Charming 2B from Nier: Automata is now available in the form of a sex doll

The manufacturer of erotic products Game Lady continues its expansion to the game industry, conquering the hearts of gamers around the world thanks to its obscene works. This time, the company officially introduced the embodiment of a 2B sexy 2B: Automata in the form of a doll for "Those" Veteen.

Following Lara Croft from the popular Tomb Raider game series, the company promises to accurately reproduce the original image of 2b. Sex doll with the appearance of the main character Nier: Automata received a branded suit with a short skirt, eye bandage and even a sword. Full height 2B is 171 centimeters, and the weight without clothing is approximately 37 kg.

Potential buyers of sex dolls have many options for customization 2B. When placing an order, you can choose the type of skeleton, color of nails, skin, various legs options and even different options for other intimate areas. Game Lady estimated its new product at 2800 for one copy 2B, but promises to deliver anywhere in the world.

Sobtnna here Ful

Thank you, you are good. I’ll go smoke!

300k lol is a whore to remove and buy such a gear on some kind of aliexpress

It’s easier to find and put in things from ozone

Wives do not work like that)

This is definitely at 300k not one can be removed, but a whole harem

I don’t know how you are, but on average in UK a dachshund is 5k per hour. In fact, with a sauna, extension and other matters, the costs will be 15k. T.e. The doll will pay off for 20 acts.

Когда пост о живой девушке, Пегач минусит)
When a post is about a doll, the pegach plus)

Well, it looks good.

Boys, throw yourself on a hundred, pliz

the face is quite puppet, they could be a little humanized or something ..

The doll still imitates a person .. Yes, like android in general

Do not know why the sword?

Obviously to make cool combo

In principle, it is not bad for those who have already cancel the pens.

"Charming 2B from Nier: Automata is now available in the form of a sex doll" Forgot to add again. By the way, I liked the past more this face

2v was one of the first sex dump. This is just another.

And where is the continuation for friends?

Shut up and take my money! Only her sword needs to be taken away.

Yes, Nuuu, they will not get to my district town in love.

Not convenient. my doll 30 kg weighs. (and this fool is under 50 kg of go) you need to take care of it with powder nursery to sprinkle if it starts sticking. The eyelashes can fall off. a wig of the hair spreads the room. so also wash the holes then for yourself such a thing. It’s easier in the old fashioned manual work or a prostitute who will wash itself and will jump on you)) and it will not work out in any way, you can imagine 30 kg of dead mass in the pose of a rider. hard, all hunting will go away while you are adjusting there or put it in the right pose. So these are all purely mannequins beautifully useless for the fetish like to wear it in all sorts of clothes there and TD and fuck it is purely like extra). I took 140 cm tall for 35k on Alik with a discount. and so thousand 60 cost.(and then the fingers on the legs even without a skeleton and on the hands of a pure wire (not hinges with a frame), especially since this is all alive at times and here I think no exception) returned the truth then 15k with a dispute. And still, she did not justify 20k. So also a place for storage is necessary. Buy a half -piece without arms without legs with your ass, front and one and a half and poke it in this. cheaper and more functional. something like this)) 0

Nuuu, to be honest, we even saw dolls on this site and better.

A prostitute with plastic like this doll can be removed for an hour for about 12 thousand rubles.

A prostitute for an hour and a doll forever until the rubber can be blabbed)))

The doll costs 280 thousand rubles. And you will have to spend money on cleaning.

You go to visit such a person, and he has a sex doll on the couch))

but she will sleep with you at night) You don’t clear the chip ..

Cool ZhMzh will be

New stage. There were undressing figures yesterday. Today is s-kukly.

Further family with such dolls and rubber children

And what’s wrong with that?
If less than the CIMPs will be carried out by the shirts from Twich and drag Natashki convicted by the Kavkazye to the registry office, then I approve.

And tomorrow the dolls of bears.

Yes, I am only for, if this reduces the number of crimes in the C-Coca. Although the abundance of such products is already scary. 🙂