated with the agenda and other perversions. Vile. This is not the same Buldur.

In a role -playing game, the player is given the opportunity to create any character for himself, and then also play him😱 How they only dared?

And to see that scene with the bear, you need to choose from many characters, including beautiful women, namely Druid. Then he will like it and at a certain moment to ask him to turn into a bear. So, if you see this scene, questions will be only to you, and not to the developers.

Lol, plus. For some reason, some forget that it all depends on the choice. The game does not have to go to a black man with ladies’ causals, fuck bears and all oncoming animals. But for quite some time I have been observing such comments that the game does not give another choice.

Em. And how to understand it . Do not like female characters, give you men’s characters ?Or you have something wrong with the female sex ?And if at the beginning you were offered the hero’s male, they jumped from happiness, and wrote the game Top ?How all this looks ridiculous . Stop the ground, I’ll go away at the next stop ..I don’t know what exactly is in Buldur 3, and how the dialogs look there, but I have more complaints about Dragon Age, although it depends on your choice, and you have to choose dialogues very carefully)) and so the game is just chic !

If you take DAO, then yes, you need to take care of the dialogues, one wrong click (well, or the right one, this is how to look) and now you are in a tent with Zevens. With BG3 in this regard, it is a little easier, it is necessary to miss the desired option several times in a row several times in a row. In the scene with the same bear, it seems about 3 times give an opportunity to change their minds. It turns out that you need to start the scene either to choose the answers intentionally, or not read the text and poke at random at all (moreover, have a big [not] luck to get into the right answers). The same thing with any relationship, even if you flirt and agree to everything – there is an option at the very last moment to change your mind, this can be seen even according to the first act.

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