Hearing: The development is Dragon Age: Origins

Recently there was a rumor that the company Electronic Arts I decided to do the game remake Dragon Age: Origins. According to the insider, the remake is at a very early stage of development.

Game remake will receive an updated name Dragon Age: Reorigins. The remake will be made in the spirit of the recent remake of Dead Space – in addition to improving graphics, the gameplay will also be improved and updated.

Nevertheless, it is worth clarifying that the hearing source is quite dubious, but a few years ago EA publishing house stated that it plans to make remakes for its cult games, so it is likely that Dragon Age: Origins will soon receive an updated version of the game.

The last great game from biovar besides masses effect 2 without SJW Trash

What, and in the trilogy ME SJW there is of course there, but it does not particularly annoy by the way, you are not imposed on you there.

Well, the suffering of the pilot is the kodiak in his husband is this imposition or not?

They are imposed on you to approach and communicate with it? You cannot go a game without this dialogue? This dialogue somehow affects the ending? (except for his death) no. So what is the imposition?

well it is more like Yes. The assistant says to you that the Cortez wants to talk to you. You go there and don’t think what is there.

What is it? A simple dialogue injured your children’s psyche so much that you are now a lover?

The original is still gorgeous, even without mods.

If there is a remake, there will be a bottom of LGBTARY -WIR.

As always, in principle, in this rotting world of Gamdev

Well, by the way, there was LGBT there, in the original then)

There was Zevran, who closed his mouth as soon as you tell him that men are not interested in.

So Zevran could not say anything . Just don’t hint at sex with him if you play for a man and do not ask why he looks at you so and that’s it . Just yesterday I asked for everything and finally could a harem with Leliana and Morigan to do !! )))

Three times the game turned over (I played for the girl). Two extreme ends of the harem Aliste&Zevran. Prior to this, she marryed twice for Alistair, the extreme. And with mods, you can also see the wedding with that and that partner.

Ah, yes? That is, there is no LGBT in the original game (Zevran/Alistair, Morigan/Lily in the case of a woman)? Or is it different.

Well, of course, it’s easier to leave on the old hit than to create something new and sane

So electronics are not famous for their love for the new products. Like anniversaries rape old episodes

Maybe at such a pace when there will be a remake of the second dragon of Aiga, Ea and biovar will finally finish him!=)

The second DA needs to be redone too much . There are a lot of things that infuriate and especially locations, since it is all the same (I’m talking about caves and the like) .

Except for the first DA which is really worth its weight in gold, no longer passed. The second is so mortal boredom with the same locations. I just threw it. The next like the Inquisition is called. With these portals in the sky, I also did not go. I started playing and threw it. If in the first DA left with the head, characters, dialogs, straight all what is happening clung. And the rest is not that.

Well, by the way, the Inquisition was not worth throwing. And the plot and the characters there are quite suitable! Yes, gaples like some kind of MMO, but you can put up with this. Portals can be ignored at all, until the additional expli is needed. But I like the fighting – spectacular. Especially when a kneading with a large enemy, such as a dragon – there is right uh!))

Let them only try to mutilate female characters, as it was in the Inquisition or Andromeda. Dragon Age: Origins game from childhood. I turned 10 times and everything was fine in it. The second part did not go at all at all. Then the Inquisition came out. I looked at these faces of local swollen alcoholic and could not endure. Only one third passed. Even the elves were rushed. It was necessary to get very fast to make such monsters. I am generally silent about the editor of the characters. It’s good that at least Lelian and Morigan were not particularly touched. Since they understood that if they were turned into drunks with swollen faces, then the howls would definitely be just hellish.

The original info from Fochan, so it does not smell with reliability.

Immediately recall the drain from there about Salos.
P.With. Orijing remake will never do on Frostbayta, as stated on shitty focused art, t.to the studio passes to 5 Angrians

Will EA finally allow biovars to make a game on that engine on which they are more convenient for them? I slept for a long time, however.

We’ve completely gone? What a remake is nafig.. LE Mass Effect type remaster maximum.

Let the textures update and diversify the character models, but let them not touch the plot and race and the color of the characters.

People writers that there was no LGBT of the agenda in Orijing, apparently played the game with closed eyes and ears

There, optionally, the heroine can start an affair with Leliana or if a man-male is then with Zegan

How they are going to improve the gameplay, if this is their best DA in the game process? You ever passed DA Solo on a nightmare? Here it is clearly visible why this is the best part, the second is generally practically non -packed, you can go through, but you will already begin to puke the local mechanic, from bugs, and from the tidyness of what is happening in the first act.

Such statements cause very great doubts, as if the hero of the day they said that they would make remakes of the old parts of the assassins, replacing the old mechanics with those that they have in new parts with a crooked single -blood park and so on.

