It seems that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has serious problems with the optimization of the processor and video memory on the PC

EA took the embargo for reviews for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. According to reports, the game currently has serious problems with the optimization of the processor and video memory on the PC.

GameStar shared the following video gameplay from the press version of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for PC. For their review, Gamestar used AMD Ryzen 9 5900X with 32 GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. And even with 1440p Ryzen 9 5900x, even 50 frames per second cannot support. The video clearly shows that the NVIDIA RTX4090 is not used for the full. For the most part, the NVIDIA video card is loaded by approximately 35-60%.

Fortunately, Gamestar included MSI AFTERBURNER in the video. As we see, the press copy of the game for a PC can mainly use 4 streams of CP. Apparently, the game does not depend on one core/stream of CPU, as it was with Gotham Knights or The Callisto Protocol.

PCMRACE also reports that the game has huge video memory requirements. NVIDIA RTX 3080TI cannot run the game in 4K resolution, mainly due to video memory restrictions. In fact, we can see in the Gamestar video how the game uses up to 18 GB of video memory in a resolution of 1440p.

Some reviewers report that the game has problems with performance on all platforms, including PS5 and Xbox Series X.

4090 you can give me 60 fps.

Yes Bliin I am non -doem -umehuuu

And what did you expect from the wretched game engine Unreal Engine 4? There are many problems from this engine.

The engine is multifunctional, but so bastard that not everyone knows how to work correctly with it and they are cramping on it, such a horseradish

What the freaks are doing, it goes along an empty corridor at 1:30 and in 2k at 4090 30 FPS, when there should be 300 FPS in this place. Moreover, in the same Dead Island 2 graphone is better on the same engine

The huge world company Mundfish, even in the merged build for the development of Atomic Heart, managed to bring good optimization even on buckets, and the usual unknown indie was not able to optimize even on top 4090, while both games on the same engine, most likely 4090 could not pull the superrealistic animation of Cal running and said – well, nafig

Compared dick with a finger. Mandvish has vast experience! They 1 BP-to-game before 🤣

Wine 50 FPS – 5900X, not 4090, which works 30-60%, that is, with a normal prona, it will give out ~ 100 FPS in 4K on ultras, in a steamy hart with an 18 -year -old graphone)

And you think first, learn since when 5900 has become an abnormal processor.

It is outdated, in processor -dependent projects it already lags behind 60% of the current solutions)

Never the case was and here again)))

Yes they are there that everyone conspired or something?
That is not a release, then the gluconates are solid.

Just on a PC car of completely different combinations of components. Therefore, always optimization on the release of the vast majority of games is not the best)))

I agree that I was one of us 2 times on the release version, not a single glitch and departure, and most of it did not even start or flew out when compiling shaaders.

I had the same with Cyberpan. But my equipment was not top then then. But I did not have 90 percent of all problems that the other users were grabbed on the release. And sincerely wondered what everyone around was chatting about, the game is beautiful)))

Cryptosim is to blame for everything. Nobody takes vidyuhi. It remains to seize optimization so that everyone takes 4080 and above. And did not sit on 3060 ti.

They just laid out and hope for DLSS. Like all income will now. So there will be games with such optimization.

In everything, people who bought the first part are to blame (which was also on the release with freezes)

They write that 18 gig for 1440p is needed, 4080 has already been sent out 🤦. Although at Vidos and 4090 he makes Sasaimbu, such as an emphasis in the top process. 😂

If this is done to take new vidihuhi, then they will see it over, because even the 4000s of the generation looks already outdated. From such optimization, more likely, everyone will wait at once, the 5,000s, since there is no point in taking the 4000s.

I would wait for 6

You read the article? The video card is not loaded there at all, everything rests with the percentage

This is now the norm, and it will be until the time for the stupid PIPP will buy pre -orders! As soon as they stop doing this, then the incisions will scratch their turnips well, trying to release an excellent product, and not as it is now))))

I’m afraid this will never be, because, as practice shows, players, for the most part, do not know how to wait. They will better play in a terribly unptimged game with a huge number of bugs, lags, friezes, which will wait for a couple of three patches. I am generally silent about pre -orders, because everything is completely sad there.

Duc, if they don’t buy, they will master and release the chehm AAA for the agenda, and try all the money earned in creating a popular online casino on a mobile phone, but wait. Jubisoft along such a way goes as a clear example and do not even pure in a semi -bankrot state to play popularity back through a criticizing agenda. Forget about the market economy, all this time, the large players went to your money and your desires

Gods, what are the earfold animations and graphone. It hurts to look at it, not to play. How Gamdev rolled up recently, just horror (

And this run and jump. In some first Assassin of the NN-Tsatiye, the character moves more naturally and smoothly. There is no feeling at all that the character uses power, he just tumbled like a supermario. I even wanted to become some YouTuber for the evening to arrange a variety of this division.

Yes!I completely agree with you!It seems that the cards are powerful, but as such advancement in the graph is never visible!

Apparently, this eats 18 gigs of video memory (this is non -grass grass if sho 🤣)

Aha ha, she exactly eats up.

