Digital Foundry tested the Control mod from the Remedy developer and were satisfied with the result

Visually Control from Remedy is an impressive game, and it seems that it has just become even better. Recently, a new mod was released for the game, which makes several improvements, and we can even say that this is almost an update, because it was created by Filippo Tarpini, an employee of the Remedy itself. The mod created by the developer brings new opportunities for PC-gamers, such as full support for HDR, improve the accuracy of the Ray Tracing technology and adding a new version of DLSS.

The work of the developer was so high quality that the Digital Foundry channel dedicated to the technical side of the games decided to illuminate this mod. Name the work "Hidden update", Channel staff were pleasantly surprised by the improvements made.

Tired of the deplorable state of the PC-IGR? Here is a real stimulant. Control from Remedy has always been a fantastic PC game – but behind the scene, the developer from Remedy Filippo Tarpini works on a mod that makes the game even better: full support for HDR, improved accuracy of rays trace, as well as adding a new version of DLSS – and support for DLAA in high resolution. It’s just amazing.

Check out all the new opportunities:

  • NATIVE HDR (improves color/strip accuracy, provides higher contrast and brighter glare).
  • DLSS updated to version 3.1.1 and improved implementation
  • Added DLAA support (DLSS in native resolution).
  • Added new texture configuration "Max" To improve slow texture transmission (at least 8 GB+ Vram, 10 GB+ is recommended).
  • A new settings have been added to use 3X with rays tracing and voluminous images, which improves quality and reduces noise
  • Full support of Ultrawide: Unlock any resolution and ratio of the parties, including 32: 9+.
  • Fixed the problems of the user interface with the ratio of the parties, excellent from 16: 9.
  • Added FOV settings.
  • Added an entrance video skull setting.
  • Some FOV and Lod fixes for UW.
  • Improved windows control + without borders + full -screen mode
  • The incorrect launch of the game on the GPU not from NVIDIA and AMD (for example, Intel ARC) is fixed.
  • Restored by cinema using DLSS and made it more pronounced.
  • Improved SDR image quality (small tonal display corrections and an increased buffer).
  • Correction of small errors, glitches and functions.

Those who wish can download mod through our PlayGround, where downloading through a torrent at high speed is available.