Starfield fell below the magic threshold after more than 60 thousand reviews on Steam

We can say that the situation with Starfield resembles Alfred Hitchcock’s films. The game appeared on the market with good reviews, and now the atmosphere around it is only pumped out. This can be judged by user estimates in Steam.

On the Valve platform, Starfield has already accumulated more than 60,000 reviews. The main critical remarks addressed to the game in most of them are: bad graphics, frequent loading screens or arising errors.

  • About 44 out of 60 thousand. reviews praise the last game Bethesda, and almost 16 thousand. advise to refuse to acquire it.
  • Currently, positive reviews of the game are 73%, which is a significant fall since the release of Starfield when there were more than 80%.
  • It is worth noting that the main tab of the game in Steam displays the number of reviews from users who bought the game directly on the platform – at the moment their number is a little more than 38 thousand.

The current Starfield position on Steam was possibly influenced by Todd Howard himself, who recently added fuel to the fire. The developer offered the owners of the PC, whose game is poorly launched, to make "Upgrade" your device. Like a similar statement, he rather only angry gamers.

Recently, the game has also been attacked by Metacritic. The rating of the game on the site began to change sharply, a lot appeared "A dozen" And "zeros", which greatly affected the average rating of both the PC version and publication for Xbox Series X.

Nevertheless, last weekend Starfield set a record for the number of simultaneous players in Steam: 330 thousand users played the Bethesda game. Starfield is currently sixth in the ranking of the most played games.

So, where is the defender of Starfield, I need guides on:

-Fashion for optimization

-Encoding that the game "Good"

-Proof base for protecting the game

-So that my comment is on the reviews to the YouTubers and I finally become popular

Go to the DFF there a lot of offenders

Well, let’s try. I have a position that in addition to problems with optimization and mediocre balance, Starfield is a regular game from the arbor of the level of Fallout 4 and somewhat surpasses it. I say right away that Fallout 4 is far from a masterpiece is a different conversation, but the fact remains, he at one time of a comparable wave of criticism did not meet. And in all this situation I am offended that in general, a good project is noted from each iron is often out of business, without even playing the game. I am waiting for constructive criticism. That’s exactly what you did not like in your game session at Starfield?

Only please do not need to make a complaint beyond the scope of the gestures. In the sense that the gazebo games have never been shooters or Immersive Sims, it was always RPG SANDBOX. And complaints in style "Why in the game 100 planets, not 5, but well -worked" leads us to the fact that you simply do not like this particularly taken as.

P.S. My main problem with the game, except above, is the gradual decline in the creativity of quests in the gazebo games. And if earlier, games like Morovind and Oblivion often gave a gameplay simple from the point of view of gameplay, but extremely entertaining quests in terms of narrative. But by the time Starfield’s release, the developers signed up hard and the memorable quests became 2-3 times less. And then someone is already about the decline. For me, it is inevitable and stupid to dump everything on hack, but also maintain an obvious creative decline – to harm yourself. Although Starfieldda is far from this status, from comparisons with the reference games of the studio, I can not resist.

UPD what I wanted, I already heard. Thanks to everyone who wrote, especially in the case, but if you read it, then I will no longer answer criticism or its absence, even if you write something really worthwhile. For all those who consider me to be g@entered, because for the company I do not water the game at best by spending an hour in it or not throwing a screen with terrible gamers that I still need to look for, but I just say what I saw in the game for 50+ hours, here’s a video, it’s a pity that I have not stumbled upon him before: