Hogwarts Legacy retail sales revenue exceeded $ 1 billion

Despite the fact that the Hogwarts Legacy came out only on the consoles of the current generation (the release on the consoles of the last generation took place today) and PC, Warner Bros. announced that revenue from retail sales alone amounted to $ 1 billion.

Within two weeks after launch on February 10, the game was sold by a circulation of more than 12 million copies and brought $ 850 million profit from global sales. Just yesterday it became known that Hogwarts Legacy became the most cashier game of the first quarter of 2023.

Given that today the version for the consoles of the past generation has been released, it is likely that Hogwarts Legacy will continue to increase their income. After launch in February, the game collected more than 1.3 million simultaneous viewers on Twitch, becoming the most viewed by a single -user game of all time on this platform.

Playing cool, I play an ultra on a 2K monitor in 60 FPS)

We are waiting for the voice acting and the second part later))

Hogwarts Legacy – really stands out against the background of other games. And the number of sales suggests that there is no choice as such. And it’s really sad.

If at least a different plot was in it for faculties (there are scenes, but this is not enough, so the plot is the same as a whole) and additional. The quests were at a higher level, as they did in the witcher, there was no price (and animations are slightly larger, and not just constant nodding in conversations)

Unfortunately, this is another evidence that now the main thing is PR, not the quality.The game is frankly boring, does not stand out either by the plot or gameplay, but because of the eminent universe it was bought by a whole crowd of people.

I agree 100%. Very boring.

The game is excellent, but the plot is not the masses of the effect, but the world, the design is just gorgeous, gameplay is also good.

You described 98% of all new games right now. Pull out your comment from here and write it under the news of the kolds, Batlefield, Farm region, Assassins Creed, this is all and think about whether the meaning of your coma will change? Yes, no.

The column does not apply, despite the secondaryness, it is still drivers, that’s the rest because of this without sales, unlike Hogwarts,.

They were left without sales? Without sales?)) We are talking about the same games about the same games? About the Far Territory 5, which was the most successful game of Jubisoft on consoles at that time? And the farm farm 6 that was sold at the start even better than 5ka, then only the game was filed, but nevertheless brought money as before. About Valgalla with at least 20 million copies? With the revenue of the topova itself for the entire series of assassins! This is the game that you think did not show? Lyard bucks, top income for the entire series, and of course the series, yeah)

your witch is not only secondaryness, it is dullness and hacks for 3 hours of gameplay of the plot, if she is obsessed. But this has been bought for 20 years. I also buy a witch of online, which also does not change for the best years already, even Varzon was ruined. But I understand perfectly well that there is zero work on the game for 2 years of development.