A device from the book “Without Coincions” can become part of the game canon Cyberpunk 2077

Rafal Kosik, co -author of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, currently has a great influence on the development of the Cyberpunk universe. Recently, his book was on sale "Without coincidences", offering a new cruel story, the action of which takes place in Night City. In this huge metropolis, the main characters have to face the worst of everything, and Rafalo Kosik for presenting this story needed the right language.

In an interview with Filmomaniak portal, the creator answered the question of whether CD Projekt Red was allowed to add new elements to the game, which were not in it before. In his statement, Rafal Kosik told what he had to encounter in the process of writing a book and why certain statements appeared in the book.

They allowed you to add innovations to the world, which there were no technology, elements of legend?

I added small trifles, what I already used before, for example, the word "Commandos". It seems to be nothing new, just no one thought before, as it was called in the game. When Nepranner haches something remotely, you see how he does it, but when you need to describe this, a problem arises with a vocabulary – so I added a few words to this world. I added a few more ideas that do not contradict the rules of this universe. For example, implants that allow the quasi -terpathic connection, which is used by Malstra. Developers of future versions of the game can use this, and in this case I will even be happy.

So, these ideas can become a canon of Cyberpunk 2077?

I’m waiting for these ideas to appear in the game.

Perhaps they are already in the sequel (laughs).

Rafal Kosik’s words are of interest, as they show how to use various entertainment elements to create the universe. We have already seen this on the example of the Cyberpunk series: Edgerunners and how aspects of cyberpsichosis were developed in the game. As for the book "Without coincidences", then here players can get an interesting form of communication.

The mentioned "Quasitelpathic connection" It can become an interesting element if players will be able to join Night City gangs in the next part of the game. Then it would be obvious to use the technology used by Malstra. As Rafal Kosik notes, this is only one example. The author has other similar ideas, and to feel them, it is best to read his book.