Fans are skeptical to the MGS3 remake developers team

Last week, Konami announced Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, remake of everyone beloved Metal Gear Solid 3.

Subsequently, the Konami Twitter affected the official statement of Metal Gear on the official account of the remake and Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection. The application was attributed "Developer team", which caused the curiosity of the fans. Why it was not signed by Konami or an external studio that created a remake? In the statement provided by Itan Gachu from Kotaku, Konami reported that the game is developed by Konami on its own with the assistance of Virtuos, Singaporean company specializing in ports and remasters.

After the announcement that this is the Konami internal project, the fans became somewhat skeptical. Almost ten years have passed since the release of Snake Eater, and since then Konami has changed a lot. In recent years, the Japanese giant of the entertainment industry has largely assumed the role of the publisher, conveying his most famous to the external studios.

Recently, Konami had an ambiguous experience in developing. The Metal Gear Survive published in 2018 was called critics of a miserable profit and came out against the backdrop of several contradictions with Konami. Then Contra came out: Rogue Corps in 2019, which caused serious criticism from fans for neglect of the past games of the series and tasteless gameplay. If we talk about the disappointment of fans of popular IS, then Konami did it three times by releasing Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, an unremarkable mobile game.

It is not surprising that some fans were disappointed to learn that Konami would engage in this project personally. In particular, the creator of industry content Yongyea expressed some concern about this revelation, which caused the response of others.

Virtuos studio, which will help Konami in creating a remister, is responsible for a few recent AAA ports, including Horizon Zero Dawn for PC and Nier: Automata for Nintendo Switch, and the latter was called GameSradar "Miracle port". However, it does not do without failures: the recent remaster of The Outer Worlds was seriously criticized for productivity problems.

Naturally, the game Metal Gear without kodzima will always cause fears. However, since Snake Eater Delta is a remake of Kojima’s work, the community is less worried about the direction compared to Metal Gear Survive, in any case.