Multiplayer will appear in the cooking simulator 2

Big Cheese Studio introduced the first details of the second part of the Cooking Simulator, in which the player will again take on the role of the chef and will bring his restaurant to success. After the first very well accepted part and her DLC, the studio listened to the opinion of the community and will offer players to choose an additional multiplayer regime.

– Cooking Simulator is our flagship product, which we wanted to develop from the very beginning, and the second part is the natural result of this. The first part showed itself at the expense of photorealistic graphics, very realistic physics and reigree. We always focus on the high and original quality of the game process, which is our priority, but also our difference. We work to show more and better in the second part. – says Lukash Debski, General Director of Big Cheese Studio. – An additional advantage of cooking Simulator 2 will be a new, improved management and multi -user regime, thanks to which all recipes can be prepared with friends.

In the Cooking Simulator 2: Better Together you can fulfill your dream to open a restaurant and become the best chef in the city. The adventure will begin in a small burger, but over time and accumulated experience, the doors to the career and the possibility of expanding its gastronomic business will open. In the virtual kitchen of the players, professional equipment, tools, ingredients and many recipes necessary for the preparation and presentation of delicious dishes for various guests of the restaurant will wait. The task of the player as a chef will experiment and create dishes that will live up to the expectations of even the most demanding customers. No less important will be skillful management of the restaurant: cleaning, ordering products and tracking the growing interest and prestige of the place.

The game will also have a sandbox mode. This is an ideal option for those who want to spend time with friends in the open kitchen, preparing without restrictions, creating their own recipes and developing culinary skills at their own pace. The innovation will also be the opportunity to invite friends to their apartments for an exquisite dinner.