According to users, the plot of Red Dead Redemption 2 still has no analogues

Red Dead Redemption 2 has many achievements. Thanks to the incredibly worked out open world, almost 60 million sales and the best visual effects among all games today, this release is often considered special among its fans.

The ability of the game to load players into the atmosphere of the Wild West as Arthur Morgan is perhaps the strongest side of the game, and one of the topdit topics emphasizes its superiority. Recently, the new player graduated from Red Dead Redemption 2 and asked to talk about similar games.

Devoted fans of the game hastened to answer, claiming that no game could fill the void left by this brilliant story. The author noted that during the passage of the game the plot and characters were most hooked, leaving an indelible impression.

Although some fans recommended such games as Ghost of Tsushima and God of War, most believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 is in a completely different league. The most popular comment in this topic read:

Red Dead Redemption 2 is considered a rather slow game. And although at first the slow pace of the game can discourage those who are ready to play according to its rules, they often experience delight, sincere thrill and surprise from this incredible journey.

The main character, Arthur Morgan, is revealed throughout the plot in many aspects. Its character is complicated, which indicates the skillful writing abilities of Rockstar.

Red Dead Redemption 2 can also boast of a strong acting: Danga van der Linde, John Marston and Mika Bell. In the game, these characters fall in difficult situations that check their devotion, courage and determination while Arthur Morgan is trying to keep the collapsing gang.

Another strong side of the plot is that players can often lose themselves in a huge open world. Exploring vast landscapes, meaningless sorties can turn into unforgettable adventures, as players are faced with NPC, which offer sideways and open up new stories.

Despite all these advantages, the game could not become "The game of the year" In 2018, and many fans still cannot get rid of this memoirs, calling it the largest missing The Game Awards.

The best game for the entire existing history of video games. Plot, graphics, gample, animation, characters, interaction with the environment – everything is at an incredible level. Cons, of course, is, for example, a restriction of freedom of movement in missions, but these are trifles.

Well, for me there is still a minus – it is too realistic that it becomes bored after a while. You understand that wow you will not see in this game. There is no miracle of pathos production either. Games about reality are not very surprised to surprise. I could only overpower it once, just at the time of the release on the curling iron 4. Then hz how much I tried, well. You’ll jump on a horse, jump, jump and jump. You admire species, general aesthetics, but in the end it bothers.

And I have the opposite effect – realism was seized, I wanted to live among this nature

So far, the Rockstars have all the games are excellent, the rest of the offices do not reach, except that the witcher and cyberpunk, but in the last bugs there are a lot

Great? I don’t know how how, but I didn’t really like Bully

I really like Bully, after Vice City the most passable game from the fatigue

Well I do not know.. Taste and color. I tried to this game 3 times. It is really very beautiful, the atmosphere has been worked out by 5 points. But at the stooo she is slow and stuffy that I can’t. 30 hours played and I can no longer force myself. Although I tried

+++ Similarly, he put a bunch of times and deleted it, it seems like a stick like that – but 2 weeks have passed and now a year+ I haven’t come back there and I already forgot everything 🤣

I agree, tried 2 times, but I could not go through it, some kind of prolonged and stuffy. The plot by the way did not hook at all.

There are too many snot in the plot, I also tried to go through it, more or less, but since the support of the game was scarce to do nothing except PVP, well, the Schmotnik simulator, because the textures of clothing were worked out there at the highest level!

And we must approach the other hand to travel the ibandites to kill, tame horses, hunting a train, horses, wagon, tram, boat, and mudge

What other plot? Dumb ideas of the dang always end the same, Arthur gets into some kind of pzdz. And how the donkey fulfills everything that is ordered to him again and again.

there would be at least a degree of freedom, the danch would "He played in the box" After the first mission.

b. yes it is Rick and "Walking" Who is in the subject, he will understand;)

Arthur in the plot is stupidly dog ​​to run))

Nope, Arthur is the most natural whore, almost the entire main plot:
NPS: I need to do something.
Arthur: Well, I understand, I am busy, I have a lot of time, and that’s all
NPS: I will pay
Arthur: what to do and where to run

The plot in the game is excellent and rather original, unlike the main thing in the same witcher, but its presentation, the illogical action of the characters, cherishing the KRCH made worse than in the witcher. In a witcher, every character is small and its own story/drama, they are alive and evoke emotions. In the RDR, the characters are better than all the other freed-debit from their previous games. Only a couple of characters stands out and they are sorry. But the Rockstars on the right track, I hope in 6 GTA we get a lively and deep story, with causing non -rejection, characters.

Yes, the plot in the game from the typical series on non -FLLLLIS, it seems like the idea is good and looks good, but it is very clumsy, and you can not dream about freedom of choice if they don’t have enough brains for a high -quality linear plot, what can we say about variability.

