Diablo 4 developers were exposed for fake lyzone issues, supposedly from fans

Before the official exit, Diablo 4 remained almost exactly a week (those who issued a pre -order will be able to play earlier, June 2). Blizzard developers represented by Deputy Director Joseph Piepiora and Art Director John Muller decided at the very end of the game promotion campaign to answer the questions of fans in classical form a question/answer. The video published on the Future Games Show channel was intended to dispel all the doubts of curious players.

Unfortunately (at least for Blizzard), it turned out that most questions in the video did not come from players.

The scandal with fake questions attracted the attention of Quin69, which, broadcasting his reaction to questions and answers, began to be interested in their rather suspicious content; Some of them were not similar to what Gamer would write before the release – some comments looked like laudatory "Odes".

Streamer decided to check who comments mentioned in the video come from. It turned out that a significant part "authors" comments either do not exist, or is somehow connected with the developers.

Here is an example of such a question from a fake user:

Thank you very much for adding a game for a cooperative on the couch!

I can imagine how it complicated the development process, why it was so important to add this option to Diablo 4?

After this masquerade was disclosed, a wave of criticism collapsed on Blizzard, this time from real users who leave real comments:

Cardboard issues for cardboard developers from cardboard fake what was once Blizzard.

Blizzard has not yet answered accusations of a tank of questions, but it goes without saying that no positive PR will help here. The question of why the developers decided to shoot themselves in the leg before the launch remains unanswered.