Night Stalker update for MMO about dinosaurs Path of Titans will be released on May 10 and add new abilities

Alderon Games has announced today that the Night Stalker update will appear in the Founder’s Edition Closed Beta version for Path of Titans on May 10.

The abilities presented in this update, such as the “midnight hunter” and “night hunter”, will make battles with dinosaurs more mysterious and more exciting at night. Small and medium predators will see how their skill increases after the onset of darkness thanks to more than ten new and updated abilities. Such abilities as a “call of night horrors” will give Latenvenrix an acceleration of restoration of endurance and damage, which will make it an unsurpassed predator.

The scenes of water around in the African wilderness at night were the main source of inspiration for the team, and in this update the water edge will be much more disputed areas. New skills for predators in shadows and water carnivores turn long nights from a water. So this update includes improvement of quests and groups of groups, including the possibility of stack for members of the group.

In this update, the total number of species that received remodeling and new animation in 2023 reached seven, while nine species received more than ten new abilities in a wide range of balancing among 30 species that are now present in the game. Alioramus, Zukhomimus, camptas and Latenivenatrix have improved textures, animation and movement, and in the near future more characters will be updated.

Alderon Games and the Path of Titans community have created a strong, diverse and very popular Modder community, and this update presents at least seven new dinosaurs created by modders, including Kezalcoatl and Sahicamed, as well as three new maps and several other diverse new products. Features of fashion.

Additional updates are scheduled for the next few months, including combat updates, new and improved effects, intra -game soundtrack, quests and much more.