But nothing that he is engaged in making money for the camp so that there was something to eat to him and his friends, plus weapons and so on
I understand that it sounds stretched, but in fact it is reasonably
I will reveal the secret, Nico in GTA 4 also does, he also turns out "whore"?

Compare RDR2 and Tsusimu, well. RDR is more tragic, more designed and, most importantly, more humane.

On the contrary, more inhuman, because the role is played out for the killer and the robber who kills civilians and profits on this. A game about the discharge of society that do not want to earn money for themselves and profit from others. And do not write that Morgan is good, he lives with the killers helps and indulges them. But the game is good.

Here is the whole conflict in this. You think Arthur does not know what he is? Everything is much deeper, and I just get tired of painting all the subtleties. Better look at the vidos of someone with the analysis of the personality, since in the game of the Padla to figure it out

Tsusima has an empty world and a plot for a checkmark. I liked only the combat system, well, the whole samurai theme is well done.

This review is an ideal example of the fact that people sometimes do not understand what the game and for whom they play.

With all the greatness of the game, this is true, but the game is so monotonous, the plot is sluggish, boring, I returned to the game more than 6 times, downloading and deleting, I love the wild West, but damn it, even with all the beauty of the game and elaboration, I cannot It is extremely difficult to play in it, even the 55*+gamepad does not solve the problem))

Eh, maybe someday.

Life. I also fight over her 5 attempts. While I deleted it again) the game is super top, vin, but it goes straight tight.

If you choose between RDR 2 and TLOU 1. I will choose the second

With all the convenience of gamepads, he could not play it on it) mouse and clavat – it is more convenient to shoot.

xs, on the contrary, sluggishness did not scare me off, although usually I pulls me from such a thing
True, I myself passed it sluggishly, 2-3 months, probably, it took her
And, probably, the plot clung to me so much that I couldn’t drop)

Well, you are shit, this is not treated, so everything is fine

Three times passed and she found all these three times than surprising!!

Alas, there are no more such games, and this is sad.

I’ll go to the 4th circle, definitely.

Play Death Stranding

Yes, perhaps one of the best stories among games!

For me, in terms of the plot and emotions, in the first place is the same KP77, but RDR2 is, in principle, it is not worse and this separation is very conditional) two greatest games, and there really are no analogues of the RDR2 – the KP is still another genre and setting, it is hard to compare.

KP77 is the one where, instead of normal dialogs, only Matyugi inserted to please the shkolota? and the 1st version of the answer A 2nd does not affect anything, it?

And what is KP77 good? I started playing recently, has already passed half about and part of the addition. Well, yes, the game is good in places. And in some places a complete fakap. Immersion in the world is always only partial. Because the world surrounding the world is incredible. Looks static and alien. But the quests themselves in the game are suitable. Some were hooked straight.

This game, in principle, has no analogues, and will never have them. Unless the third part

Witcher 3 has no analogues!

If only by boring

Blood and wine are better than the original, a very interesting adventure, better the plot

Well, a witcher’s hat 3. How can it be compared with the Great RDR 2

great ahah))) do not disgrace .

One of the best games in the history of Gamdev, definitely.

One of the worst games in the history of Gamdev, definitely.

Well, debatable. I started it 3-4 times, tedious and stuffy too.

I agree, I still can’t go through, I have the 3rd year on a PC, a garbage can 5 or 6% of the plot passed. Yes, there is no desire to play in it.

😁 I understand you perfectly)

Bro, played 40 hours in 3 years, passed 30%. And abandoned. Now I started to go away since I forgot half during this time. I think I will never delete it with a PC.

Really the game is cool. So many different little things have been worked out.

After RDR2, I could not play other games for about 3 months, they seemed meaningless, I was already scared, but then it passed.

The same feeling was)))

barely passed, the game is excellent, after passing he breathed a sigh of relief, of course

So this is the base for 5 years known.
The plot is made excellent with good development, where there is point A and point B without any cliphensger clipped by the ears. The decomposition of the “ideas” of the dance and the gang itself is perfectly shown.
The characters are all spelled out well and have their own place and do what they should, no more than less. Arthur in general, in my person’s opinion, came out the best character in games with an awesome arch and Redemption here is perfect from the name (and his voice is just a top). The villain (who is not alone by the end) receives what he deserves and there is no ” revenge is bad ” ”.
Add a top open world here, the elaboration of such details on which 99% of developers score, authentic music, good ganpley and all kinds of activity – that’s the answer why the game shot. Let some inconspications repeat that nobody needs the singles, because 58 million copies sold about the opposite say.
You can sympathize with this game for a long time, they gave out a top game that has not been released for five years (ahem -km, TGA 2018 with a reward of the GOW, Khm Khm) and you should not be surprised here that there are so many people await the sixth part of the car.