I thought I had one from animation my eyes fall out)

Uhhah, who would doubt😄 it’s time to forget about optimization at the start🤣

If it is not at the start, then it will not be and then, just after a couple of years, new proits and video cards will come out, and people have a very short memory, and they will forget how the game worked 2-3 years ago. Although her FPS will not change by a gram, without an upgrade of iron. To radically change the FPS, you need to seriously redo the game engine, after the release, no one will do this

The era of the crooked games began

Unfortunately, this has become the norm for new AAA projects = (

No, we will not buy 40 series of video cards for FullHD

Maybe this is such a conspiracy to ditch the game sector on PC? 😄 18GB video memory! Jacket Jensen is already rubbing his greedy hands.

There is no way to ditch it because PC Gamers will always be ready to buy a publicized game with the most terrible optimization and will simply wait for patches

This is all Sony takes revenge. Pays to developers so that they do not optimize games for PC))

He has been diluted for 15 years. Multiplayer jerking off, donate Freedia Govnom.

you think it will be better to work on the consoles?

It works fine on consoles. 1440p 60 frames up to 30 does not drop (judging by preliminary messages from reviewers).
In any case, on PC and on the consoles, all flaws still lay down patches.

Anril Ezhin Sny

Yeah of course .. Hands of developing this is the matter

Hands of the development of the engine *

Stupid you, a huge number of games on this engine have excellent optimization.

I will not list, google if you have a computer not on GT440

There are no normally optimized game for 4 unrealistic dvigl, they all at least fruit, as a maximum lag. Only Epicians know how to optimize this, no one else

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet. But there is nothing to lag there, there are a villager and corridor Loki. So the argument is your controversial and is not attached by the facts for the game for the game that go out prove my axiom

I propose at the level of legislation to consolidate the obligation of the developers of AAA Games to consult with technical specialists Mandfish and prohibit the release of games without their approval))

Mundfish handsome people optimized, but it seems to me that they were lucky, t.They wanted to give the version of the game for the consoles of the past generation to a third -party developer, but no one took it, and they themselves did, but all the same fellows

So the point is that many games are poorly optimized, because about God suddenly they need to be optimized! Hands!)

Work to do, spend money! And the offices at the outsource or the developer’s studios themselves give everything to the engines), they say, why time to spend it itself)

This is a very good idea.

And most importantly what price is! Even the Turkish donated was respected.

but you can at least once crap on the launch? Zadolbali already

For me, Atomic Heart did not crap at the start

Yes, easy: Dead Space Remake. Atomic. Resident Evil 4 Remake. Dead Island 2

Typical Unreal Engine 4, which has an eternal productivity problem.

Unreal Engine 4 and 5 – the worst game engine in the gaming industry.

You know, if you score for optimization, any engine can be called bad. Ultimately, after a dozen patches, the games are becoming quite well optimized for themselves, which means that the matter is clearly not in the original performance, but in the banal incorrectly arranging the priorities of the developer/publisher.

No UE game works properly well that almost everything in the world turns out? One game was released as an exception, it is like a karmak who was able to optimize the thoughts for the complex architecture of Atari Jaguar and give out graphouni and more and more nobody. Even the metro-vocabulary piston with a view from the side of Frizil on the PC constantly so-how there was no compilation of shaders

That, so much free time that they outplayed more than a hundred games on UE4 to make such a bold statement?

And no, because there are other fools buying a raw product for the full price.

Give me guess, Atomic Heart?
If something does not work for you or it works wrong, it does not mean at all that everyone has the same. I did not play everything >100 games on this version of the engine, but I can confidently say that at least in Little Nightmares, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Little Nightmares II, IT Takes Two and PSYCHONAUS 2 no problems. I have no now, although I play PC with iron not the first freshness.

As I wrote above, this only speaks of incorrectly arranged priorities of the developer/publisher. Although, if you look at this from the other side, if the buyer is ready to pay for a raw project, then the developer/publisher does everything right.

In psychonauts 2 there were frizes due to the compilation of the shaiders. Each new effect caused them and this problem was more than one month. Flood Frisit Order, with priests from one site to another, even now and this game is an example of the worst realization unrealistic engine when even a chamber game without an open world worked so badly at the start and even now it is bad for people just a short memory for this. I spoke sharply, I meant projects on a 4 unreal engine, chamber games work on it still normally and then not everything

I repeat once again, if something does not work for you or it doesn’t work as it should, this does not mean at all that everyone has the same.

"Never the case was and here again" (With)

Recently, this happens more and more often … Last of US, now it is

Ahahahah – here is a hand))

Buying – my condescending condolences 🙂

Nobody canceled the refund (return). I had that. I bought a game on Steam, and the game works terribly on my PC. And he made a refund. I do not see problems. You can condole only those people who do not know that there is such a function such as a refund.

Another "early access" For the full price.

The first also did not shine with optimizon, and right now Frisit is the game, Ea never knew how to optimize, Sims Xiaya also lags

You hand over your firewood to the homeless, I have it for 970, which is 1080, which was in 1440 (45-55) frames perfectly walked. Remove your hands from the ass.

Wretched, the first part of flying is generally perfect))

970 versus 4090, people well and who is a homeless person here, disgraced)

She was not so hot in the 1st!

