The disputes around the step -by -step combat system in Honkai: Star Rail are flareing up

Honkai: Star Rail is a new game from Hoyooverse, which was released this week and has already collected more than 20 million downloads. This game differs from Genshin Impact in that its combat system is step -by -step, not dynamic, as in Genshin Impact.

However, despite the differences in the gameplay, Honkai: Star Rail still attracts the attention of players with its unique animation style; the same as in Genshin Impact. But, unlike the fantastic worlds Genshin Impact, the game world Honkai: Star Rail – is located in space.

In Reddte Honkaistarrail, players are discussing the step -by -step game process Honkai: Star Rail. One user noticed that some players who are not familiar with this type of game may be disappointed. He also noted that there is a large audience of players who like step -by -step games, in particular, Japanese RPG, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

However, as in the case of any game, there are those who prefer a more dynamic gaming process, but Honkai: Star Rail still attracts a large number of players who discuss and share their opinions in Reddite. In general, the game continues to show success, and we can expect that it will attract new players in the future.

"News" for the sake "news", And information content is zero. As the saying goes: "Don’t like it – don’t play". I personally like the step -by -step battle in the game, and if you compare the game with the bunch of feces that shove in Play Market, then this is a great game for both RS and mobile devices at the moment.
Here you can even recall the situation with Marvel`s: Midnight Sun, where only those who do not like the combat system using cards and these people do not see anything. But if they figured out the battle system, they realized that a very good game is hiding behind this system.

So, speaking even easier – a matter of taste.

Well, a virtual universe personally came to me, but I don’t think that it will expand too much in the future, the first major update will appear to understand the development path, if there are pieces of the plot and characters again, then this is not too rainbow prospect. At the moment, I am in the 3rd adventure, and on the background of the same Gertha station, it already looks more faded.
So with such a small number of abilities, it is worth diversifying the interaction to them, that is what I am.

Personally, I will be happy again to pieces of the plot. I perceive each piece as something like a new season of the series of the series and an incentive to return to the game. New story, new characters, new adventures, new everyday activity. So the anime world should look like. Why do you think this approach is not very rainbow, I don’t understand. I am as an anime lover, this is exactly the approach with pieces of the plot in the development of the game and waiting.

Cool post, guys look, I am now a journalist too.

Spring is coming, most of UK has already entered this time of year. But some regions continue to remain in the cold conditions of winter. However, some people are not satisfied in the spring T.To. Unlike winter, flowering begins and allergies are aggravated in people. Of course, there is another part of the population who is glad to mark the New Year.

We will continue to watch the development of the seasons.

If you play a step -by -step game very quickly – it becomes dynamic.

I am honest from active battles for a while, so this Honkai has become a kind of sip of fresh air.

Ah, yes. I consider a key feature of the game a worked out plot. When your choice is really worth something. This. Makes to think every time before clicking the dialog skipping button . Also GG is pretty talkative.

The vehicle has a delicious. Genshin is also in space

well then "The disputes around the step -by -step combat system Final Fantasy flare up"
Funny, actually. Honkai has existed for a long time, in fact even more popular than Genshin, who later appeared from the same developers (if we talk about the homeland). There are anime, and games for mobile phones, and PC games.
Don’t like it, play Gennin. Everyone will find their Gachi for themselves.
I personally tired Genshin with his open world, where you can get hemorrhoids, while you are boring the whole card and you will open everything. And he went to Honkai, cleaned Little Loku (they even show you how many chests are left), put the Persians on the farm, and went to do business. beauty. Even in battle, you can leave calmly, thanks to step -by -step.

Wow, now you would play games like to go to work (with a goal of faster to dump from there – "I went in, I cleaned Little Loku (they even show you how many chests are left), put the Persians on the farm, and went to do business" (c)), and not enjoy the very process of the game (study of large locations, the search and unraveling of mysteries, the passage of main and side quests, etc.D. and t.P.). No, everyone is of course. But it is still ridiculous to read this when the main advantages of Genshin are exhibited as the biggest minuses.

And there is no need to dying people here – it was Genshin who raised Mihoyo to a god -like level. Was Honkai Impact 3RD at least once in some nomination on The Game Awards? And her trailers were shown at E3 or similar large exhibitions from the same Sony? Maybe there were all sorts of exhibitions in Paris and collaborations around the world (like installing a teleport somewhere there at some famous resort)? How many figures are released in the same Japan? That’s the same. In your Honkai, just the Chinese and lifting gijes played, they play. And the rest of the world plays – and will play – in Genin. Simply because people with an action-oriented games and games in the open world come in much more. And this is neither good nor bad – this is the opinion of the majority. And neither this step -by -step Star Rail, nor the future of the same corridor Zeneess Zone Zero, Genshin’s success will not be able to repeat. Be popular with your more modest audience and bring some kind of profit? Quite. But to the heights of Genshin, as it was both to the moon, it will remain.

Well, it’s funny to read, don’t read. What problems? Each person has his own tastes, including games. For someone these are advantages, run on huge cards in the gacha game, collecting loot and chests. And for someone this is a tedious occupation. As in Zeld, where all Genshin’s chips were taken.
Genshin’s popularity is due to the release of the game on the world market. The Honcai series is always limited by the domestic market.
That’s just if you take "work", then Genshin is perfect for this. Just a lot of actions must be done on a daily basis, so as not to profess rewards. In Honkai, this is not. And if it was not clear from my words about the convenience of grind, what can be put on an autobah and step back on business, I will emphasize this again. Facilitates the tedious grind! After which you pumped on an autoboy and went to pass the local abyss and virtual reality (ala rogalik) for pleasure.
At the moment, Genshin is more popular around the world, but for some reason the musical performance has already become much better, on the occasion of the release of the honky. It was enough to see the comments of the Genshinists.
Well, a trite discord Canal Honkaya has already taken a mark of 1 million users in just 5 days, since the release. Or tell you all to play purely because of the success of Genshin? Although these are completely different games, by mechanics.
In general, laugh further. Here is my point of view, which can be agreed with, but you can not. Anyway, everyone doesn’t give a shit, both the author and the defendant)

Information news is zero. There are no disputes from the information header in the text. No controversial opinions of players were given. Why is this news?

However, I am wildly delighted with the step -by -step system Honkai: Star Rail. I see no reason to argue about this. You either like such a fight, or not. But the fact that the step -by -step fighting is implemented here with high quality is a fact!

This game differs from Genshin Impact in that its combat system is step -by -step, not dynamic, as in Genshin Impact.

And why is it compared with Genshin if this game is a continuation of the Honkai Impact 3D – even some characters are the same. However, the world of Honkai: Star Rail is a parallel universe and therefore some characters behave completely different. But still there are guests traveling between worlds, which connect both games in a single universe. But how side is Genshin’s side? Why exactly you compare with him?