The authors of The Expanse a Telltale Series released the second episode

The release of the second episode of The Expanse: a telltale Series took place. The head of Hunting Grounds is available for passing PC, PlayStation and Xbox. It is worth recalling that each of the five episodes will come out with a frequency of two weeks.

The routine operation to collect garbage in the belt turned into a deadly confrontation with inexorable pirates. The Dramer fireplace, as a new captain, is faced with his first test: in the minority and without weapons the crew "Artemis" should develop a plan of escape and collect supplies so necessary for salvation.

I watch the game is not very well sold, since the main topic is in a 15 -second trailer – two harassing lesbia?

I don’t know what’s there for sales, but with such a trailer only on the Gaymbing Awards can be counted.

Well. but now it is definitely clear that I will not play it.
Pf, she doesn’t even come out in Steam. Exactly in the furnace.

In the era Devilmind, and Quarry. As it seems to me, the procta is prettier..You can certainly look, well, as a rule, the more the cartoon character is more humanized, and the opinion lends itself to insight in order to empathize just and the interactive is played for this

I Zadodil lesbianism, did not began to cut scissors, but chose neutral / negative dialogue options, as a result I went to bed alone.
In general, the game on the series, the first 3 seasons OK, interestingly, further than the slurry, looked at the pereplass of the plot on Utube.
And in the series of the fireplace, Drammer Lesbosyanka, so the developers did not invent anything, did not specifically do "gender diversity", but yes I can understand people like this, well, at least there is a choice
Yes, he is who froze and disdained.
And to play still, you shouldn’t be the project worse than other Games Teleltale, gameplay 0 Pick up a stick there, come, click \ Slick the bumper, well, God forbid. These games have never been about gameplay, but about elections / consequences and plot, I will immediately say the plot in the first 2 chapters, it literally in a couple of lines.
It’s better to play in Baldur’s Gate 3, fierce shit, which does not even let you go to sleep, not to drop it from the moment you figure out management \ mechanics.

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