Real time strategy on the magical theme of The Touhou Empires will enter the PC in the first quarter of 2024

“The Touhou Empires”, a real -time fan strategy from the developer Neetpia and the publisher of Phoenixx, based on the controlled community of the Touhou universe, beloved by millions of fans, presents a plan for the Battle of Steam for the PC in the first quarter of 2024.

Play a demo version (previously accessible only at conferences) during Steam Strategy Fest on Monday, August 28, Monday, September 4, 2023.

The next addition to the vast universe of Touhou encounters beloved fans of the fractions with each other in a dynamic tactical gameplay. Study the enemy, develop an attack plan and grab the mystical world of Genskoo – the whole kingdom of toho. Collect resources, build a powerful fortress and form an invincible army. Turn the help of your beloved heroes Toho with revolutionary special abilities.

Call more than 30 favorite characters TOHO, including Reima Hakury and Marisa Kirisame, and then apply their powerful spell cards to turn off the course of the battle. Go through the 20 stages of the plot campaign in search of a source of riots in Gensko. Fight online fractions in multi -user skirmishes involving up to six players at the same time in the teams of “All Against All” and “3 to 3”.

Choose from various Touhou fractions with different styles of the game and extract the benefits of obvious advantages, preparing a battle plan to use the weaknesses of the enemy. Make a priority a powerful army at the beginning of the game with an apart the scarlet devil or rise and form an impenetrable protection using the advanced buildings of the Hakury Temple.

Control macro- and microdynamics on the battlefield, taking into account the pros and cons of each type of unit to collect an army that can withstand opponents forces. Show the speed and power of the attack with the help of horses and surpass the cavalry with the help of infantrymen with spears. Pour the rain of death from afar with the help of long -range archers or take advantage of the help of the grimoirs of spells to use the spells of the area of ​​action against the warring enemies.