The release of the Russian voice acting Half-Life: Alyx from the GameSvoice studio

It’s time to go to the streets of City-17, accompanied by iconic votes for a series, which filled Gordon Freeman’s journey by the post-Soviet color more than fifteen years ago. Dismant yourself into the Half-Life universe and solve the secret of the mysterious storage!

Localization is available both in the form of a separate installer, and as a modification in the Steam workshop. You can download English voice acting right from our site, where fast loading is available via torrent and mod without VR.

URAAA, now a complete immersion is provided

Prozorovsky is magnificent as always 💪

Gorgeous work, respect to the team.

Cool voices. Good game, good voice acting!

Fucking! Finished from the voices of the combines))

I am waiting for the voice acts of Hogwarts from them, my ears hurt from the original voice acting. The English accent is already difficult to perceive, as if they had a buoy in their mouth during speech, also the voice acting is unemotional, as if Google translator voiced the game.
And the girl from the Gryffindor Faculty with a pronounced African accent finally repelled me to play the original.

I agree, this English accent is sick a little. Very meager and unemotional language. In the Witcher 3, also spit from him.

What handsome men! Owner at a height!

I wish you a normal adaptation to the clavat with the mouse

So what for? The game was originally developed for Viara. The whole point is Alix in this. The game is not strong plot, gameplay is so boredom, a regular visual. Everything separately without BP – garbage. Only when you put on a helmet, magic begins, and all the mechanics work as it should, the toy turns into a masterpiece.

From the car symbolic, take the opportunity to drive by cars and walk the character on foot on the way. You will get a lot from this pleasure? Here is the same.

50-90 tyr. give up a helmet for one game? Thanks, buy yourself. And users of helmets do not recommend them to buy, someone is sick, who is spinning, such effects

I am an active user Oculus Quest 2 and I recommend it to buy. Valve Index, and Oculus Rift (2 and S), and HTC Vive Pro tried. Quest 2 is an excellent solution in terms of price and quality, an excellent device.

Well, pleasure is clearly not for the poor

$ 300 for the same quest. By discounts and 250 was.

And not for one game, but they can’t play them right now, not 17 years old.

Restrained the word, released in May.

Now there will be a real buzz!!

I read all the comments and in shock with some. How many times have you passed the game? Once maybe two?

I will say that you are not competent enough in this game for such a period of time.

for hl alyx really VR is not needed. In this game, all mechanics are ordinary and implemented on one mouse. T.To. The game is originally sharpened and made under one hand and one -handed weapon.

Who says that VR is needed for 3D images (yes it was before), but now he does not understand that VR is not just a 3D image, but just immersing both hands in 3D space and interaction with objects in the game. Based on this, if the 3D picture is not important, then the helmet can already be discarded, but wrote about the hands above.

cinema, you only watch 3D? No. Then I do not count you watching films in 2D.

and games play with all technologies? RTX for example. Who has passed cyberpunk with full rays on RTX 4090 as expected? Tote. I also do not count the passage of games for you!

I can say so about the sound. We must do everything as it should. You first start to live like "supposedly supposed" and then tell others how to play. and what someone does not do it.

I apologize for the water, but this is an important retreat.

Okay, back to the topic.

All these comments are mostly "ala is needed only vr", either they write bots or trolls, or they were paid for the comment 2 rubles for some kind of work for some work. everything is very simple.

Harosh already deceive beginners who wants to try the game at least without VR.

For a long time there are already ways to play without VR. And this is not a crucified script that came up with it.

And not a mod from the duba that is simply beautifully made for the video.

The first fully passable method has already been released in May 2020. from R57zone.

Now he is outdated by many optimization and convenience of the game. But it was really possible to go through the game with him.

but ok, then there were still reasons not to play and be afraid because of the right side of the clavy and extra keys.

Therefore, other guys appeared in a year a mini team, took up the alteration

and released at the beginning of 2022. A new way. He is not the most popular.

But this does not mean that he does not have the right to life.

(of. Hithab https: // github.COM/RNRA77/Snvrel-Beta/Releases)

people are used to hawing what is supposedly the most popular means the most top -end.

our VR has not become popular and will not yet become. This is an atraction.

For the emphasis at the price and you need iron that really pulls 4k 120 fps.

who says that HL Alyx is 1050 at 100 FPS, he is brazenly lying. They never launched VR on such a video card and do not understand what is in VR 30 FPS.

If there are any discontent to my vyser. I ask for comments

Yes, you yourself said that your comment is VSYER. What else can you say?))

VR is natural, an expensive pleasure, if we take into account the amount of the PC with this that will pull this and other games.

