Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: new details about the combat system, synergistic abilities and much more

Square Enix builds the release of new details about the long -awaited sequel of the role game Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and revealed several more interesting facts about the combat system, locations, characters and other interesting moments in the game.

In addition to confirming the new dynamic level of complexity, which will use the leveling of levels in battle, another important addition to the form of synergistic abilities, which are described as “Powerful attacks in which two characters are united to turn the course of the battle“.

The use of abilities in battle will replenish your synergy scale, and then various combinations will be able to carry out unique attacks in tandem. More attacks will become available to you as your group rises, which is ”numerical expression on how close your team“.

In addition, two characters can also unite to reveal synergy skills that can be used without ATB consumption and which can have a wide range of effects: from damage to allies strengthening. Synergic skills can also be used to block incoming attacks.

Meanwhile, as previously confirmed, the editors of the XIII will be a completely game character in Rebirth, unlike Remake, and will chop enemies using claws for their main attacks, while players will also be able to hold the button to start the attack. with a wider range that will allow you to increase ATB faster. One of the magical abilities of Red XIII will be a beam of star dust, “call.Obq exploding ball of light, which scores all enemies that are hit“.

Meanwhile, he will also have access to the revenge regime, which will strengthen his abilities and physical attacks, and will also allow him to use Siphon Fang, an attack that does not consume ATB and pumps out the health of enemies, while causing damage. To activate the revenge mode, players will have to fill out the scale, blocking the attacks.

Aeris, who obviously was completely playable in the previous game, will also receive some key changes in how it will act in battle. For example, using the ability of Ward Shift, it will be able to discard the characters anywhere in the combat arena and instantly teleport to them, giving it a much greater mobility.

New details were also revealed about one of the calls that will be available in the game, namely about Kujat, a huge pig -like monster with giant horns, which is also able to use attacks with lightning, fire and ice.

Square Enix also shared some brief details about locations that fans of the original Final Fantasy 7 remember too well, for example, the village of Kalm or once noisy, but now abandoned mythrilic mines. In these (and other) locations, players will also meet Broden, who owns a hotel in Calm and hid a grudge against a tire; Ronda, mayor and sheriff of Ander Junon, who will come to the aid of Claud and the Company; Priscilla, a young girl who trains dolphins in Ander Junon; Billy, young worker in the ranch and grandson of the owner of the Coco Ranch; and Chloe, younger sister Billy, who sells objects and materials for needlework in the Ranch store.

Traveling around the huge world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players will also be able to use information about it by spending data points together with Chadli to develop new matter. You can also track down forsels, unknown artifacts that emit unique and mysterious energy signals and can distort the space-time, or go to chocolate boutiques to the ranch, where you can use various settings for your driving animals of the chocolate.