Unknown persons leaked the source code of the latest version of Cyberpunk 2077 along with the addition

Back in February 2021, CD Projekt Red underwent a massive hackers attack. Attackers managed to access developers’ servers and steal valuable data on various studio projects for almost 100 GB. The main problem was then the leak of the source code Cyberpunk 2077, which, by a strange coincidence, continues to this day. Users noticed that a certain anonymous group of enthusiasts regularly updates the merged build of the game, adding files to it with the current version of the game.

Right now, the entire source code of Cyberpunk 2077 is located on the Codeberg site from the user with the nickname Adamsmasher. Placed files include all versions of the game, from release assembly to the very last one – after updating 2.0. If the leakage of the source code of the first versions of the game looks logical after hacking CD Projekt Red, then how did the current version remains a mystery there.

Anyone can switch to the repository and get acquainted with the decoded data of the game. As enthusiasts note, in version 2.0 Developers began to describe the game code more often and more details, which affects some mechanics, characters’ behavior and other objects.

This leak reveals to enthusiasts a very detailed description of the engine work on which Cyberpunk 2077 works. Along with this, there is information about the work of artificial intelligence, driving mechanics and much more. This can be useful for creating global mods for the game, but the CD Projekt Red itself will no longer support this engine. Developers in new projects switch to Unreal Engine.

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Let and do it. Because after 3 years they had little. Some dubious patches that were sewn one to the top of the other. And each subsequent was as if its final version, but it was not there.! Bottom line: a little better than at the start. It is still difficult to interact with the world, that’s just a hollow world. (Beautiful but cardboard). Tags on the map of the dohren and the filling from this is not from the word at all. There is no wagging here, the options in the dialogs did not affect anything and it remains. And it is clear why it is necessary to finish the content and it naturally will not be in patches. They write that DLC will fix everything, but of course – another plot that is sewn in the same clumsy world. Yes, I like "Cyberpunk"!, But apparently not this. I understand this is not SIMS, but it is Cyberpunk 2077 and it should have more social moments, interactions with the environment. This universe itself begs for this. But here is just empty. There is little one good plot for the game, if it is, it’s great. But the potential is also needed, the ability to present this gameplay. So as not to go through it just because it is good, for a checkmark. Tags of the game: role -playing game, war, open peace, nudity, + add "Sexual content" – Because he is there. Shitty but still. Enough points for playing with good potential. But it is in "Cyberpunk 2077" not used as it should. And this was not taken from the head, people had a bar of which they wrote and spoke in an interview. They are just as usual, everything is pr#cp#Ali. They don’t want to be at all, just hack.

No one leaked anything, Hello)) This is a raspricop and everything is available from the very release of the game, you can go into the history tab and see that this project has already existed for three years

Where is the drain? There are simply game scripts, it is possible that they are even open. The source code of the engine is not the link. anyway.

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I looked at the site. It is written on SWIFT (it itself did not work, but it looks like C#, the code is easily read), it looks like there is no resources, only the code, it is hardly possible to collect the game. It will be useful for models and beginner developers.

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I also think that they themselves were leaked. Given the fact that there will be no more additions to the game, let the fans themselves saw their own game.

Cyberpunk 2077 source leakage, which, by a strange coincidence, continues until now.

A certain anonymous group of enthusiasts regularly updates the merged build of the game, adding files to it with the current version of the game.

The developers themselves are most likely to drain or cooperate with this group

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Even with full source code, you still have to have knowledge in order to understand and create something worthwhile.