In general, a shame on how such a game did not get the first place

The best plot? T.e .how the gang suffers from iotism for 5 chapters did not bother him? There, already at the very beginning, it was clear that it was a ghhoux case, back in Valentine.

Devil in detail. The simplest story can be presented so that goosebumps will go along the skin.

did not go as there is no one to regret there. Half of the crazy, the second half that dutifully fulfills their stupid orders

But this is not about RDR2 certainly. The plot there schoolchildren wrote. Otherwise, the game is very cool, but every mission to listen to the dang (Toretto) about the “Last Basy” was already bored. Such a cool chapter of the gang that I did not even notice the rat under my nose. Although there were all hints. Well, so banal plot, where do goosebumps come from? At least some point? I don’t remember anything at all, which in the plot would cause a “wow” effect.

This is definitely one of the best that I played. It was possible to go through it only this year, due to the fact that the computer did not allow earlier. And I am the first two weeks, I just took screenshots from all beauties, and physics, realism, etc. is made at the highest level. And, of course, the plot is not without flaws (it’s more boring to play for John), but how the main character is revealed, I take off my hat here! I was 100%penetrated by the main character, and the secondary characters are also well revealed, but the main character is a direct example of how to reveal the heroes (it concerns not only video games). Albeit not immediately, but gradually you get used to it, and react exactly as the main character himself.
And despite the slow narrative, I was rarely bored, there was always something to do and test certain mechanics that I really did not fully understand. Of course, there are also disadvantages, but they are more gameplayed: I would have made more cells to save, I would not withdraw money for every loss, the legendary skin and other little things would not disappear. But they fade, against the background of what the game provides. It’s like a great book that draws you into your world, and somewhere you can learn from the protagonist or other characters of some wisdom. For example, less trust people)

I don’t know what’s with the plot, but after this I already wanted to play: D

Yes, normal game. But I would throw out a percent of 30% of the missions, because the game is unreasonably stretched.

At first it may be interesting, but after the second half of the plot, dushnilovo begins. I did not see any outstanding plot there. The standard story about the wild West and the gang of stupid robbers, who, like gypsies, wander from one location to another.

Well, oh, after a fully completed plot?

The plot of analogues has no analogues, but by voting for Openvorld took second place. But for me, in my heart, she is always on the first

I agree better than RDR2 plot not to find.

The whole story is built according to the type of the series, and the plot itself is banal, which is not clear there

much stronger the plot of Cyberpan and Tloou 1 and 2

I remember a beautiful picture and a dull fighting. But they at least remember. I remember all cool activity in the world well, but here "great" I don’t remember the plot from the word at all.

Captain Shepard passes hello.

What is this "Users" Such, not really those very witnesses of Rockstar who all that they would not release are licking: D
RDR2 is not a bad game for some time, but because of the plot it would not be allocated, it is a linear and in some places even predictable.

not in places, but completely predictable. Even if I did not play the first part, everything becomes known in advance

Yes, there the whole point of the plot is to find money and leave. Just a brilliant plot.

It is very convenient to talk about the predictable plot today, when they talked about it already along and across.

The very plot about which 80% of players in the world are not even aware?

Let’s be honest, not so many people played this game, not to mention the complete passage.

Say that the game has almost the best plot when this game could not overpower the most players – well, it’s funny.

Dwarf Fortress laughs somewhere in the distance

It feels like "Users" We never watched the series, the plot in RDR2 is 100% typical plot of the series with all the inherent cliches – nothing beyond the order or original.

Good game, I would say excellent, makes you think about many things, but its most important minus for me, as an amateur, to vacuum the whole card, and leave the plot for later, that the half cards are stupidly closed to the epilogue and it is not entirely clear why it is not entirely clear why there was such a large one to the west if it is not involved in the plot.

RDR 2 forever masterpiece of industry

The game in which I go to pass the plot I get distracted by something else in the game and getting lost for the watch, and the plot is standing and waiting. The game turned out to be strong. I was pleased to play her.

I tried to master 2 times, dropped because of a slow gameplay and a boring plot, it was not at all interesting what would happen to any character, the game is good but an amateur, as an example of a good plot, I can cite the metro station exodus

The game itself as a whole – yes. But the plot is already sorry, banal and boring ..

Red Dead Revolver and Westerado: Double Barreled as much better, although where it is easier

Due to the stators in September Davis, I had to abandon. I don’t know why named there is Starit on a powerful system. I hope this masterpiece will get through

Milestone in the game industry, akin to a witcher 3.

I believe that another insane omission of The Game Awards is The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. I still can’t believe that such a masterpiece has gone up the game of the year to play 2 times worse than Zelda (

Well, you have listed fucking

Nintendo of the battle broke out.

as for me RDR 2 The most atmospheric game. The plot itself can be simple, but the process itself is important here, you are imbued with all the heroes. There are a bunch of people in the camp and they opened literally everyone. This is probably the only game in which I liked to just wander back and forth and engage in crap: get drunk in a saloon, arrange a fight with someone, I want to return to the camp, chat there with everyone. I liked that in this game you play not for some superhero or a person who will change the world, but for an ordinary bandit who sometimes performs the best deeds, but again in the camp you can find out what is actually not so for him I like all this, he just never lived differently and does not know how to. I really liked the story of Arthur Morgan and Date gang. And the world of the game is alive, you really believe in it.

But, in fairness, I note that the game is difficult to master at a time.

He took place at the exit and simply perplexed over the stupidity of the scriptwriters and those who praise this "work". A bandit, a raid. Throughout the game he runs to run away from the Indians, black "street butterflies", alcoholics, drug addicts and maniacs. He also trusts the muddy leader in such situations that it was already funny! This is not the story of a mortally ill and a repentant bandit, this is a story of a sucker. And how much there I had to jump there, as I remember already starting to feel sick. And like a shooter game full trash. But millions of flies are not mistaken as always))

UPD remembered miserable missions, where literally a step to the side and Game Over.Yeah, Shitdever.

What times were, people are still stupid at that stage, so the faithful dog ran in search of something there. Loch history)

Well, you play it as a conditional assassins Creed, where you rush from point to point to execute the quest. I understand that I understand only the “uuuu bandits are stupid, gg stupid and gullible, the plot is stupid”, at least read about what the plot was in some kind of review and what is its meaning, before talking about the stupid of the scriptwriters. I understand that someone may not like it, but only such a de dumb person can call the scriptwriters stupid.

And about wretched missions, you really think that by passing the mission you will be given to go about your business on another part of the card?

there 10+ screenwriters gave birth to this. as if not very.

For example, you can leave in the middle of the quest and go to do another at all and suddenly the game will not close and will not break, you will return and finish it and finish. And here is a typical console, step left and right and all.

The plot in this game is written for infantiles, and for any normal person is a complete nonsense with which he is forced to put up.

Millions of flies are also mistaken, but also does not say this that the right and minority that has its own separate opinion from the majority 🙂

Take any dull jerkid from Jubisoft. Because this is not a game, but a rotten hunter simulator.

I have been playing games since 1997 to this day. The megarave began with heaves, then Drimkast (religious jestans like Duma, Kweik 3 Arena and Henriel Thornation found on it, and, in principle, there were a lot of masterpiece games on it, and the dilogy Shenma was very hooked from the plot projects), PC since 2004- Go (Andergraund 2, Half-Life 2, Duma 3 then drove me crazy), then 2007 Forever in my heart, the UPARD Up to XFX 8800GT (Bioshok, Kraisis, Assassin, well, the absolute discovery is the mass effect, oh how then I wanted to continue, I thought it would be bad if something happens to me, but I will not know how everything ended with Shepard). Then there were a lot of good and bad (all sorts of ancharteda, Last of AS, GOV, etc.e). Well, in 2018, RDR2 came out and it was, something incredible, but not from the very beginning.

I went through the game for six months, the first 70 hours was good, mainly studied Openvorld, hunting, shootings with lawyers, etc.P., Then the plot began to take place and the game had a very slow pace of the story and I safely abandoned the game, somewhere at half. And after a couple of months, I decided to finish off and what was my surprise when I realized that it was not worth doing, the plot began to gain incredible turns, I began to get very strongly with the game, the Danch gang and especially Arthur Morgan became like relatives, the game turned into a certain A peaceful cozy place where it was just pleasant to return, where you couldn’t just sit in a camp at the fire, play domino, drag water, etc.D. You are so imbued with history that when in the mission, where you just need to slip from point A B, and the may I plays against the background? Stand Unshaken, begins to be removed from emotions, memories, understanding that this is a turning point in the plot and this is clear to you without any words of explanation and at that very moment the realization comes that the game has not yet ended, but this is the best of which I have ever played. Then, after some time, there will be another such mission, well, there the game is already just tearing you and smears along the wall. RDR 2 is the best for me that was in the game industry, Dan Hauser and all Rockstar endless respect, no matter how much they released the GTA of Triloja there. May I, Unshaken, That’s The Way Its, See The Fire in Your Eyes – my lifelong cryptonite, they will hear them and Pzdts. No film, series or game did not cause so many emotions. Already 6 years have passed, but nothing has changed, RDR 2 is the best. You can disagree, this is your opinion, but for me this game has become something personal.