According to rumors, in the reboot of Saints Row it was planned to return Johnny Gat and other classic characters

Initially, it was assumed that the reboot of Saints Row will be dedicated to Johnny Gatu and other classic characters of the franchise.

The Saints Row series is one of the most beloved franchises with the open world, but in recent years it has been going through not the best times. Saints Row 4 came out in 2013., A month before Grand Theft Auto V, and completely changed the idea of ​​games with the open world for many years to come. Volition decided to move on to other projects, and the Saints Row series was frozen for more than a decade. The developers decided to restart the series as soon as they realized that in the last game they went to hell, space and entered a series of superpowers.

Unfortunately, the reboot was not perceived very well. Saints Row was criticized by both fans and from critics for an unconvincing plot, annoying characters and obsolete gameplay. Many noted that the departure from the original Saints was a mistake, since characters like Johnny Gat were incredibly loved and had a noticeable effect on the series. Unfortunately, Saints Row did not take root, and in the summer of this year Volition ceased to exist.

The fate of the Saints Row series remains a mystery, but it seems that everything could have turned out differently. YouTubert Mrsaintsgodzilla21 shot a video that states that "A decent part" Rebooting development was aimed at creating a new story with Johnny Gat, Dex, Shandy, Pier and others. Volition has established a rule "20/80", According to which the game by 20% will be similar to Saints Row: The Third and 80% – to Saints Row 2, which will allow you to arrange real chaos at some points, balance it with a mundane gangster gameplay, which is loved by fans of the second game. Unfortunately, as a result of the actions of higher persons in the Volition and the teams of the publisher Deep Silver, presumably, there were problems with the development that could tear out what would really please fans.

Further, the video says that when Volition was recently acquired by Gearbox, it eliminated many of these internal problems and set up a studio for success in the future. Perhaps in the future Saints Row will live under the leadership of another developer, but, unfortunately, not Volition. It is also difficult to say whether these cult characters will return to the game.