It’s better to calmly wait for discounts and complete optimization than to buy now and is still furious that there are bugs, glitches and brakes, etc.D.

Yes, yes, I am such a fan that has been the first part on YouTube and bought the game already at a big discount))))

The same thing, I went on YouTube

It is clear, as usual for testers does not take out top iron. And we will cope somehow ourselves

Never the case was and here again.

Never the case, and here again😂

There is still a lot of time before hacking, I hope to optimize the game during this time.

After 2 years they accurately optimize.

No, what are you, you just need to update PC
So in many games similar. All these new games require much more than it would be necessary.

The most important thing is how it will work with the crap and turned on, the rays are not needed.

40 frames for 4090 in 2k are nonsense of course, someone after that will talk about the development of 4K gaming, this will require 6090.

Dlss is unlikely to be, EA was skilled with AMD for this game.

I thought after "One of us" Nothing is terrible to happen))

Respowns that were deograd after the release of the first part?

Never the case was and here again.

That they were completely lagged, more and more games are made from Balda, optimization did not enter the deal.

Everything, as usual, wait, we will see how the boy will make from the log, and then download the torrent)).

Yes, the players will buy it anyway, swimming

Something seems to me that here, as usual, Puzen is to blame. More precisely, not the pussy itself, but the outfits that they did not want to optimize under the prots of the Reds.

Under a carbon copy with Hogvards Legashi, Gothem Knight and other numerous games on UE4.

Shaders (judging by the fact that each new special effect does not give friezes) are compiled in advance. But you can see a frequent trash of locations, the wildest load, with subsidence of the FPS for seconds 4-5. And it’s not even a bad decoral.

If the percent and vidyuha are underloaded, then the obvious problem is in the bandwidth of RAM, more precisely, with what horse volumes through it are tried to drive out in the form of non -optimized gaming asses.

Vanguyu that on DDR5 and blue priests of 12-13 generations with a strongly increased performance of a single-circuit, the situation will be noticeably better. But most gamers will have a slave, because there are still very few such systems.

Never the case was and here again.

18 GB of video memory. 3080. Uhahaha, Nekhtzhen drove him up!

The electronics still did not polish the remake of the dead cosmos to the end, the constant frizes when going around. And if someone says that everything flies fine with him, he or pi..T, or plays on the kinescope. Even Digital Foundry told about this in the video. And after the last patch, two months passed and it looks like EA scored a bolt to the game. I hope with their approach, the players will begin to score a bolt to buy their games.

EA laid the players the next pile of well -known smelly material on a shovel and asked to use. Never the case of

Mm, Baron Nimwang Taiwansky with his Tabor Nvidia rubs his pens.

In general, apparently, the word optimization in the offices of modern developments is akin to a four -story mother

Really the game will move TLOU by optimizon.

Why then to let her out once you did not finish her..You are pancake

Hmmm. The RTX 4070 TI video card, the Ryazan is 5,3600 (there was not enough money to replace the Money, like motherboards) and 16 Gigs of RAM. The game stands on HDD (yes). The launch is made on the HP X27QC 2K monitor, permission is a full -screen mode 2560*1440. All settings are twisted on Epic, reiterating is included. Ordinary gameplay – the game works well well. Doesn’t buggle in battles. Sometimes, during a sprint there may be subsidence. The most stringent drawdowns are in KAT scenes. Although they work. License of Steam. Verdict – playable. Much more playable than Hogwarts Legashi. There was generally tin.

I want GTA 6 to also come out with wretched optimization))))))))))))))

This is what happens when shitty nuclei, but there are a lot of them. It can be seen that the game tries to load all 12 nuclei and it turns out well it is up to 8 cores. And the rest is 4 how lucky. Because of which the total load is 30-50 percent of the processor in the end. And she amused how the authors carefully allocated precisely the processors and video cards from the Advanced Micro Devices, and competitors were recorded as alternative options. The game would not interfere with the crutch so that it gives priority not to the quality of the nuclei, but their number. The second option is more difficult to optimize the game so that it shows 60 frames on such weak nuclei, regardless of the number of nuclei. 4090 planted on a diet due to the processor gives how much it turns out.

Yes, by the way regarding memory. If you delve into the internet and read the text, you can see that the game starts in 4K at 3080ti for steam just do not laugh with 5950x. But at the same time, the number of personnel falls up to 20 or below. That in other ways, it is not surprising to the most most likely that part of the system memory for video memory is used, which I write from time to time. In order to prevent the collapse of the system. Still, there were 32 gigs there.

P.S. EA in terms of PC is still better known on the PC and not only games on the basis of its own FROSTBITE and to a lesser extent on other public engines.

P.S.2 Generally bypassing 5000 and 7000 episodes, you need to choose for the test and for the purchase depending on the type of application. In this case, it was necessary to take the crude with the 3D index at the end. Still, this is a game and they took a processor for non-game applications. The latter is known that they cannot in games from the word completely. Here are the latest results. i5-12600 I received 5900X in 2K games while it has only 6 nuclei and not 12. They would take 5800x3D with 8 nuclei but a horse dose of cache for games, he would have given i5-12600.