Saints Row developers ask fans to give another chance

Saints Row is about to get an update in which almost everything is processed and many new functions have been added. From changes in battles, missions and a multiplayer game, almost every part of the game will be improved, since the developers ask fans to reload another chance.

The first of three major updates will be released on May 9. In addition to the general improvements of the game, the update adds a new region to the map-the San Shain-Springs area. In this area there will be new events for players who, let’s hope, will be better than what happened when launching last August last year.

Judging by these extensive notes to the patch, it seems that the Gearbox developer insists on giving Saints Row a new life, because in the past some disabled games at the start were subsequently improved to improve their reputation.

“The team worked hard, offering you a huge set of improvements in the quality of life, new functions and errors,” the notes to the patch said in the notes. “This includes a serious improvement in the battle, which makes it more smooth and steep than ever before”.

The developers continue to insist that the fans Dali Saints Row another chance.

“We have improved a lot of things-you need to try some of them yourself in order to truly evaluate (especially combat changes), so return to Santo-Iles now and tell us what you think”.

The battle in Saints Row has undergone many changes, most of which were focused on making battles easier and less annoying. Now there is an “almost zero” chance that enemies will be able to evade your hand -to -hand attacks. It will also be more difficult for them to hit you while you squat, and they will be easier to interrupt when they call reinforcements. In addition to this, their life glasses were “sharply” reduced, and many changes in the user interface will facilitate the determination of whether you are well fighting or not.

Outside the battle, a walk along the Santo Iles should be slightly less irritating. Now Hud makes a clear difference between plot and side missions, and the tab is “completed” to track the tasks that you have already completed.

Some other changes are thinner, such as various changes in the sound around the Santo-Iles and many errors corrections. Almost all areas of the game should get improvements, especially multi -user functions.