Humble Games, according to reports, became another studio affected by dismissal in the gaming industry

New information has appeared that Humble Games Indie-Poster could be another studio affected by dismissal in the industry.

The message appeared in the game section of the magazine Sports Illustrated, which refers to the message of the Humble employee in Linkedin and "anonymous tip".

Leading Releases Manager Estelle Skeels reported that she "just fired" from your position, and what it is "sad day in Humble Games for many people".

This suggests that Humble Games dismisses not only Estelle, but also other employees, although it is worth noting that the publishing house has not officially confirmed anything and did not announce this.

According to SI, another post on LinkedIn, which refers to "Today’s dismissals at Humble Games", It was also published by one of the employees of Humble Games.

Again, it is worth remembering that the official statement from Humble Games has not followed. If the information about the dismissal is true, then Humble Games, unfortunately, was the last in the long row of studios that announced dismissal and staff reduction in recent months.

Among other studios affected by this wave – Amazon Games, the developer of Neverwinter – Cryptic Studios, Destiny 2 – Bungie, creator Dreams – Media Molecule and others.

Some studios were also closed, including the developer of Saints Row, Volition, Puny Human-developer and Australian Indie Studio Samurai Punk.

The name Humble Games can be familiar to you by the publication of Indie IGR such as Unpacking, Signalis, Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical and many others.

The studio is the branch of the larger company Humble Bundle, which regularly offers games at reduced prices and gives part of the revenue from them for charity. Humble also controls the Humble Store store, which sells the keys for both large AAA releases and for indie games.