Allods online: In development, improvement of the equipment production system

Friends, the autumn time has come, the update is approaching 15.0, which means we can already start telling in more detail what awaits you in a global update.

This year we wanted to add diversity in the moments of the game regarding the equipment system, to facilitate the production of resources and update some activity that is not the highest popularity. In a global sense, the future equipment system has not changed so much, but we hope that improvements will help you play with pleasure.

Astral keys and gold

The number of astral keys stored on each character will now reach 1000, and not 196, as it was previously. They will be accrued according to the old scheme: 14 keys per day and 28 keys at the beginning of each mini-seeson. However, if the player returned to the game later, for example, in the middle of the layer, then he will be accrued at the same time the number of keys that he would receive if he played from the beginning of the layer.

The amount of gold mined from various activities will be adjusted. Players will be able to receive more gold for the passage of the astral islands and for the performance of daily tasks in Al-Hriting, the kingdom of the elements.

Obtaining a third rank equipment

Dressing for better equipment is not an easy task for every player! This year we give the player the opportunity to choose himself in what activities he wants to obtain resources to create the highest quality equipment.

And we will start with the fact that the workpieces will cease to be attached to one character. This means that they can be exchanged with each other in various ways and put up for auction.

Astralium material for enchanting the strengthening scroll can only be obtained on an anvil of artifacts using amalgam or enchanted pollen, enchanted material and gold. In the NiHAZ citadel, the material for creating equipment of the third rank cannot be obtained more.

To get one third -rank equipment scroll, 5 blanks will now be needed. There are more varieties of workpieces and there are also ways to extract them, but this does not mean that you will need to participate in all activities. You can choose those activity that more like, as well as purchase missing blanks at the auction or from other players.

  • Harvesting from the Alloda Astralium. It will be possible to get this type of workpiece for performed on al-venues and for the relics of the kingdom of the elements.
  • Junning from the June Astralium. Such blanks can be obtained in the catacombs of the Junes (the workpiece will be issued to all participants at the end of the battle) and for the complete passage of the blood test. Also, they can be obtained for fragments of glazing ice on a melting island and for the sparks of the demon in the cave of Tk-Ricky.
  • Ambrose Astralium. This method of obtaining blanks remains practically unchanged for those who had previously carried out the decrees of Ikalla and participated in such events as a storm, a hunt for a carrier, a battle on Eden and the seizure of a wandering island. It will be possible to purchase blanks from Redbay’s erfar only for Irkalla signets, but the number of purchased blanks will not be limited.
  • Meteorite astralium workpiece. This type of workpieces can be obtained for participation in activities that imply a predicate group or detachment. You can purchase blanks for emblems of the confrontation, or for the emblems of the fights. With a slight probability, the workpiece may go for the complete passage of the astral islands and distortions.
  • Pure astralium workpiece. Such blanks can only be obtained when the observatory or the Nihaz citadel is held.
  • Observatory. The number of blanks received will depend on its complexity.
  • Citadel Nihaza. Each player receives 1 workpiece with the victory over Hedus, Avior and Miraich. The whole detachment receives 6 blanks for a draw after winning every mighty opponent of the citadel.
  • Board of arms astralum. It will be possible to get these blanks only for the victory over Iranokh in the Nihaz citadel. Each player will receive 1 workpiece, and the entire detachment receives 6 blanks for a draw. The player receives weapons blanks in a sealed form and can print them as necessary. It will not be possible to convey the printed blanks.

Board of arms astralum

If you have accumulated blanks of the same type with excess, then except for sale at the auction, all the workpieces, except weapons, you can exchange one rate. For example, seven blanks from the Alda Astralium can be turned into one workpiece from the June Astralium. However, the workpiece from the weapons astralium can only be obtained by exchanging 10 blanks of clean astralium. Other blanks for weapons will be impossible.

When implementing changes in the equipment system, the cost of creating scrolls for equipping the third rank and equipment of the second rank will be adjusted, and the cost of creating magic tools will be reduced on free servers.