Nobody will do a remake, this is nonsense, and the remaster of the first part is not needed, mods cope with this task. If they make a high -quality remaster, which I doubt it would be nice

That’s who needs Remaster, is the second part, but in general, very sorry for the series, EA remembered it, 2 part released ahead of time and made more console, 3 partly wanted to make MMOs, and then redid it in a hurry, eh

14 years have passed, the gamers are now different and do not know this chic game, but they are hard to start in the original, first of all they need a remake

I don’t know, the first part is perfectly preserved, it even has good control from the gamepad, but the second part is garbage, from the point of view of visual and game design, it has an interesting plot and characters, but it definitely needs a remake

People figured out BG3, but DAO is easier

Yes, maybe a remake is not needed. Transfer textures from the second part, the reservation of the guards was a success, of course. And pumping out of awakening, bugs to fix, add something from carved content to attract attention how prostects of the hole in Velen did, compile the most popular mods and candy will work out

The first one was well old, but the second is not very good, although at the time of the exit I did not understand Hayt in relation to the second, but over the years it got worse and worse, and by the first all the same warm feelings, it is immediately visible where the soul was invested and where She is not

new players need a remake, I also don’t need to redo it a lot in the first part, it is in my heart (but this is my opinion), and the new players probably look at it and think this is for MMORPG in the single, I don’t understand the universal love of Morovinda for me this is non-granical, I haven’t tried it many times, Oblivion and that is better at times, just like a remake needs it differently, only the old fans will play in Remaster (well, how many copies can be sold, well, the remake of it, the remake of the same can get to the point straight

The main thing is that they follow the original, just making the game more "worked out" Using modern opportunities. No new plots, characters and other delirium

Golem is a pederast? It will be funny)

Will be updated or will be offended?

I hope they will not spoil.

Hearing with Ford, the name Reorigins (hahaha). Fools will believe))

NDAAA. If like a remake of a deadpace. Elves one hundred percent will make nigami, witty Hamond from remake Santa Space conveys greetings. Babs are mutilated and aged for the sake of feminism. Hempleno can improve, otherwise it will be the wrong Dragon Age.

And the meaning? The old is already playing well.

Of course, I went through the fan many times, but in fact it is already played so -so, the gameplay is painfully torous and step -by -step, like NWN ee, but for the DA universe I want more dynamics

The problem is not in the game, but that you are her "I drove". This is the problem of all your favorite games. We begin to recall and without receiving that buzz from the past begins to be disappointed.

How the witch Morrigan was expressed there: who about what, and lousy about the bath. © Here you can double . To fasten old saves.

This is a rumor. No one will crash off. Maximum port on modern consoles

To be honest, it can be for the better.

Rolevka began, yes to Frostbeit. I would love to play this with pleasure. Dreams.

The game is gorgeous in terms of the main plot, but gameplay in 2023 some fierce trash, honestly. I tried to rely the original, to remember the great game, but I could not. Although once 5 probably passed it. Played a lot in this game. The remake would be very good. Dragon Age: Origins Last Fantasy RPG from BioWare to be proud!

The same garbage. I tried to re -trial my favorite games after years, but it turned out that I was in vain I keep them in the archive on a PC. It is physically painful to play and look)) they would have learned to finish the end of the picture and animation..

On the one side: "wow, cool, waited"
On the other hand, looking at the overwhelming part of the remakes and the experience of EA in games of recent years: "Uncle Bogdan, don’t. "

The best is the first part. The rest played Min 30 and demolished.

Sounds like trolling, and the remake of the second part will be called Dragon Age 2×2?

And this resuscitation? Another plot is not fate to write?

4-ku is done (Dreadvolf seems to be called). But the 1st part is hard to play already without tears, despite the fact that I adore it

I’m not waiting for anything good from 4

my hope will die the last))))

It would be great if so!

And they have nothing left to them except remake

For 2009, the game and so the norm looks.

Dragon Age: Origins – This is one of the best games that I have ever played. I spent many hours exploring the world of Tedas and participating in epic battles with dragons and other monsters. Graphics, music and sound effects were simply amazing, and the plot was incredibly exciting.

I also appreciated the variety of characters and the ability to create my own hero. I chose a magician who had unique abilities, such as telekinesis and creating illusions. This allowed me to play in different styles and use various tactics in battles.

In addition, I was struck by the depths of the world of Tedas. I traveled to various regions, learned more about the culture and history of this world. I also found many interesting quests and tasks that made me think and make difficult decisions.

Generally, Dragon Age: Origins – This is a game that I recommend to all lovers RPG. She offers a unique world, an exciting plot, a variety of characters and many opportunities for research. I spent many hours, enjoying this game, and was very pleased with my choice.

If a remake, and nothing will be spoiled, then it is excellent. I recently tried to go through the Tao again, and is no longer perceived as before. You can play, but not such a high. Animations and at that time were not advanced, but now duck is completely)

What are five full remote games that were masterpieces in the original and have become a non-playful shame in the remake, with estimates at 2-3 points out of 10.
Forward. Well, you can explain for your words, aren’t it?

Recently, a solo was held on a nightmare and what a buzz is, even despite a bunch of bugs inconspicuous in abilities, some of which are not working or working incorrectly. Then he went to the second and further and realized that this horror is purely gameplay, the second is so painful to go through the solo, everything crawls out at once, that the sweethearts simply cannot get through you, that arrows through the textures from the fog of the war fly, then that enemies are just a repainting, for example, there is a paladin, but there are undead and they are absolutely the same, only a visual of another.

