City Car Driving 2.0 – Developer Diaries #15 – Economics

In the diaries of developers 15, we talk about mechanics that is not included in early access. Partially, the mechanics are implemented, but at the moment we are giving priority to the physics of transport and traffic rules. Soon, we will provide a roadmap in which we will tell in detail which game mechanics are included in early access.

In CCD 2.0. there will be a full -fledged system of economics. And with its introduction, you will develop in the world of the game and fully feel your own progress. Thanks to the possibility of making money, you will see visual changes throughout the game.

From the point of view of creating gameplay – the economy is one of the most difficult elements. We tried to realize it so that it did not cause special difficulties for anyone, and at the same time gives a clear sense of progress and development within the world of the game.

In short, describe the economy CCD 2.0., then this: earnings of the intra -game currency for the work of a taxi driver and carrier, obtaining awards for completing tasks.

You can spend money received on the development of your own transport, its repair and replacement of consumables.

In addition, the economy is involved in interaction with various resources – you can purchase and sell them.

After such a brief answer, we suggest telling more details: how to interact with money in the game.

In the screenshots there is a prototype UI. All screenshots are made straight from UE5 and do not reflect the final quality of the product. The screenshots show mechanics that have already been shown in the format. These are mechanics included in the economy system.

From the start of the game, the whole transport park is not available to you, as it was in the original CCD.
But you will have the opportunity. For example, you can upgrade the starting car as you like, of course, within the framework of the possibilities laid down.

Also, in CCD 2.0. Money is spent on everything that is most important when driving a car: refueling, repair, car wash.

As you earn money, it will be possible to abandon the development of the old car and look towards the acquisition of a new. But at the same time, you are free not to give up your favorite car and modernize it as you like within the framework of the capabilities of the game.

One of the last mechanic we have implemented is the purchase of a car. The screenshot is made at our training ground, where we test all game mechanics before arranging them in the city.

Separately, we note that you can get cars and the possibilities of their modernization in the other way. In CCD 2.0. Thus, we clearly show your progression as a player, add development opportunities inside the game.

In addition to spending money for cars, you can also fully trade with various enterprises: to independently purchase resources of the same type and bring them to those who need.

In cargo transportation, this is an important element that allows you to track the change in the game world. If you act as a hired employee, then limit yourself only to a salary.

If you act as an independent entrepreneur, at your own expense you acquire resources and bring them to various enterprises – you will receive a different reward.

Thus, between you as a player and the world of the game, a unique relationship is formed, based on the economy of the game. This gives an individual experience for each player.

The connection of your transport, supporting systems and various resources, forms the basic need for management. You must build your own progression tactics.

However, if you are not interested in forming the optimal route and choosing the goods that bring the most benefit, you will still not be left without money. When working as a taxi driver, for example, the award is formed from your driver rating.

Thus, you will receive a decent reward, depending on your skills, both on cargo transportation and when working as a taxi driver.

After completing various tasks, you will also receive an appropriate reward. It can be money, or, depending on the context, is a new auto -part for the car.

We do not limit the players in the acquisition of transport and modifying each of them for our own needs.

You may have an unlimited number of cars of the same brand, however, each of them will be optimized for different purposes. All cars are provided with parking spaces that you can also purchase.

In diaries about the architecture of the game, we briefly affected such an object as a garage. Your garage, and it is part -time house, is not only a car parking, but also a place where you can replace the parts of the car, wash transport and change the time. This place is very important for general immersion in the game, where you will feel like a part of the whole world.

Therefore, the final stroke in the economy system is the opportunity to purchase a new home for yourself as a character and for your transport.

  • Will there be an expansion of dangerous situations? If so, what?

The expansion of dangerous situations is planned, but in what form – until we report. We do not want to disappoint if this does not enter early access.

No, it will not be in early access. The same as with electric carriers.

  • Will there be a different type of gasoline (92, 95, 98)?

Yes, it was one of the earliest features that we introduced into the game.

  • Will prices for different gas stations differ? Will prices change at gas stations depending on the time?

If the game designer does not forget to configure the parameters 🙂

Read more about the upcoming game, before its exit, you can always familiarize yourself in development diaries, regularly output once every two weeks.