Sven Vink reacted to the statements of other developers about Baldur’s Gate 3: “Standards are constantly changing”

Baldur’s Gate 3 caused a discussion about whether it should be considered a new standard for the Role Games genre. The discussion began after that the head of Strange Scaffold, said that the upcoming Larian game should not be considered as "Future standard" For all role -playing games.

Many professional developers, including such well -known studios as Obsidian and Blizzard, indicated that Larian has unique advantages such as vast experience and resources that most teams in the industry lack.

The founder and general director of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke) recently shared his thoughts about this. He cited the example of the Assassin’s Creed game, noting that when it came out, it was widespread that other studios were doomed because they did not have resources such as Ubisoft. However, according to Vinka, this panic was unreasonable, since there are still many teams that create a variety of games of various directions and genres.

Vinka emphasized that the standards in the industry are constantly changing, and there is no specific standard that should cause concern in people. He expressed surprise about the excitement around Baldur’s Gate 3, saying that the team simply sought to create its game, and it is strange that it became the subject of discussion even before someone saw her.

Vinka noted that in the RPG genre there are already many different standards, civing an example of games such as Disco Elysium. He believes that developers can still offer many new ideas, and small studios can realize innovative concepts without needing an extensive team similar to the one that worked on Baldur’s Gate 3.

Although Baldur’s Gate 3 is a special type game on which Larian has been working for more than two decades, Vinka does not believe that it sets new standards for the role of role -playing games. He urged other developers to focus on creating their own games and finding his unique audience, since there are still many unknown opportunities in the industry.