Life Makeover Role -player Simulator goes to a PC and will receive a translation into Russian

The Chinese developer Archosaur Games leads to a PC a popular free role -playing fashion simulator and social life Life Makeover.

The game will go on sale through Steam and Epic Games Store on November 15, 2023. The game will have its own client, and the cross -platform game is also supported. Beta version will begin on November 1.

Life Makeover is described as "Unlimited game in the genre of dressing and social simulator" and for quite some time available for iOS and Android.

The game has an extensive set of character settings (which, however, is not surprising), which allows you to choose facial features, body shape, skin color and much more.

Of course, as befits a game about fashion, it has a ton of outfits for all occasions that can fill your wardrobe. In addition, you can color the various details of each of them to give your image an additional personality.

The game even has "DIY clothing studio", where you can independently create outfits, as well as a full -fledged housing system that allows you to create the perfect virtual living space. In your ideal house you can "read, dance, play sports, arrange parties, start pets and much more".

Life Makeover also has a plot mode with Live2D animation, promising to solve secrets and reveal truths.

Above, you can see a trailer that demonstrates the differences between the current mobile version and the upcoming version for the PC: improved graphics with reflection in the screen space, improved light, improved Rendering Render, optimized depth of sharpness, improved texture of materials and much more.

The multi -user regime is supported: you can attend friends at home, arrange parties, take photos that can be used to decorate the apartment, share makeup ideas and outfits.

By the way, the game will be completely voiced in English, and the menu and subtitles will be presented in English, English, Indonesian, Thai, simplified Chinese and Vietnamese.