Ah, well, you’re just a kryakva-heiter, and at all without any at least a little adequate attempts to argue your position.

So alas, only you are shit here, you, and again you. And no one of your counterVSUKUs will be able to change this undeniable fact.

Well xs. If you really change a lot, it will be almost a gift.

They can’t give out anything new, they remove the cream from the old masterpieces. And there will hardly be a full remake.

And what this time they will surprise Morrigan a man ?

T.It is that it turns into a giant spider, a bear, a dog, flies and anyone wants to give birth to a dragon did not surprise you? Ahahah

This is not, this is the norm.

good hearing, we are waiting for confirmation

If you need to, Tao with solid https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Dragonage/Mods/5770

And it looks good with some reticstur

I would like the remake to go out, but the story with which does not inspire optimism.And personally I can recall the successful RPG-game remake is the final fantasy 7, and even then it was divided into 3 parts.

As said in one relatively recent interview, there were no blacks in Tao because of the restrictions of the engine (which I do not really believe in). Now half of the swarthy guys will become blacks.

it would be nice

And in the beginning you can indicate which insider, otherwise the conditional sneezing on Twitter from Nounim is pulling on the news, well, this is.

They suddenly be true, then it’s great,

I hope the remake will come out in the form of a single game with all the DLC. Only how much it will take a shall ? Year 2-3 ?

Obviously, the game that is right needs a remake, it’s too early, it still does not look outdated.

and gender neutral toilets for gnomes will be here ? Like in a grandfather’s paces with paces for Ishimura)

The original is chic. I am waiting

And the next will be a remake during the Inquisition.

Rather, Remaster will be, by the type of mass effect. The current biological crops are not capable of more, IMHO

And just like in the DeadSpace, modern trends will add, such as another village point for autobots.

Just started to take place on the original PS3. FPS horror

good news))) I had to do it for a long time

Rather, if not raw)))

Yeees…. there was a time when BIOKi made great games

There is official info? No? We diverge)

So the third part was waiting. And disappointment.I’m not waiting for the fourth.Now Balda 3 passes and find myself thinking that for me she is something like DA 3) If not for the universe and not a fucking cube.

You can still play in the old DAO. Who needs a full -fledged remake is the Divine Nwn 2 with the mask of the traitor.

It is high time. The main thing is not to distort much. DSR Standard remake m reservations.

era of remakes because
And so I don’t know or to seriously appeal the engine or other engine and pull all the arms. maybe of course it is just an up for launching on modern consoles.

This is not a hearing! The development are remasters of all cult games because companies do not want to take risks and spend the loot on the development of new ones, so they profit from old masterpieces

Similar vysers could be news about 10 years ago, when the re -release conveyor has not yet been launched

Divine game. If there is a rirrce of the level of the open spaces, I will screech like a schoolgirl))

I would like to see a high -quality remaster, but I’m afraid that they will spoil

The first good news this year) if a remake is only like a rubber band 4 or a dead spaces)

This is a suitable thing, we are waiting!

Well, resident 2 and 4 shows that a remake is what will happen here

No one will make a remake, I tell you, infa from closed sources.

Remaster 1-2 would not interfere, eh, it was necessary to go through them earlier, now they are visually obsolete.

It would be nice, the game is already shitty today, it has become well old. Yes, and what to say – at the time of exit, she was already in terms of the visual such, I am especially ripping off from the extremely low -quality textures of the environment. Yes, and the faces of the characters are there there. I’ll keep silent better, I even had to put a mod during the rescue.

It’s better to talk to your friends, the monkey worm.

Well, let’s see what they will do with Morrigan and Leliana.

Well, in fact, this game at least just needs to be finished, I recently recalled already to the ultimate edition – a decent number of bugs that break side quests, satellite quests, random meetings and entire householders. As a result, either look for fixes throughout the Internet, or sit in the console and pick up commands. Our voice acting is just horror, in the current realities no one will redo it, of course.

Not to mention the nightmare inventory, in which nothing is placed, and the chest is given out only for passing an additional, which, incidentally, is broken due to a non-triggering script.

And above 1080r read something on the screen is impossible.

There is a mod on 2k and 4k. An endless chest is also a mod.

There are modes of bugs too fashion. I do not want to do this pepper, the game should work “out of the box”. In the current state, it works with problems and outdated.

I bought all over 3 times and without any fixes and patches. Xs that you caught there for bugs, I am just jambs.

Oh, these lucky ones who never happen, they see nothing and everything is perfect. Which I personally ran into:

The peak of a soldier is broken, cm. Bugs: https: // Dragonage.Fandom.COM/RU/Wiki/%D0%9F%D0%B8%D0%BA_%D0%A1%D0%BE%D0%B4%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%B0 _ (%D0% BA%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%82)

The reputation of the fire in AWAKENING is broken:

Personal quest Velanne is broken:

This quest is generally the vicusteum is broken:

And in general, here is the whole list of all the well -known bugs that will be fixed through all sorts of crutches: