The authors of Baldur’s Gate 3 commented on comments about the “not ready” PS5 version of the game

While Baldur’s Gate 3 is in the hands of players on a PC for a little less than three weeks, players on the PlayStation 5 are waiting on September 6 to immerse themselves in the Larian game, which received the recognition of critics.

Starfield also comes out on September 6, but for Xbox Series X/S and PC. One of Twitter users drew attention to the fact that Starfield is currently available for preliminary loading, and Baldur’s Gate 3 is not. This fact allowed him to conclude that the upcoming version of Baldur’s Gate 3 for PlayStation 5 "Problems".

It seems to me that Starfield is more ready for release than the PS5 version of Baldurʼ Gate 3. Starfield can already be preloaded, but the pre -load BG3 will begin only on August 31. Both games come out on the same day. PS5 versions of Baldurʼs Gate 3 Problems? It looks like that.

The head of the Larian Studios publishing department, Michael Douse, hastened to answer, refuting this version of users.

We just want to make users immediately get all the released patches. It seems to us that it will be more convenient for buyers. That’s all

As of August 17, Baldur’s Gate 3 received four small corrections, and two more patches are on the way. In the first patch, according to the general director of Larian, Swen VinCke will be more "1000 corrections and improvements".

Daus is right, saying that the possibility of pre -loading a game without patches is not needed, since players still have to download patches on the day of the release.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is released on September 6 for PlayStation 5, and Starfield – September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. By the way, both games are leading in Steam sales charts over the past week

Preight Starfield a month before the release is an anomaly in the gaming industry. This is any developer will confirm. Normal practice – a week before the release

They want to attract batesters from torrents

Strange, Todd is nervous in my opinion)))

Let’s see how much Starfield will shoot, BG showed itself well .

If it does not shoot on the online in Steam better than the BG3 or at least at the same level.Then Starfield fans (Haters BG3) will write everywhere: “The game in Gampass and so on”

Hi all! A question for those who have already played and have figured out the game mechanics quite well.

Is it worth playing at all? Is this game worth spending on it time? 150 gigs are not a joke.. With "Village" Slow Internet is a rather risky adventure)))

For me, this topic is especially interesting, t.To. Such a genre for me acts as some kind of exotic))

My experience from such games only Dragon Age Original, the following parts of the dragon era were no longer so similar in terms of gameplay.
What can I say – the game costs your money, it is not necessary to buy DLS, it will not give strong advantages, but it is also worth its money. (But mainly who like artbooks, soundtracks, etc.D.)
If you are very worried that you do not master the mechanics – there is an adventure mode. Yes, all the same are the same DND mechanics, but it is played easier.
In general, it all depends on your approach, waging well and ingenuity.
You can speak the other one in a character while your partner robs him or beats from behind.
You can destroy everything and everyone at once.
A lot of things you can.
The game has jambs, of course, but this is literally a sip of fresh air in Gamdev, in my personal opinion.
So I personally recommend the game to everyone who is interested in the RPG playing out, and the game of the RPG genre in general.

Personally, I, after playing Baldur, became interested in the original hukeing (Dungeons and Dragons) and now I want to play it in real life.
What experience will you have – I do not know, but I wish you a pleasant game.
If you want to "ideal passage" Look at the guides if you want to go "How 1 time", just play and enjoy!
Any bugs are repaired by checking files (in Steam, on the pirate it is not treated apparently)

Thank you for your reply!)

The other day I will definitely download and play))

Why in the game at 10 out of 10 enemies with arrows break through the floor and walls. Put a detachment from above, and the bots stand figacus on the ceiling and hit mine, and my standing on top "obstacle" in direct sight of the enemy do not fall, this is what kind of nonsense

Do not compose. Nothing breaks through there, there are holes in the ceiling or walls, through which bots and you can shoot if you stand up correctly

Dubious excuse. What is the release to download a patch for 10-15 gigabytes or immediately a whole game for more than 100?

Especially if the old decrepit 100 MB/s, not gigabit.

For any publisher, to release an unstable product into a target group – a big risk. It is necessary to spend time at least so that the changes with the patch do not cause an even greater number of bugs.

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