And those who do not have VR, but for God’s sake, let them play with a mod without VR, choosing them. But no need to write nonsense that vr is crap, especially if you didn’t even buy it and did not use it enough time.

Countries where poverty has huge privileges, there is nothing popular, from the word completely, in these countries there is only one goal, to survive

Once again, you will make the whole text inclined, I’ll put the keyboard so deeply that the one who pull it out will be the new king Arthur.

Brechors are able to read inclined. So I slept)

Not realized. This will be an imitation. It is also strange how to play a car trailer from the keyboard, Nier: Automata from the mouse or Countersstrike from the steering wheel. Each game has its own, suitable periphery, without which you can’t get the right experience – you won’t even understand the gaming process because of constant distraction for the inconvenience of management.

I don’t know who spurred nonsense that the periphery is a taste, but this is nonsense. And Alyx is no exception. You will not get the right feeling from shooting, collecting resources and reloading, if it will be imitated on the mouse. Most likely, all these novr mods will simply replace the pulling of resources with gloves and reloading to finished animation, shooting will be reduced to clicks by the mouse at enemy.

In VR, due to more immersion – you begin to be nervous during the battle. You can make mistakes with reloading, you can do it incorrectly when collecting the resource with your hand and abandon the resin of the barnacle or to mose with a pomegranate throw. This is all – makes the game process less predictable. If these mechanics are replaced with ready -made, clearly reproduced animations – the game will simply lose its interest and complexity.

Who says that VR is needed for 3D images (yes it was before), but now he does not understand that VR is not just a 3D image, but just immersing both hands in 3D space and interaction with objects in the game

The cheapest helmets are 3-6DOF glasses without controllers (all sorts of business types of Classvr, Pico Neo 2, mobile VR type Cardboard, basic equipment HTC Vive).
Also, there are a bunch of games that use only a helmet, but do not use controllers (almost all VR carriageway support, aircraft systems, some games with VR type Subnautica or MX VS ATV). This, I think, clearly shows that VR is primarily a helmet and 3D image and only in the second – controllers.

If the movie is planned under viewing in 3D – yes, you need to watch it in 3D. Of course, in games this difference is felt stronger, since the perception of depth can affect complexity and, as a result, to mechanics. And this already, in turn, forms game experience.
Some games before launch may recommend using headphones and gamepad for proper game experience.

So video games are a determination of entertainment and attraction. You buy yourself a wheelchair for racing games, VR for games with deep immersion, curved monitors with huge PPI/ frequencies or headphones with imitation 7.1 – purely for entertainment, although this does not always affect the physical opportunity to play.
Formally, you can go to Assetto Corsa on the keyboard. But the game experience there will be nearoliev. For the right experience, the right periphery is needed.
VR did not become popular with us not because this entertainment, but because, apparently, people are simply not too interested in games with a high degree of immersion.

What is the emphasis? VR-shop type Pico Neo 3 or Pico 4 can be taken for 25-30k rubles. This is comparable to the price of the initial gaming steering wheel or good joystick for air systems.
This is comparable to the price with the game monitor.

This is the most common price for game periphery.

To start this VR – you need to just have a game PC. I took HL Alyx on 1060 6GB on high settings at the Oculus Rift S helmet, for example.
Now the games have become more graphone, of course, but the middle, game PC is quite enough (at the moment, some 3060. All these 1650-1660 are not relevant for a long time).

Here you need to understand that most games use the Deferred Rendering Path technique, very sensitive to resolution. Forward and Forward+, which are used for VR are much less demanding on resolution, but are loaded with the number of objects and light sources. These games are fundamentally differently optimized. In addition – regardless of rendering technique – VR has its own optimization during visualization and in general easier. So it turns out that the average game PC does not experience difficulties in VR.

No one is deceiving newcomers. Just the experience gained from Novr Fashion is NOVR Fashion experience, not games. The player will not receive the game experience of HL Alyx, but simply run through the plot. With the same success, you can get a game on YouTube. Only there, instead of recorded revoting animations, the entire interactive will be recorded.

Does such a player have the right to express an opinion about the game? Don’t think. I would compare this with the review of food in the restaurant that you ate with the clamped nostrils. You did not feel the taste of this food to express your opinion about it.

In addition – passing the game in novr – you can simply ruin your impressions. As I said above – if, due to a deeper immersion and complex interactive, the game gives a call – in Novr with recorded, unmistakable animations – it will lose this challenge and will be quite boring.

So I would not recommend playing novr and will not reckon with the opinion of the person who played the game incorrectly. It is also stupid, as if a person made a review about Half-Life 2, having passed it with gameplay or plot modifications. This is not the definition of the game experience that the developers conceived – this experience does not apply to the original game at all.