The long -awaited Immortal Empires functions will appear in Total Warhammer 3

Total War Warhammer 3 is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious strategic games that we have ever seen on the PC, and it has become even better. The update includes several long -awaited functions for the Immortal Empires campaign mode, as well as the ability to directly affect the complexity of the enemy and a number of new buildings.

In its last blog, the Creative Assembly team talks in detail about the following updates for Total War Warhammer 3. The first and perhaps the most interesting is the appearance of achievements for Immortal Empires. Given how vast this all -encompassing mode can be, uniting all three games of the Total War Warhammer series into one huge campaign, achievements will be a great way to track their progress.

Each playful race from Total War Warhammer 1 and 2, as well as recently added chaos gnomes will now receive a couple of achievements – you will receive one of them for the passage of the Immortal Empires campaign at any level of complexity, and the other for passing the campaign at Legendary level. To obtain these achievements, it is necessary to fulfill the conditions "Long victory" For your race.

If you are just starting to play at Immortal Empires and are a little stunned by how many things are happening, you are also lucky. "The first few Immortal Empires campaigns seemed somewhat meager", – Creative assembly is recognized. "Players get into the game without much context and can often be a little aimless".

To fix this, at the beginning of each campaign, training missions will appear that will lead you through the first moves, force you to attack enemy troops and capture the settlement to master the foundations. "Currently, they are mainly common to all fractions, but over time we will be able to make them more individual, adding, if necessary, the narrative and even special training tasks for unique fractions".

In addition, CA added an additional slider to settings for the complexity of the battle. It allows you to control the bonuses received by AI for certain indicators, and can be specified separately from the selected complexity. "We received a lot of reviews that at higher levels of the complexity of combat AI can be perceived as a chiter, since he receives many bonuses to certain indicators", – Explain in CA. "This gives the player much more subtle control over the AI ​​with which he fights, and allows you to make the game more customizable". These settings can be applied both to the battles in the campaign and to user battles, which allows us to more to control what to fight with.

In conclusion, CA reports that the revision is currently being completed "several new sign buildings on the campaign map". The blog reports what you can expect: "Bone column", "The menagerie of the acramon", "Monolite of a bloody hand", "Palace of Sweets", "Port of the Fleet of the Great Dragon" And "Renaissance Hall".