Ex-employee Valve explained what was the reason for such a quick creation of Left 4 Dead 2

Despite the fact that the Left 4 Dead series remains one of the most revered games in the world, Valve’s decision to release the sequel only a year after the release "one" It looked quite unreasonable. And now, after 14 years, one of the creators of the game spoke about the reasons that prompted the studio to this.

As you know, LEFT 4 DeAD fans had exactly a year before in 2009, the same warmly adopted continuation of the game appeared on the market. LEFT 4 DeAD 2 did not offer a huge jump in technology or innovation in gameplay, so why does Valve simply do not continue to engage in the development of the first part?

It turns out that there is an answer to this question, and it is that L4D1 was so much broken that no one in Valve decided to touch it. That is how, in a recent conversation with Game Developer, even Falishki said, in the past, the leading developer LEFT 4 DeAD, and now the leading developer The Anacrusis.

I do not think that people from the outside understand how broken the Left 4 Dead engine was, ”said Falishki. Each card loaded two to three times in the background.

Attempts to eliminate the problem led to the accidental disappearance of the characters, which is why Valve programmers did not want to touch the shaky, but quite efficient "Jenga tower", which they built. However, this has created a problem when it is time to develop L4D2. Considering that L4D1 only came out, it would be more logical to integrate the contents of the second game in the form of an update or DLC, but no one dared to violate the fragile balance of the first game.

LEFT 4 DeAD was so fragile that no one wanted to touch it, ”says Falishki,“ there was no way to maintain fashion for Left 4 Dead as we did for Left 4 Dead 2, without the need to do large -scale reconfiguration".

So why did Valve not explain this decision during the announcement itself? According to Falishek, to tell the players about the problems of the first part at a time when the developers squeeze the last sweat in working on the sequel would not be the best idea.

It sounds quite reasonably. It only upsets that the creation of Left 4 Dead 2 has been gone only a year, and we still have not even seen a hint of plans for the release of the third part. However, we must pay off, the game still receives more and more interesting updates.