For Dune: Spice Wars, a major Conquest update has been released

Conquest updated for the game Dune Spice Wars, which presents numerous functions and modifications that improve the gameplay.

This update is based on the introduction of the regime "Conquest" (Conquest). This regime is developed taking into account the reigree and complexity of the passage, immersing the players into unique scenarios, requiring the strategic use of all available systems. Now players can manage one of the main houses – Atrades, Harkonnen or Corrino – passing through various trials to advance in the game.

In mode "Conquest" You can configure the house using numerous advantages, which allows you to develop various strategies to solve problems that sets "Conquest". With the addition of this mode, the duration of the game increases: each launch Conquest offers about 10 hours of playing time. Moreover, the rehed factor is enhanced, since there are no two identical tasks in Conquest, which provides unique game experience with every attempt.

To help the players navigate the intricacies of the game, five new tutorials devoted to the basics of management, research, siege and expansion, collection of spices, as well as water supply and maintenance of life are integrated into the game.

The update also makes significant changes to the faction, the economy and the building. As for the fractions, some bonuses for Harkonnen, smugglers and Corrino were changed. Such characters as Rabban, Faid Raut, Staban, Bannerji, Lingar, Mother Ramallo, Stilgar, Aramsha, Irulalan and Fenering, underwent significant changes.

The economic aspect of the game was processed, the main emphasis was on the resource "Spice". The balance between the income and the costs of Solari was reached, and the economy as a whole became more dense, and in the late game there were fewer colossal production. Plasm -concrete and fuel elements were also processed to improve interaction and facilitate understanding for beginners.

In the construction aspect of the game, a unique village building was added for each faction, a new economic building of a village called the wholesale market, and the main buildings were introduced and processed and recycled.

Further changes include the processing of nuclear bombs, the addition of the new main Nuclear Silo building, finalizing the mission of espionage, the full processing of murders, as well as changes in units such as Harconnens and Fremies.

New changes in the map and user interface, as well as the addition of nine new musical compositions complete the complete list of improvements and additions to this update.

In addition, a number of errors have been corrected in the patche, as a result of which the gameplay has become more stable and pleasant.